Video Bhagawan Visit to Panduranga Kshetra, Hadshi - Day 2 - 29.10.2009


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Video - day-1-sai-baba-visit-to-hadshi-281009
Also watch Video of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba visit to Hadshi Day 1  Darshan 28 10 2009.
Courtsey : dharmakshetra.org.in -
Hadshi Prayed and The Lord Responded - 9th Nov 2009 - By - Julie
Hadshi Prayed and The Lord Responded - 9th Nov 2009 - By - Julie
"Mr Shivajirao Jadhav’s invitation was worded with care, and decorated with the colours of love. It reached the Divine hands and got acquiescence...."...Read more
Posted at 12:01 Hrs. IST on 9 Nov 2009
Akhanda Bhajan that has been a regular fixture for the second saturday and sunday of the birthday month in the Prasanthi Calendar ever since its inception came bit early this year...." Read More
The Return of The Lord - Welcoming the Lord back to Prasanthi is never an ordinary occasion, rather is a momentous occasion to reconnet, for Prasanthi or Puttaparthi can never bear the pangs of separation from ‘her’ Beloved. This is the history of her very existence and the existence is the Divine Being Himself, but for whose presence the spiritual township goes barren.
When Heaven came down to Mumbai - 8th Nov 2009
Sathya Sai Baba 's visit to Pune Mumbai - Hadshi Temple Panduranga Kshetra