Oh! I am a Chowkidar (watchman)

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On one occasion Group Captain Bose, driving with his wife and father-in-law from Ambala to Gauhati in a high powered car with low clearance was unable to move on the slushy road near Hariharganj. The entire area was dangerously flooded by serpentine heavy rains; the road was a lake. The back wheels of the car sank completely into the mud, while upfront, one wheel was stuck in a ditch! At that late hour of 11.30p.m. no help was available, nor would it have been of much avail since all efforts to free her only succeeded in making her sink deeper.

The occupants were able to procure shelter in a nearby school, and slept on bare benches at night, but her husband was determined to reach Gauhati where he had to preside over a Court Martial. "Duty is God. Work is Worship," he quoted Baba.

When dawn broke, no passing car or truck would agree to help, nor would the small crowd of amused villagers lift a finger! Their enjoyment of the pitiable spectacle only fanned the flames of despair. Unfortunately Mr. Bose had a little bit of ego left in him: he decided to rely on horse power rather than Sai power! Ropes were procured, but the car would not move: the engine was restarted, but she only sank further into the slush. Eventually, an exhausted Bose flopped to the ground, saying, "The Lotus Feet of Baba is our only refuge.." Almost immediately a gentle looking man with a strong physique came towards them. No one seemed to recognise him, nor could they guess his whereabouts. Handing his umbrella to Mrs. Bose, he became master of the situation. Bose was asked to get into the car and take the wheel . A sweet fragrance flooded the interior, but before the engine could be switched on, or the gaping crowd could offer assistance, Mrs. Bose saw the man put his right hand under the bumper, and with one lift, he placed the car forward upon hard ground, all wheels safe out of the awful mire. Then all the occupants were requested to get into the car! Puzzled, they tried to thank him to ask who, and what he was. "Oh, I am a chowkidar."(watchman) he said, and walked away. Disengaging itself from the now vociferous crowd, the car moved away, and soon caught up with the man, walking briskly down the road. Bose begged the man to accept something but he refused. Then he spoke one sentence. "Why did you not call for me last night itself?". The Lotus Feet had indeed come to them!