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Vibhuti manifestation miracles in Puttaparthi

The great Kabirdas, a mystic poet and saint of India who brought about the devotion movement during his life (1440–1518) was a weaver by birth. But his undying love for God and the wisdom he exuded through his Dohas or couplets have made him immortal. There is one particular couplet which I love:

"Sab dharti kaagaz karo,
Lekhan sab ban rai,
Saat samudra ki masi karo,
Guru gun likheeya na jaee."

This couplet is not new in the sense that it has been proclaimed as a Subashitha (good saying) in Sanskrit too. It runs as follows:

Asitagiri Samam Syat Kajjalam Sindhu Patram
Surataruvara Shakha Lekhani Patramurvi
Likhati Yadi Gruhitva Sharada Sarvakaalam
Tadapi Tava Gunanaam Isha Paaram Na Yaati.”
Vibhuti manifestation miracles in Puttaparthi
Creating vibhuti apparently is the most frequent materialization that we have seen Swami doing...

In spirit, both mean the same -
If the Goddess of Learning were to herself write about the glories of the Lord/Guru taking the entire earth as paper, all the trees in all the world's forests as pens and all the seven oceans into ink then also they would not be complete.

As far as the ‘human’ world is concerned, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba left His physical frame on the 24th of April 2011. But my observations state otherwise. Even when He was physically there, I had heard of stories where vibhuti (holy ash) would manifest from His photographs and idols of other deities. I had seen it on a few occasions. However, I had never personally experienced it. But beginning on the 24th of April 2012, I have come across so many of these vibhuti wonders from around the globe.

The town of Puttaparthi has been no exception to this phenomenon of vibhuti materializing from thin air. As I said, there have been many instances. I was blessed to get the opportunity to photograph a few of these wonders and I present them here for all to see. I have purposely kept out the names of the people involved because of requests to leave it so.

One was the appearance of vibhuti footsteps leading to a makeshift shrine, early in the morning of May 12th 2012. This was the Sevadal dormitory - the space where all the vibrant and hard-working volunteers rest their tired or aching bodies for a while. It seemed only appropriate and wonderful that Swami showed His presence so spectacularly here.


Vibhuti manifestation miracles in Puttaparthi
In the morning, the volunteers discovered footsteps of vibhuti from the entrance of the hall to the makeshift altar within.


The footsteps lead to this altar where every volunteer had placed a photograph of his choice...


The second case was quite amazing. This guy comes down his building early in the morning. He is about to go for his morning jog. And then, to his utter amazement, notices vibhuti blobs on the speedometer and gauge of his bike! That was a very unlikely place for vibhuti to manifest. But rather than vibhuti appearing only in ‘sacred’ spaces, this guy believes that wherever the vibhuti comes is sacred!


The footsteps lead
The lumps of vibhuti which had appeared on the dials of a motorbike.


The third case is in the ward of the general hospital. A patient had been admitted there after a traumatic accident. The next morning, as she got up to receive her injection for the day, she saw something fluffy and powdery on the photograph of Swami that was hung about 5 feet above her cot. It turned out to be the holy vibhuti from a photograph in which Swami was wearing a stethoscope! The grateful staff of the hospital later stuck a piece of cardboard on the wall so that the extra vibhuti fell on it. This collected vibhuti, they distributed.



The photograph of Swami with the stethoscope in a ward at Sathya Sai General Hopital which was exuding vibhuti from 8 feet above the ground! A yellow 'collection paper' had been fixed below.



There was vibhuti everywhere in the room in N6.


The fourth case that I got a chance to photograph was a really huge job I must say. It was in a room - C19 or the N6 building. There was vibhuti everywhere when the couple renting that room returned after the morning session. Even as I entered the room, the fragrance hit me. It was unbelievably strong and I was simply awestruck when I saw the shrine.

There was the holy ash everywhere. A chair from the room had been converted into a chair for Swami with a sari. All the holy books had been placed in front. And vibhuti had manifested in copious amounts all over the books, the chair and the foot-cushion.

It was being doled out in packets to anyone who came there and asked for it. I too sought it and was given one packet. It tasted so different from the vibhuti that we get in packets at the Sathya Sai Stores. It also had a very strong and unique fragrance.


The altar in the room was overflowing with copious amounts of vibhuti


This is just the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’ as they say. Am sure a lot is happening at many places in Puttaparthi. I am also sure that a lot is happening in many places around the world. Let us remember that Swami always defines these miracles as His 'visiting card'. He says,

"What is Ascharyam (surprise) for you is Sahajam (natural) for me."

Let such miracles spur us into greater service and love. Let us remember that the hands that help are holier than the lips that serve. And service is something that all of us must dive into. What is service? My touchstone for service is - anything that brings happiness and cheer to someone. Let us be happy and bring happiness to everyone everywhere. The world is in need of it. Joy multiplies on sharing. With this intent of multiplication, am sharing this with all!





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