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Daily updates:  Sathya Sai Baba Latest Darshan News & Photos 


Eye witness account of Sai Darshan from 18 & 19 June 2009

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

The YATRA and DRAMAS season has started in the holy land Puttaparthi. After a quiet but boiling HOT month of May cool breezes blew by the arrival of Students in their respective campuses. Swami as always continued His COOL and TENDER looks at every one of us when ever He came out to give His divine darshan.

18th June started with a beautiful programme by the Balvikas students of Gujarat followed which it was the turn of Andhra Pradesh Youth. About 2000 of them both men and women, thronged Parthi. Neatly and culturally dressed like Sai Students and while moving around in the ashram they made every one feel WHY are Swami's students moving around freely in the ashram instead of being in the college.

The Andhra Pradesh Youth have been doing match less service taking cue from Swami's teachings. They went very hard on developing remote villages and educating the illiterates.

The other day when I was chatting to a group of youth, I was surprised to know all the activities they have taken up and I was thinking would this be true or I'm dreaming.

The drama on 19th June Prema Vahini was very well written by Mr.Rao, another masterpiece, scripted to tell the activities they have taken up, the motivating force behind it and parallely they depicted the life story of Bhagawan..

Swami was very very impressed by their performance. the little girl who played little Sathya was specially blessed with a golden bracelet by Swami. Swami went into the interview room and brought clothes and watches to the 100+ cast. Swami made sure every one of them got the divine prasad. Swami at one time asked the sevadals to put the watch around the children saying they are so small and they can't open and put on their wrist themselves. Obeying Swami's command, the sevadals were putting the watches around the children's' wrist and now a new problem, many watches, understandably double the size of the little wrist and at least two or three links were to be taken away to fit properly, watching this Swami now signalled, ok just give away the watches.

It was nothing but PURE motherly love that was seen during those sweet moments. All the participants were thrilled by Swami's gesture and mind you almost half of the youth were new comers and they were more than thrilled to see our beautiful Swami up close and His minute considerations like the watch incident brought tears to many. Many were wondering, how compassionate OUR lord is.. He is FULL of unsullied love.
After taking group photos, Swami asked the ladies' from the Sai Youth group to sing bhajans in His immediate presence, yet another boon, which they would have never dreamt about.
By the time Arathi was given it was 7:30pm and after a quick supper, the whole bunch of youth headed to Conference hall as Prof.Anil Kumar was scheduled to talk to the anxious youth..

The programme started at 8:30pm very late in Ashram standard time, but the anxiety and enthusiasm in the youth compelled Prof. Anil Kumar to speak in spite of the deadline time framed by the ashram.

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The talk was a real eye opener to all the Sai youth and especially many of the Center heads who think they are separate from others. Prof. Anil Kumar made it very clear that the office BEARERS should be well aware that they would not have been the BEARERS without His blessings and He will BEAR you only to a certain extent and afterwards you will be left in the middle of the sea.. It is once in a life time opportunity for all of you that you have been given the opportunity to serve the society under Swami's safe umbrella. A waste paper, when it bears the signature of Reserve Bank Governor turns into a currency note and the Reserve Bank Governor is Swami and we are the waste papers blessed to be transformed into currency notes.

Prof. Anil Kumar who has been with Sri Sathya Sai Organisations for almost 40 years shared his experiences. Many a times, tears rolled down when he narrated some incidents from his life. Those were the days when the transportation was not this advanced. Communication system was NON EXISTENT. Prof.Anil Kumar who started his teaching career in 1963 was a very well known teacher even in those days. After coming in Swami's fold, he visited many remote villages to spread Swami's messages, to spread His love and to lend a helping hand to the poor sacrificing the extra income a teacher of his caliber could earn in the form of special classes during holidays...

The Prof. Anil Kumar we see today, has succumbed to lot of WEAR and TEAR in those days. Being a father of 4 children, and to balance the family life and SAI FAMILY life, he had to do lot of sacrifices. Many a times he had to travel in jam packed train compartments. .Hearts were squeezed when he said he even stood in the train toilets on one leg while traveling, slept in the railway station platforms and many a times in bus stations. To reach those remote villages he travelled in trucks, tractors, bullock carts etc...Many a times he had to sleep on the floor on the banks of rivers with sand as bed...

Come Saturday he would be in some village or other and many times he used to go directly to the college on Monday. Addressing a packed audience of about 2000 people he said only my beloved Swami and my beloved Family is the witness for all my troubles. Those are not troubles those are His BLESSINGS. There were very few people who realised what he is upto and the reason behind it. Professor was put into severe tests, many of his colleagues laughed at him and some even said, you have three daughters and how will you pay hefty dowries if you move around chanting name of Sai Baba instead earning money. But Professor Kumar never looked back. He knew for sure he was on the right path. Appreciating his self less service, Swami one day called Prof.Anil Kumar and said, Look Anil Kumar, you are taking care of My family which is in BIG number and do you think this Sai Baba will NEGLECT your family which has less than ten members. A perfect and straight answer to
all the negative talks he heard from his colleagues.

Prof.Anil Kumar asked the youth not to worry or bother about their colleagues or friends' comments. You are on the right path. Always bear His name in your mind. Even in your resume you put Swami's name and believe me all the questions in the interview will be on Swami and nothing else. He gave the example of himself when he was called for interview by Rotary Club for selecting people from various disciplines to tour USA.


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A humble person he is, he narrated an interesting conversation between him and Swami. It so happened in Bangalore Swami suddenly asked Prof.Anil Kumar, you ask me what ever you want and I will give it to you. Prof.Anil Kumar, was very cautious to answer and very humbly he said, when I have Swami who gives everything that I need and when ever I need what is there to ask specially Swami. Swami then asked, do you want Moksha? Prof. Anil Kumar's instant reply was Swami I have never seen how Moksha looks like, I have never met some one who has attained Moksha, I don't know anything about Moksha and how can I ask something that I haven't seen or experienced BUT if at all you permit and if there is another life for me, bless me to spread your loving message, your love to the whole world to which Swami was very touched. Prof. Anil Kumar said never ask any thing to Swami He knows everything and He knows what you deserve.

Also never underestimate His love and Power. He can do anything and at any time. It so happened during Eswaramma day in Kodai, Narayana seva was in the process. Apparently Prof.Anil Kumar was still new recruit then. Thousands had come to partake the food. Mrs. Ratan Lal, a long time devotee, who is still serving Swami, called Prof. Anil Kumar and said all the food we prepared is over, please pass this message to Swami. Prof. Anil Kumar then rushed to Swami to inform this arguably a SAD news to Swami. Swami in a firm voice told Prof. Anil Kumar, words like FINISHED, NOT POSSIBLE, NOT AVAILABLE should not be used here. Never say such words. Who said the food is over. What do you think, people will go back hungry after coming to Swami go and see in the kitchen, probably your eyes need to be tested.
When Prof. Anil Kumar went to the kitchen he saw all the Vessels full with rice, sambar, sweets and next to those vessels, he saw Mrs. Ratan Lal gone speechless. That is what our Swami is.
Prof. Anil Kumar also said, all the office bearers and members of Sai Organisations should be watchful and be extra careful. Have a perfect team spirit. Never work for name and fame and don't bother if any one doesn't appreciate or recognise your work. Swami never likes to appreciated.
Be humble and simple. Especially when you get a chance to serve the poor, do it whole heartedly. Never pre estimate what is the BENIFIT you get by doing a seva. Prof.Anil Kumar told another incident that happened when Swami successfully completed the water supply project. Many Village heads from surrounding villages came in a group to thank Swami for giving them water. When Swami heard this, our matchless Lord's reply was very touching, He immediately replied, I SHOULD THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. YOU GAVE ME AN OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE AND IAM HAPPY THAT MY SEVA MADE YOU HAPPY. A very BOLD statement and only Swami can whole heartedly make this statement after being the primal force behind this massive water project. Prof.Anil Kumar reminded all the people to have that simplicity towards seva. That is the quality of a true leader..

Many a times we all think Swami might not be watching us but
He is omnipresent and knows everything. It so happened one day Prof. Anil Kumar was returning from Mangala giri and the college buildings were still under construction then. Just then some one said, Swami's car would be coming to that premises very soon. Prof. Anil Kumar suddenly ran to the construction area, took a spade and started digging something, pretending to be doing seva. just then Swami's car stops right near him and our beloved Swami calls Prof. Anil Kumar and says, Anil Kumar how nicely you are acting my bangaru? to which Prof. Anil Kumar said, Swami at least because of my pretention, I had this beautiful chance to speak to you and have your divine darshan. But this example is to let you know that you can't hide anything from Swami and He is always watching you..

Prof. Anil Kumar's story is the story of a common man. He has seen the life in all angles. It is the story of a Sai Devotee who was always put to test by our Lord Sai... If there is at least one incident which is common to that of your life then don't hesitate, just hold on to Swami. As Prof. Anil Kumar in his talk said, if you hold the feet of a man he will push you down to PATHALA and if you hold Swami's Lotus Feet He will take you to VAIKUNTA.. the choice is yours..

Hopefully all the Sai Centers all over the world, have a definite message from this little talk. Swami wants all of us to be united, work united, spread Swami's message of love and the day has come for us, to say YES IAM SWAMI's favourite BANGARU...

When ever you happen to come to Parthi in big numbers, do have satsangs like this with many humble souls that are living in Parthi and let the group members go back home with thumping enthusiasm to make the life more worthfull...

With Pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord,
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