The Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital at Prasanthi Nilayam celebrated its anniversary today. Bhagavan came for morning darshan after 10.15 while the bhajans went on.
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Divine Visit to the General
Hospital, Prasanthi Nilayam Videos

Sunday, Oct 4, 2009 - Hospital blessed

The Anniversary day of the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital arrived on October 4 and hopes of a Divine visit ran high. Swami had assured them that He would visit the hospital anytime after 10:00 a.m. but needless to say, the staff was all geared up well in advance from 8:00 a.m. itself. These dedicated people are the heart of this hospital who have been a witness to many a miracle of love on a daily basis. It would be thrilling to relive these tales and for getting that joy please visit our stories on General Hospital from H2H Archives.
Videos Divine Visit to the General Hospital, Prasanthi Nilayam

At about 10:15 a.m., as bhajans went on in the Sai Kulwant Hall, Swami started towards the General Hospital. He was welcomed into the premises by women chanting the Vedas with the poornakumbham. Swami alighted at the entrance and moved to the Department of Dentistry which has grown a lot since its inception. We present to you a short clip that makes description unnecessary!

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From the dental department, Swami moved through the maternity corridor where He blessed the doctors and nurses. He accepted a rose from one foreign nurse and then moved into the elevator. He arrived on the first floor and into a hall where everyone had assembled.

A song struck up melody in the air filled with devotion as Swami moved into the hall collecting letters. Everyone took namaskar and Swami moved to the centre. Then, began an hour long interaction which the staff will not forget for a very long time to come. Swami began by asking, "What news?" None spoke anything but everyone asked Swami to speak. A mike was also placed before Him. Swami literally began to reel out the 'news' as He spoke about the floods that are devastating the state of Andhra Pradesh. He spoke of the rising waters of the Godavari and Krishna and said that a "mini pralayam (deluge)" had descended.

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Swami then began to ask about what they needed at the hospital - equipment, staff - whatever. After some hesitation, they said that they needed more beds. Swami asked, "How many more?" There was no answer. So Swami enquired and found out that there were 26 women doctors, 13 men doctors and 1200 patients on an average everyday. Swami said, "So many patients. They come from everywhere. Because nowhere are the doctors so good. But we need more place and all round here buildings have been built. If I build on top of the hill, how will patients come? Let us see... if necessary, we will make some space for it in the Mandir." Swami also advised them to have separate rooms for emergency and complicated cases.


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Swami then asked for the new doctors who had joined the hospital. They raised their hands and Swami spoke and interacted with some of them. He told one of them that her husband in Mumbai was not satisfied with the work in that hospital. He further stated that the joy and satisfaction 'here' is to be found nowhere else. Some of the doctors and sisters who had been working in the hospital for years got the opportunity to give Him letters and talk personally to Him.



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They all pleaded with Swami, "Swami if you keep coming like this we all get inspiration to work harder and harder." Swami said, "You called Me and I came. If you call again, I will come. But see everyone is not there." Everyone said, "Swami all are here." Swami retorted, "That is because I am here. On other days everyone is in their own places!" Thus the interactions went on. The youngest doctor gave an impressive speech in Telugu. Before him, the superintendent of the hospital also gave a short welcome address. Towards the end, all the ladies formed a beeline to His feet and offered letters and prayers to Him. Swami sat patiently accepting everything and blessing all. The whole session since Swami entered the hall had lasted more than an hour. Swami also popped in a few groundnuts into His mouth from the various offerings that were made. Then, saying that it had got late already, Swami began to move out. He was thronged on His way out by everyone and He graced all. Finally, getting into the car, He left for the Mandir.