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Sai Baba

 "Time and space dare not bind me”

"Yes! It is true as a matter of fact Sai Baba has made himself “Unseen & imperceptible" On several Occasions. Here is a true-story

“Baba had returned from Venkatagiri two days previously.

An Old Lady staying in the Nilayam had gone to her native village which lay astride the road that Baba had to pass through, when he goes up to the place or comes down from it. She had plans to halt his car on His return drive and to offer Him hospitality in her own home. But when she learnt that Baba had reached Prasanthi Nilayam, she had hurried back.

While Baba was conversing from verandah on the first floor with a small bunch of visitors ( among whom I had smuggled myself) standing on the ground, she stood at a short distance from us and complained aloud, "Swami! How did your car come through our village without being noticed? Our men were watching at both ends night and day. No car was seen.”

Even as Baba was chuckling in amusement at her plight, we heard the chuckle behind us, for Baba was right behind us. “You see, I have come from there to here; when I can do this, can I not skip your village unseen, car and all? Time and space dare not bind me” He said. We stood aghast at this Revelation. I sensed tug in my heart. I fell at His feet. His face was dazzlingly divine…”

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Source: Loving God - P 187

 Loving God Book cover
                          Prof.N.Kasturi, long time close associate of Bhagawan and author of His biography, Sathyam Sivam Sundaram brings forth exhilarating account of experiences with the Lord walking on two feet and thus imparts to the readers the magical divine formula as how total surrender makes one to near and dear to God.

ISBN 81-7208-169-3

Loving God by N. Kasturi

Each person has to live the volumes of biography, which we bring with us, page after page, howsoever punctuated with dots and dashes, interrogations and exclamations, commas and colons, until the sentence ends ultimately with a Full Stop. The author says ‘Luckily I have as my inseparable consul, Bhagavan Himself; He dots the I’s and crosses the t’s as I live the lines on every page. He has made the Book of Life my biography – momentous and meaningful for me’. This book contains a bunch of the author’s reminiscences, which may be welcomed by many readers.

This is a spiritual autobiography by one of Swami's most famous devotees, who was also the author of The Life of Sathya Sai Baba as well as editor of Sanathana Sarathi and numerous Swami volumes. This book covers the adventurous and fascinating early years of Prof. Kasturi's scholarly life in South India as well as the many blissful years of personal relationship in service to Swami at Prashanti Nilayam. One is amazed throughout the autobiography by the prodigious accomplishments and remarkable industry of this gentle man. The stories, the joy, the miracles, flow continuously. This is a life story filled with many spiritual rewards.