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Photos Day 1 Morning
 Bhagawan begins His Maharashtra Sojourn -
Puttaparthi Airport 28th Oct 2009

Photos Day 2 Morning
Murthi Prana Pratishtha,Kumbha Abhishekam,Poornahuti
29th Oct 2009

Photos Day 3
Go-daan, distribution of implements, soul stirring music


Photos Day 1 Afternoon
Arrival in Pune and welcome in Hadshi

Photos Day 2 Evening Darshan in Hadshi - 29th oct. -09 - Divine Discourset

Day 4 : Photos
31st October, 2009 Bhagawan arrived at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai



Video hadshi-sri-sathya-sai-baba-day-2-291009

Video Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba visit to Hadshi Day 2  Darshan 29 10 2009.


Information: Sai Baba's Center (Dharmakshetra) at Mumbai

Day 2 Divine Discourse
DIVINE DISCOURSE 29th Oct - Hadshi
Divine Discourse

And Baba said "Yes"!

Photos Day 1 Evening
Hadshi Temple Panduranga Kshetra - A Glittering Musical Twilight

Day 5 : Photos
1st November, 2009 - Jamboori Maidan Worli, Mumbai :



Satya Sai Baba will visit Varsha to bless Maharashtra Chief minister Ashok Chavan

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 All about Bhagawan’s scheduled Divine Visit to Pune and Mumbai - Submitted messages

Photos: Swami's residence - Hadshi temple, Sri Sathya Sai Pandurang Kshetra and surroundings


Reflections from Pune by Ms Julie Chaudhuri



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Morning 29th Oct 2009 Hadshi: The much awaited Prana Pratishta of the three deities, Lord Ganesha, Lord Vittala Rakumai and Bhagawan Shirdi Sai Baba idols at the Sri Sathya Sai Panduraga Kshetra was done by the Divine Hands on the auspicious 29th October morning attended by vast concourse of devotees.

Earlier in the morning, huge chunk of devotees (some overwhelmed with tears for their prayers were finally answered!) poured into the grounds of the Holy venue. The air was charged with excitement as His devotees continued to be in high spirits after the beautiful Darshan and soul-stirring musical rendition of the previous evening.
Photos: 29th Oct 09 -
 Day 2 in Hadshi

Murthi Prana Pratishtha,Kumbha Abhishekam,Poornahuti
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Photos: 29th Oct 09
Day 2 in Hadshi
Speeches - Divine Discourse
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The splendid pink and white Ganesha Mandir at the entrance of the enclosure was delicately decorated with fragrant flowers, floral Swastiks and festive streamers. Soft rose petals were sprinkled all along the pathway to the Mandir. A ‘Shri’ inscribed in the floral decoration just above the doorway of the Mandir, welcomed the Lord within, where, on a raised, decorated platform, sat the magnificent marble idol of the Destroyer of Obstacles, Lord Ganesha.

Just before Swami arrived, priests and the Seva Dals performed a Kumbha Abhishek at the Ganesha and Vitthala Mandirs. Chanting prayers, they washed and sanctified two 3-tiered golden-coloured Kalash, and then placed a garland of fresh flowers around the Kalash. The sanctified Kalash was placed on the spires of the Ganesha and Vitthala Mandirs.

At 9:20 am, the Band of Solapur lined the red carpet leading to the Mandir welcoming Bhagawan in traditional Maratta style. The atmosphere was suffused with Vedic chanting and rhythmic sounds of percussion melodies.

Bhagawan arrived at 9:20 a.m to the accompaniment of combined sounds of Vedam, cymbals, trumpets and drums that electrified the atmosphere.

At 9:33 a.m., Bhagawan arrived in His car at the Ganesha mandir where He performed the Ganesha Murthi Sthapana (Idol Installation) rituals.
Bhagawan then proceeded to the Vitthala Rukhumai Mandir. As soon as he entered the premises, Bhajans began at 9:45 a.m. with ‘Pahi Gajanana Deenawana’.

Bhagawan went into the Shirdi Sai temple while the Bhajan ‘Sai Ram Ghanshyam Bhagawan Tumhara Naam’ was being sung. Here, Bhagawan conducted the Prana Pratishtha ritual for the Shirdi Baba idol.

As Bhagawan approached the Vitthala temple, devotees sang Panduranga Bhajans. Bhagawan then conducted the Prana Pratishtha ceremony for the Vitthal idol. The devotees sitting in the lawns, waiting for a glimpse of Bhagawan, sang their hearts out, paying eager tributes to their Lord! The already charged atmosphere was further boosted by an encircling paraglider showering rose petals all over!

Evening darshan Day 2 Hadshi
29th October 2009 – 5:00 PM

The sun was beaming in anticipation for a glimpse of the Lord. The devotees had braved its scorch all afternoon. Suddenly, as a reply to the million prayers in thousands of hearts, a murmur of activity was noticed in Bhagawan’s residence. The Lord was coming after what seemed like eternity! No other sound of engines, no other cavalcade of cars had ever been so blessed and so very welcome! With anticipation, the devotees prepared themselves for yet another Divine Encounter.

The Bhajans had already commenced and man and nature seemed to become one in an ambience of love and devotion. Sai Krishna arrived just as Madhusudhana Hare Madhava was being sung. Seated on the grand entrance of the Vitthal mandir, the Lord of the Universe graced the thousands present with His Darshan. He presided at the gathering like an Emperor holding the court of love in the land of the heart.

The beautiful Bhajans were followed by yet more beautiful Divine feelings of Love flowing from the devotees’ hearts. Some of them – Shri Jadhav, Shri V. Srinivasan – the All India President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations and Shri Nishikant Barodekar – staff of the Sathya Sai Mirapuri College of Music, Prasanthi Nilayam shared their experiences and offered gratitude to Swami for His infinite Grace.

Shri Jadhav in all humility thanked Bhagawan for coming to Hadshi. He was filled with gratitude at the immense gathering for coming to the pristine surroundings of Hadshi, sanctified by Bhagawan’s Divine Presence. He declared to the delight of all gathered that Pandurang Kshetra is in the shape of the Divine AUM – the source of all knowledge, the seat of all dharma. Shri Jadhav gratefully reminisced the day’s events when Swami had graciously performed the Prana Pratishtha ritual for enlivening the Divine energy in the Ganesha, Vitthal Rakhumai and Shirdi Sai Baba idols . He had no words to thank Bhagawan for this grace and he earnestly prayed that we all indulge in spiritual and service activities. Shri Jadhav concluded his talk by urging Swami to come again and again to Hadshi, to the delight of the thousands gathered there.

The All India President of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation - Shri V. Srinivasan spoke next. He declared that for 37 years devotees of Bhagawan from Lonavala and Pune had been eagerly waiting for His arrival. The land had faced problems as even rains had become scarce. Shri Srinivasan was convinced in complete faith that with Bhagawan coming here, even dry, arid lands will become fertile. He further urged that Bhakti is the only way to reach Swami. He reiterated Swami’s teachings that nothing is greater than Love. He spoke of Swami’s various institutions like the University in which perfect education is provided to prepare the students not just for earning a living, but for life. He also spoke about the hospitals where modern and state-of-the-art treatment is provided to one and all completely free of cost. He declared that it has all departments except the billing department.



Sai Baba Discourse hadshi - photos2_day2_sri_sathya_sai_baba_pune_mumbai_hadshi_temple_panduranga_kshetra




In the land of Bharat, tolerance and forbearance constitute the real beauty.

What is the nectarine feeling more than the feeling towards one own mother?

How much ever you may learn, still there remains knowledge which is infinite and there is always more to learn.

Bharat is the most sacred land – a land of Divinity. Everyone born in this holy land Bharat have done a lot of meritorious deeds in their past lives.

What is the purpose of this human life? Human life is gifted to earn God’s grace. The person who receives God’s grace in abundance can bring transformation in society.

The modern society is full of anxiety and restlessness. Wherever you go, whatever you encounter, you only find misery.

We have witnessed several natural calamities recently. The calamities we are passing through have nothing to do with God. It is because of man’s own mistakes and his own makings. God teaches only Dharma (righteousness). He never wants you to walk the path of Adharma (unrighteousness).

Satyam Vada, Dharmam Chara.

We cannot escape from reflection, reaction and resound. Therefore we should know that God is one. We give many names to the One and the same God. All are one. Therefore, in the whole world, only one is in existence.
There is same consciousness in all beings. Ekam Sath, Bahuda Vipraha Bhavanti.

In fact we feel we are miserable. If you ask yourself, you will know that the misery
is of your own making. It has nothing to do with God. Therefore, never think that everything is given by God. Everything comes back to us because of our own thought process.

It is only God which confers bliss to all of us, that is not dual, that is ethereal, and one without a second.

If we make deep enquiries into our Vedanta, God gives us nothing. Pain or pleasure is of our own making. We are mistaken if we thing that someone else is responsible for our pain or pleasure.

Help Ever, Hurt Never. Love All. Have faith in everyone.

There is no human being without love. Even beasts, birds, animals and insects have love. This love is experienced even in the smallest of creatures. We should have deep conviction that God is present in everyone in the form of the Atma – consciousness.

You are not hating yourself, you are hating God when you hate others. Every human being is like a mirror. In the mirror, you find a reflection of yourself. In many mirrors, you see many reflections of yourself. Reflection. Reaction. Resound.
You are accusing yourself, blaming yourself. Therefore, whoever you come across, have deep faith that they are all God’s forms. Man fails to understand this truth. It is not proper on our path to make fun of anyone or hate anyone. Love is the only royal path that takes you closer to God.
Therefore all noble souls merged in God because of their incessant love for God. Sakkubai went on repeating “Ranga, Ranga, Ranga”. Everybody made fun of her and her husband persecuted her. Ultimately, she merged in God. She always said “I am not different from Ranga”. In all three states of awareness, she thought of Ranga only.

An atheist in Tamil Nadu used to take the idol of Vinayaka and beat Him with slippers. Karunanidhi used to enjoy this act. But Karunanidhi now declares that Sathya Sai is God. It’s quite likely that we commit mistakes out of ignorance. Then we repent. But you have to make amends for your mistakes. True repentence gives us atonement for our sins.

Karunanidhi’s son Stalin believes in God. He comes to Puttaparthi and shares his experience with others when he goes to Delhi.

It is only God who speaks, walks, listens to every activity.

We go by name and form. We may call it snake or scorpion. God is in every creature. God has given skills to different creatures to protect themselves. The scorpion stings in self defence and not with an intention to hurt. In a dense forest, a lion hurts only if hurt. Reaction, reflection, resound.

Bad actions lead to bad results. So do good. All that you face are consequences of our thought process. Our thoughts should be pure. A human being should have human values. Today, human beings are treated like dogs. Therefore all defects and mistakes lie with man. Reaction, reflection and resound.
Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that we correct our own mistakes and do not search for mistakes in others.

People made fun of those involved in the rescue of flood victims. In the same way, the whole community made fun of Sakkubai who kept chanting the name of Krishna. They were finally taught a lesson by Krishna. God is an ocean of love. Out of gross injustice and utter ignorance, we don’t understand ourselves and we blame God. The good or bad that we face is the consequence of our own doing. So we have to correct ourselves within.

The Christians believe in ‘I’. Cut the ‘I’ and it becomes a cross. The ego has to be killed. Once we get rid of this ego, then we can realise the real self. Man today is knowledgeable in all aspects of life. He is conquering space, prepared to count stars. But he fails in simple things. Love is the undercurrent of everything.

There are different kinds of sweets, but the sugar is one. The Upanishads say that whomsoever you salute, it reaches God. God is the one, who gives you everything. Understand your own mind. Realise your own mistake.

Help Ever. Hurt Never. He is a true man who knows this fundamental truth, who has morality and character. If you understand this, you will not put anyone to suffering. Recognise unity in diversity. God is only one – Atma – consciousness, has no name or form. It is the spirit or consciousness which permeates all beings. Several lights exist, but current is one.

We may undertake several spiritual activities but it all comes back to oneness. If you understand the oneness, you will have peace and bliss. You are Atma – the only one – the eternal one. God is only one – never think that He is many. When we face difficulties, we chant many names. But when we don’t have any problems in life, we don’t think of God. We should cling on to ‘Soham’. The name given to everyone at the time of birth is ‘Soham’. We will redeem our lives, working for liberation, if we know the Divine principle and Divine nature.

Many people speak of Swami differently. It is their imagination. Bhagawan has no imagination at all. All imagination should be dispensed.

Politicians know nothing. If they know the truth, the nation will be a better place. Do not follow politics. There is no relation between what the politician says and what he does.

If anybody does good, follow it. This is the message of Baba to all of us today. The whole world should be happy. Let all the beings be happy. You will acquire this bliss through love. We say ‘Peace, peace, peace’. Where is this peace ? Only pieces.

Bhagawan is happy and blesses all those gathered here.

The discourse concluded with the song ‘Bhajo, bhajo, Vithala’ by the music college students.

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