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I would like to narrate an experience in our lives that shows that Baba is God incarnate. 2 years back, when our family life was in trouble, my wife suspected she would have got pregnant. We went to a doctor for confirmation 2 weeks after that. The doctor scheduled for a scan and asked us to get the reports. We got the scan done and were waiting for the doctor' advise. After some 15 mins of discussion, the doctor came out and said the scan has been done and the result is of concern. The doctor explained that the Fetus is 6 weeks old and has stopped growing inside the womb since 2 weeks and it is a case of abortion. We were shell shocked. It was the first pregnancy and my wife was heart broken. Tears welled up in her eyes. I asked the doctor to double check. The doctor was a very experienced old woman and head of the Gynecology dept at the Hospital/University. To comfort us she did the scan again and showed us that there is no pulse and according to the dates, by now the Fetus should have a pulse and growing. She asked us to go for an abortion and advised us that it's okay for us to wait for a week and then come back for the abortion.

We left with heavy hearts. All the way back home my wife was inconsolable. I could not do anything. I just prayed to god and accepted the situation.

Suddenly I felt I should take a second opinion. After a week we went to another lady doctor, who was also equally experienced and was head of gynecology dept in another hospital. We explained her the situation and she scheduled a scan 2 days later. We anxiously waited for the day and after the scan were impatient for the result. The doctor took me aside and said the same thing as the first doctor. However she gave us a lot of mental support and advised us to wait for another week before coming in for abortion. We could do nothing but accept her suggestion. We went back home. That night I was very agitated. We both prayed to Sai, asked him to do whatever he feels best for us and then went to bed. Before sleeping my wife applied Udhi to her stomach. She did this daily for 1 week. After one week as advised we went to the doctor for an abortion. Before that, the doctor said she would do a routine scan.

Now see the miracle. The scan showed the pulse and the fetus was growing. The doctor was shocked. She double checked the earlier scan reports, recalculated the dates. She talked to herself for 10 mins.we could hear her murmuring impossible..impossible 2 to 3 times. Finally she said "God wanted this baby to be born". She then gave us the happy news. We were thrilled. My wife was happy and we could not thank Baba enough. The Baby was born with no trouble and now he is a 2 year old active energetic boy.

Baba's grace is unfathomable.



A Sai Devotee
I would like to share my experience with Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. I had been meaning to read the Sai Satcharitra in the Saptah for many many days. Unfortunately, something would always happen and I was unable to complete is properly within the 7 day period. Having a few problems with my studies, I felt very dejected. Parents were looking for an alliance and that also was not going too well. Seeing my bad state, my mother suggested that I should do the Sapta- try again. So, I started it on a Monday and before the last day- within the Saptah, many good things happened. We received an alliance and as quick as lightning, everything was settled. Both the groom to be and myself met on the last day of the Saptah and maybe it was Baba's leelas but without thinking twice, I also said yes. Both families could not be happier with this alliance and things are looking very positive. Thank you Baba for all your kind doings. I love you forever and always. You have further increased my faith in you. At the moment, I am a little worried about the exam coming up. Please Baba, stay with me and guide me through my exam as well. I have full faith in you. Please give me the strength, motivation, and concentration to study really well for it and help me to pass the subject. OM SAI RAM!



My friend Sitaram got married in Aug 2004. He got a daughter in 2006. He was separated from his wife in 2007 as she filed a court case. Every year he has to go to Madurai from Bangalore to attend the court case and it was settled that he has to pay monthly amount. I prayed Saibaba with shradda that they have to get united. During May 2009, he said that his wife changed her mind and agreed to live with him. Today [16th Oct 09] he came on yahoo chat and said his family is in Bangalore to celebrate Deepavali. His parents are very happy. My sincere prayers were answered by offering 2 paisas to u. I prayed with Shradda and we waited with Saburi





On Thursday, Nov 29, 2007 I went to Sai Baba temple in Mylapore. I entered the temple at 10.30 AM at 10.40 when I wanted to subscribe for Anna Dhan, I found my purse missing. Mandir is flooded on all days, especially on Thursdays, it's packed. I was sure at 10.30 I had my purse in my handbag, because my husband gave me money for the subscription, I had kept the money in my purse and put it inside the bag. It was our Wedding Anniversary and I was terribly upset, to be very honest, I could not pray sincerely that day. I had all my cards in the purse. Fortunately, there were a couple of police constables in the Mandir, and I lodged a complaint immediately with them and blocked my cards by calling the banks from the Mandir itself. Returned home that day with a heavy heart and prayed SAI MA to get back my purse with the cards, because my purse had all the cards like medical, pan, etc?.

Days elapsed, months elapsed. Suddenly on 22 March 2008, I got a call on my cell from a gentleman that he had found my purse on the road. . While he was standing in the bus stand, he saw my purse on the road, he picked it up and found a few cards along with my business card. He called me immediately the moment he saw my business card. He said in a couple of hours, he will let me know as to where I should go and pick up the purse. I was skeptical and could not believe at the first instance. That gentleman shared his contact to me, so I called my husband who was away, to get in touch with that gentleman to collect the purse.

In the evening when my husband was returning from office, he had been to that gentleman's house to collect the purse. My husband was dumb founded to receive the purse along with Sai's prasad. That gentleman had been to Shirdi and just returned the previous day. He has given a couple of rare photographs of SAI MA, Udi along with the purse. WE WERE SPELL BOUND.

Recently I took my teenage daughter for her annual dental examination. Much to my dismay the dentist told me that she wanted to talk to me since my daughter had a white patch on her tongue. I was worried since a white patch can be a symptom for pre cancer /cancer. I prayed very hard to Sai Baba the ever benevolent and read the Sai Charitra in a week. I also mixed a little Vibudhi in water and gave it to her every day.We took an oral biopsy and by Babas' grace the report was normal and there were no abnormal cells. I made avow that I would post my experience on the Sai Vichar web site. Thank you Sai Baba and please continue to help your bhaktas overcome their problems


Source - Sai Vichaar