My Sai Baba experience


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Om Sai Ram,


  This is my first mail to SBOI, i have always felt the presence of baba in my life since i have asked for his help for once 5 years before. He has always stood by his 11 promises (Vachans).

It will be impossible to write the when and were and how he has helped me all the time. Still i am trying to narrate his Leela (with my no knowledge on writing)  in one of my recent experience's completed my M.B.A ( in April ), but even during the days when i was pursuing it  i was worried about my placement due to bad job market, because i had to meet a lot many expectations of my father and my family members. I was feeling low but still didn't lost my hope on baba. But  to my expectations he not only  gave me a job, but he gave it even before the completion of my course. I was happy.


I joined the company in January and just in a span of 1.5months i started praying to baba sai, since i was not able to work over there as the work environment was not at all healthy working environment, mental torture and abusing was very much common. I started asking him that why have i landed in such a position where i am not able to work, were i have lost all my mental peace. In March, I had to leave the company. I not at all happy working with that company but still i was not willing to leave that company because it was fetching me some amount of money though without any self respect & honor). I started crying in front of baba as i was going visionless, where to go how to go ,all my future plans were becoming hazy these were the questions which i was asking him. The only answer came from him was "Sharadha rakh aur Sabar kar mein sab kuch tekh kar doonga".This statement gave me strength to keep on going but still. My family supported me but i was not at all happy from my heart, I was feeling terribly bad.


 I left everything on baba sai, people started saying that you took a wrong decision of joining that company, you are loosing your confidence, you have spoiled your own carrier. But i was not giving  my  ears on their comments and nor i lost my faith on SAI. I tried a lot to get some or other job but efforts were not working out. Companies never use to cal me for an interview, if at all they use to call they never use to appoint me. Their excuse of rejection of my resume was since i did not have any work experience so they cannot keep me. I kept on giving my interviews and dropping my resume to various consultancies and companies just by taking SAI's name.

On 4th May 2010 (Tuesday) i got a call from a company where i dropped my resume weeks before. They called me for an interview on the very next day 5th May 2010 (Wednesday). I prepared my self for the interview. I felt baba 's  presence every single moment before and even during my interview. The interviewer asked me many questions and then forwarded it to another person (to whom i thought would be an HR, but was the partner of the firm). He was very impressed with the way i answered his questions and with my views. He then narrated me the whole profile, I liked the profile. They told me that i will get a call confirming that at all they will place me in their company or not by same day evening. I had no clue that what baba had for me in his store. When i went back to my home i got the confirmation call from the company saying that they want me to join the company as consultant from very next day 6th May 2010 ( Thursday). Still i was not to happy as this was not the company for which i gave my interview. After getting this confirmation call when i saw the profile of the company and i was flabbergasted. This company was ranking 5th in national and international market. And the company in which i want to enter was just a sister concern of this giant size company and this company has a lot of scope to grow and learn in my future. The working environment is also good over here. People are not ill treated.

The only thing i was able to utter at that point of time was thanks....thanks a lot, please don't leave my hand in future also, I want you to be there with me till my last breath & may be after that also.
It was baba who didn't allowed me to get into any other company because he always wanted me to get into the place from which i can achieve my destiny and be in a place were i am happy from my heart.
THANKS A LOT MERE BABA SAI....bas aapni daya ka haath aapne iss nadan bacche pe aise hi bana k rakhna.


    Source: Sai Experiences Submitted to SBOI