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Dr. John S. Hislop is a distinguished academician, businessman, administrator and philosopher who is presently the Chairman of the Central Council of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation in America and a member of World Council of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations. He and four others left Brindavan for Puttaparthi by a taxi at about 8 P.M. in the month of February 19173. Some distance away, the driver negotiated the taxi to overtake a bus. During the process they were caught in a precarious situation. They confronted a speeding car coming towards them from the opposite direction. The other side of the road was under repairs, leaving not an inch of space on their right. A head-on collision between the on­coming car and their taxi was therefore imminent within a few seconds of time and space. The bright head-lights of the on-rushing car had reduced the visibility to almost nil for the driver and the occu­pants of the taxi. They were terrified and began tensely awaiting the inevitable. In a split second they saw the car behind them. Both the vehicles had escaped a devastating crash and were now speeding in their original directions.

Next morning during the darshans, Hislop thanked Baba for saving their lives the previous night. Bhagavan Baba, smiled and said, "Yes, that was a close one. You were so shocked that not one of you called for Me. But Baba saved you anyway.

Dr. Bapi Raju of Vishakhapatnam writes about another instance, demonstrating Baba's complete control over time and space. One day he was going in his car. His son was driving and he was sitting by his side. As they were passing an unmanned railway crossing the car was hit by a railway engine coming from their right. Dr. Raju was thrown out of the car. To their utter amazement, they saw, that both the car and the rail engine had instantaneously stop­ped dead. The engine driver seemed quite astonished when he said that he did not know how his engine had halted although he had not made any attempt to stop it. The impact though of a crushing magnitude had created only a small dent on the right side of the car. Dr. Raju and his son escaped unscathed. A few days later during darshans at Puttaparthi, Baba spoke to DT. Raju and said, "In a sudden calamity or happiness always think of God first. At the time of the accident to you, I had to stop the rail engine and the car and I had to throw you on your left, otherwise you would have fallen on the railway lines in front and received fatal injuries.”
source:excerpts from hislop narrative