Krishna teaching Gita to Arjuna



Sathwic, Rajasic and Thamasic food.


"Arjuna! Food is the chief formative force. The soiled mind dulls the brilliance of moral excellence; how can a muddy lake reflect clearly? The divine cannot be reflected in the wicked or vicious mind. Food makes man strong in body; the body is intimately connected with the mind. Strength of mind depends upon strength of body too. Moral conduct, good habits, spiritual effort - all depend upon the quality of the food; diseases, mental weakness, spiritual slackness - all are produced by faulty food." "Krishna!" asked Arjuna, "Please tell me the constituents of Sathwic, Rajasic and Thamasic food."

"Arjuna! Food to be Sathwic should be capable of strengthening the mind as well as the body. It should not be too salty, too hot, too bitter, too sweet or too sour. It should not be taken while steaming hot. Food which fans the flames of thirst should be avoided. The general principle is that there should be a limit, a restraint. Food cooked in water should not be used the next day; it becomes harmful. Even fried articles should be consumed before they develop unpleasant odours. "Rajasic food is the opposite of the Sathwic. It is too salty, too sweet, too hot, sour, too odorous. Such food excites and intoxicates."

Sathya Sai Baba - Geetha Vahini - XXVI - Page 146

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