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Sacred Past - Part 15 : "succour and healing"   Sacred Past main Index


A dramatic instance of the succour and healing that Baba showers was noticed by over 20,000 people on the 23rd (43rd Birthday), at the huge Auditorium, during the morning Session.

Baba was taken in procession from the Nilayam to the Auditorium by devotees; there were students of the Vedic School reciting the Invocatory Hymns; there were Bhajan Parties; there was the beautifully caparisoned elephant, Sai Gita, intelligent, sensitive and even, one can venture to say, 'devoted'. Above all, there was the Mother of Baba, revered Easwaramma, by His side, for this was a Day to commemorate the Day of His Incarnation.

At the Auditorium, on the dais, Baba seated Himself on the silver chair, amidst the acclamation of the immense gathering. Then, Baba graciously allowed some devotees to place a few drops of consecrated oil on His Head: they touched His Feet and placed flowers on them. The mother who has won the gratitude of the world for ages, placed the oil, first. Then, a few others followed. Begum Tahira Sayeed, a Persian and Urdu poetess; M.S. Dixit, a revered old devotee who had served Baba even in His Previous Body, while He was at Shirdi; the Rajmata of Jamnagar; the Rajmata of Sirohi, Dr. Gokak and Indra Devi.

While Indra Devi was placing a few drops of oil on His Hair with a flower dipped in the cup I was holding, Baba saw a certain Mrs. Anderson who had come from the United States. She was a chronic invalid, unable to walk or use her lower limbs, being helped around by her husband in a wheeled chair. As soon as she came to Prasanthi Nilayam, she was admitted to the Hospital so that she could be nursed there by professional hands. Baba presented her, and all other ladies from beyond the seas, saris on the 22nd, so that they could wear them on His Birthday; He deputed some ladies to help this one to wrap it around her. On the 23rd, she was brought down from the Hospital Hill and allowed to watch the Function from the far end of the dais, where she sat on her inevitable wheel chair, which had become more or less a part of her anatomy!

Baba turned to me and said, "That lady in the wheelchair will be happy if you take the cup to her, and get a flower dipped by her in the oil, which can later be placed on My Head." I was thrilled by His Compassion but, there was more to follow.

Before I could turn to the left and proceed towards her (the distance from the Silver Chair of Baba to her wheel chair was over 40 feet), Baba stopped me and said, "Wait! I shall Myself go to her!" People were astonished when they saw Baba descend from the Chair and proceed towards the invalid lady, with me holding the oil cup. Baba bent His Head before her, so that she could place a few drops of oil on His Halo of glorious Hair! The gathering was overwhelmed with grateful joy, when they saw this spontaneous flood of Divine Mercy, and the happy glow of ecstasy on the pale face of a foreign invalid! She applied the flower three times. The third time Baba held her hand, saying, "Stand Up" ...and she stood!

The gathering was amazed with delight! "Come with me!" Baba said. And she walked the forty feet, towards the Silver Chair, keeping pace with Baba! I was so overcome with joy that I ran towards the mike and announced to the entranced gathering that Mrs. Anderson, who had not walked for years, was cured of her illness, and that she has risen from her wheeled chair at the bidding of Baba and got her limbs back in perfect condition. Every one was thrilled by this miracle of healing. "Normal feet" was the Birthday Gift she received from Baba.

Acknowledgement: Sourced from Book Published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust Sathyam Sivam Sundaram (N. Kasturi)
-The Life Story of Sathya Sai Baba-