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How to use the Images:            
Icon Hide & Seek  Do it yourself!

Using an image off of the Internet as your desktop background screen is easy.  Most browsers have the ability to take an image you select and place it on your desktop as wallpaper.

The wallpapers on this site are free for your personal use at home or work. All I ask in return is that if you like or use our wallpapers kindly send us an email. - webmaster


Windows 95/98 Instructions:
(Win2000 and XP are similar.)

First determine your screen size

 Select the size of your chosen image in the galleries that most closely matches your screen's size.
Let the image you've chosen load completely on the screen. Right click on the image and a menu will pop up. Choose "Set as Wallpaper" or "Set Background" and the image will be converted to bitmap format (.BMP) and placed in your windows directory. The settings for your desktop will automatically change to the new image, named "Internet Explorer Wallpaper," "Netscape Wallpaper," or something similar. The newest versions of Internet Explorer are storing this in another place, you might find it in this path:
"C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Internet Explorer Wallpaper.bmp"  In Win2000 and XP, this directory is in "Documents and Settings" rather than "Windows."

To further adjust the settings,  right click on the desktop, not on a window or icon, and a menu will pop up. Selecting "properties" will bring up your desktop settings (you can also access them from the control panel.) Under the tab "Background" you can set your wallpaper to "Center," "Tile," or "Stretch" (if you don't have windows 98, or the 'MS Plus' package for Windows 95, you won't be able to stretch to fit.)
If your monitor is set to a different size than what is available in the galleries, you will have to use "Stretch" or some other method of resizing the image that most closely matched your screen.  (sometimes, "Center" looks just as nice.)


Macintosh 8.5+ Instructions

First determine your screen size  . Select the size of your chosen image in the galleries that most closely matches your screen's size.
On the Macintosh, (OS 8.5 at least) you can hold down the mouse button on the image you have selected and a menu will pop up. Select the option to "Download image to disk" and save the image somewhere on your hard drive. Hold down control and click the mouse on the Finder's background. Another menu will pop up and you can select "Change desktop background" at the bottom of that list (You could also select "Appearance" from the Control Panels in the Apple menu.) Under the "desktop" tab, click "Place picture..."  If you already have an image on the back ground, click "Remove picture" first.  Go to the location on your hard drive where you saved the image, and hit "Choose". You should be able to use the JPEG format, if not, you will have to use a graphics program to covert the image to TIFF.
In this window you can also select how the image appears on screen. If your screen size doesn't match the image sizes available, you can scale the image that most closely matches using "Scale to screen" or "Fill screen" (sometimes, "Center on screen" looks just as nice.)
OS X is just as easy.

How to hide Ikon on your desktop -

hides and shows the icons when you need them. Download  Iconoid it free. Iconoid


Who might want Iconoid?

  • Anyone who wants transparent icon backgrounds.
  • Anyone who changes wallpaper frequently.
  • Anyone who wants a very fast method of hiding screens.
  • Anyone who changes screen resolutions and wants to preserve icon positions (gamers, for example).
  • Only Iconoid hides and shows the icons when you need them.
  • Only Iconoid insures that when you restore icon positions, the saved positions do not overlay other icons.  Iconoid goes to great lengths to insure that all Icons are visible when you restore Icon positions.
  • Iconoid can be completely hidden or live in the system tray.
  • Iconoid is customizable.  For example, you can decide what options appear in the tray popup so that you don't have to see a cluttered list of items you don't use.
  • Iconoid can determine the optimal text background color whenever the wallpaper changes -- automatically.
  • Iconoid comes with complete source.



Check your screen size with Java.