The Kailas Committee

The late Smt. Sakamma used to tell this strange story that She experienced. One day at her own Bungalow in Somewarpet, Coorg, when she was engaged in worship, a servant disturbed her and announced that a car had come into the compound and that the person inside insisted on seeing her immediately. She was rather upset, but, nevertheless went out to find who could take so much liberty with her time-table. She found in the car a tall fair old man with a very reverend beard, sitting on a deerskin, his whole body bathed in ash. And, she was struck by the age of ,the car too, for it matched the age of the owner or occupant. The car was driven by a weak little boy in his teens and Smt. Sakamma wondered how he could have managed to secure a licence or whether he had one at all. The car had a name plate, ,on top, in front, 'The Kailas Committee !'. She invited the old man inside ; did pranam ; placed a newly plucked rose at his feet ; and offered him some fruits. He said that he would not eat the fruits there;  he said he did not cater to the tongue at all times and all places . 'Jihvachapalya' was the word he used ; he wanted her to contribute to the Kailas Committee and become a Member, by giving the donation of a thousand rupees. She signed a paper in which the sum and her name was already written ! and when she proffered the amount, the old man said, "Keep this also with you. I shall come and take it later." With those words he kept on the table the signed sheet and, getting into the car, he left the place ! The teen-age driver did his work remarkably well, for the car was out of sight in a moment.

Years later, when she saw Baba in a house to which she had gone, He appeared to her at one moment like the driver of that mysterious car and the next, like the hoary occupant who took so much pains to make her contribute to the Kailas Committee,and,then, asked her to wait with the cash in her own keeping ! And then Baba surprised her by telling her, " Come on, give the Rs. 1000/- you promised that day!" and describing in her presence the entire story, correct to the minutest detail.

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