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 Thursday , July 27, 2006 :: Volume 9, Issue 11
 (In its nineth year of publication.)

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

Guru madhye Sthitham Vishwam
Vishwa madhye sthitho Guruhu
Gurur-Vishwan Nacha-anyosthi
Thasmai Shree Gurave Namah

The Universe has its being within the Guru; the Guru abides within the universe as its essence; the Guru is the universe; nothing exists besides him. Salutations to such a Guru - Shri Guru Gita

Some have this question. Is Guru different from God? If Guru helps in realizing God, then must Guru be different from God? One physical analogy that easily comes to a logical mind is the concept of the Teacher, the Taught, and the Subject. There may be a tendency to differentiate between the subject and the teacher not knowing that Teacher is the representation of the subject and none else; thus is as venerable.

Similar concept is explained in the Bible as the God of trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Bible says that the Father is not the same person as the Son; the Son is not the same person as the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit is not the same person as Father. They are distinct persons; yet, they are all one God. They are in absolute perfect harmony consisting of one substance. They are coeternal, coequal, and copowerful. If any one of the three were removed, there would be no God.

Restriction of God to the grander of visions; the One with brilliance, radiance, power and might does less to help realize the Supreme that exists beyond the adjectives. Krishna, the brave prodigal son of Yadavas, the brilliant statesman that skillfully led the righteousness to its ultimate glory comes as an example of the Grand God. It is easy to sense such a mighty God by seemingly powerless human. It is the same tendency that might render one to see the Saint of Shirdi as just a fakir albeit with some powers. Once in his fold, what the fakir represents becomes very clear. The God that is difficult to comprehend is in fact the most mercifully bestowing. The material that God is made of also includes the simplest of the Nature, the entity within and outside, dormant yet powerful, the weak and the unnoticed!

Distinction between Sadguru and God is very superficial and exists for a simple reason. Sadguru is the closest that anyone can easily relate to God!


CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: The Holy.....The Meritorious...

"Mirthful sportive Ram has come, has come with sackfuls of udi. This refrain only, he (Sai Baba) would sing at his own sweet will, full of joy "- Shri Sai Satcharita, Chapter 29.

The holy meritorious, off-white ash produced by the perpetually burning dhuni in the masjid, which Sai Baba would apply on the forehead of his devotees when they approached him for taking leave to depart, he would call udi. 'U' (as in full) means up and 'i' (as in pin) means to go. Learned men interpret "i" also to mean go up, ascending on high, soaring into heavens. So that which causes the dawn of good fortune in this and the other world for devotees of Sai Baba is called udi. She is the mother of Sai devotees, the divine Kamadhenu (legendary cow mentioned in the Mahabharatha). She removes suffering, destroys fear and calamity, gets rid of pain or sorrow, does not burn and ever gives happiness. It is not pungent, bitter, sour or saltish to the taste but sweet and pleasing. It has divine medicinal or healing virtues, and it destroys laziness, dullness of understanding, disease, sin etc. Sai Baba has created it out of great compassion for the welfare of his devotees. If it is always taken with singular devotion and loving heart, there is no doubt that it leads to salvation.

(Contributed by Source: Shri Sai Baba by Swami Sai Sharan Anand, translated by V.B.Kher)



I believe in Baba right from my childhood. After my tenth class I started to neglect my studies but with his grace I moved to post graduation also. Here also I did not develop my subject and started worrying during my campus recruitment. I knew my preparation was not sufficient but somehow kept hope of getting the job. When the first company came every body was short listed for the interview except me. I was feeling really hopeless and prayed strongly to Sai. For the next company I cleared the GD, Test and attended the interview. I was praying all the time to Sai before the results of the interview was declared. I promised to do Satcharita if i get selected. To my unbound joy I was short listed and will soon join the job. I also paid a visit to Shirdi before joining the job. I hope He will forever keep an eye and fullfil my desire of higher studies also.

I am a devotee of Saibaba for years together. Every progress in my life is due to my beloved Baba's blessing only. I am happy to note that I have been promoted as accounts manager of one of the reputed company by the grace of my beloved Baba. I hope Baba's blessings will be there with me always to carry out my duties efficiently and honestly. Pray Baba and his blessings will be there without any doubt. Jai Sai Baba.

In mid 2001, my mother, who is an ardent devotee of Sai Baba, had a cyst on her chest which, our family doctor in Delhi warned, if neglected, could lead to cancer. She was advised to have the biopsy done at the earliest. Without losing time, she took the opportunity of visiting Chennai and went to Sai Ashram in Chennai. She fervently prayed to Baba, and Guruma after seeking Baba's blessings for my mother, told her that Baba didn't suspect the cyst to be cancerous but she could get herself examined; so my younger brother, who is residing in Chennai, took my mother to Hospital in Chennai and had her chest scanned by a specialist there. After carefully examining my mother, the specialist doctor asked my mother, which doctor had advised her to get the biopsy done, since there was no cyst on her chest. What else could the phenomenon be if that was not a divine miracle of Sadguru Sai Baba?

It's your grace and blessings that I received so much of appreciation and award. This was a surprise package for me. You give me so much of love that I feel so lucky to have known you. Please don't let any bad feelings or wrong attitude come inside me. Let this success not affect my prayers and humanity. Please stay with me always. Let me not do any harm to others and let not anybody harm my family and me. Always protect us.

Baba, by your grace my wife and daughter got their visa stamped without any difficulty. As always shower Your blessings on us. I prayed Baba to take care of this task, so I will post this item to the newsletter. Devotees! keep faith in Baba and He will take care of us.

I promised to thank you Baba through this site if every thing comes to be alright. Now as the reports are OK, thank you very much Baba, please remain with us all the time as earlier. Thank you Baba.

Sai devotee
Thank you for giving guidance to me and my family. You have answered my prayers. Please continue to shower your blessings on us. I am indebted to You forever.



Sai devotee
Dear Sai devotees, the power of Sai Baba is beyond our thinking and our mind. My daughter was blessed with a baby boy but during the time of delivery, at one stage the doctor said we have to operate her that is by c-section. I prayed to Sai Baba and He responed at once. My daughter's surgery was cancelled as another emergency case came but after an hour when the doctor came the baby was born naturally and normally. I pray to all devotees to have faith in Sai Baba and pray to Him before undertaking any job.

Please resolve the tension at my home and only you can perform some miracle and make this event possible. I trust you Baba and I want to hold my faith high. Please perform the miracle and assure me of your omnipresence.

My prayers are for my dad, he is suffering from knee pain. We have seen two doctors, they say he has no problem but he still has the pain. Please Sai relieve him of this pain or show me the way to cure them Sai.

I have been in this job for the past 4 months and haven't had even one closing. With your grace I can do anything Baba, please bless me and make things happen for me. You are my sole refuge Baba; I have no one to go to.

Please help my husband to complete his studies and to fulfill all his ambitions. Thank You Sai.

Baba I am tired and loosing my conifidence in me. Please help me Baba, I wish a peaceful life at office, home and in my social circle. Guide me Baba how can I be a good person and how can I improve myself. Baba my son is having pain in his right thumb please cure him whole heartly and give him peace, love, protection and your endless Bhakti. Baba help my husband to have patience, sweet tongue, love affection and dedication towards his work, family and society. Baba I am crying from the eyes of my heart please come for my rescue. Today You have to come and I am trying to have firm faith that You will be with me today by all means. I love you Baba and give me your message in such a way that I can get the message and also able to understand that this only You who are conveying the things. Thanks Baba.

Baba, tomorrow my husband is going to attend an interview. Please see that he will be selected in the same. Everything should go on well. I am leaving all my burdens on you and trusting u completely. Bless us Baba.

Sai devotee
Oh Shirdi Sai Baba, our son eats only little food and he is under weight and height and unable to concentrate on his studies due to his sickness and lack of interest in food. Baba please bless him with good health, recover his growth and increase his concentration towards studies. Also please bless my twins, my family, my sisters family, my brother and my friends.

Om Sai, Thank you for showering Your blessings on me and my family and keeping us enveloped with Your love and affection. Sai, I wish to thank you for giving my husband his salary for this month despite all the odds he faced in order to get it. Just a small prayer to You solved all our problems. You indeed are the greatest and most loving. Please be present in our lives forever and bless us as You would your children. Om Sai Ram!!

Baba Sai, You have created me and are seeing me through this life. Through the difficulties You helped me grow up, and then you granted me the love of my life to be with me on this earth. Now You have granted me the means to establish myself and to provide for my family and others. Baba at this happy moment I thank you from the bottom of my heart and koti koti pranaams to You. The beggar that I am always keep my jholi full of Your blessings and never take away Your hand from my head and my loved ones. Baba, You know best what requires to be done and when. But as a mere mortal I pray to You to now have my marriage settled with my loved one without any problems so that we can all live as one big happy family. Baba your message of Shraddha and Saburi always must be embedded in my mind, body and soul where You must rest always. This is my humble prayer to You. Always give me little space under Your feet where I can place my head and always weigh me down firmly to the earth with Your feet and never let ego and other vices take me over. Baba this is my first day as a true professional, I seek Your blessings and guidance to do justice to this gift that You have bestowed on me. Bless me Baba and grant me the bhiksha that I seek from You as only You can do so.

Baba please fulfill our wish, forgive our sins. For more than 2 years we are suffering for my sister. Bless her Sai to leave that person. Om Sai Ram.



Sai devotee
My parents are good devotees of Sri Saibaba. That is how I inherited the devotion towards Baba from my childhood. Now I and my husband convey the same to our daughter, she always talks to Baba sitting in front of Him. But the past 8 years were the toughest period in my life so far. I had hurdles in what ever step I took. I slowly started blaming Baba for everything. Slowly I realized Baba is testing me. We all know how the real teacher tests the student in order to see if the student is eligible for higher grade (I mean to the next level). Same thing with me my Guru my beloved Baba did to me too. I started developing Saburi (patience). Believe me or not, no matter what steps I took it was a terrible test for me. I am a Doctor by my profession. My struggle started when I had to pursue my higher studies after my marriage. I was totally frustrated I lost confidence in myself. While I was preparing for the 5th time when I was preparing for the exam I had a dream, some body was telling me my score for which I was aiming for. I wrote it in a piece of paper and kept it under my pillow. I did what I am supposed to do. Prepared very well for the exam. I had lot of fear in me but I did not let it rule me and my mind. To my surprise I got the same score which I got in my dream. I got the admission in the university I was aiming for. Years passed with so many hurdles in every step I made .Initially I thought I was unfit to be Doctor taking the entrance exam 5 times .But now I realize that Baba shaped me into a good Doctor. When I was giving my final exams, I failed again. I was totally depressed. I slowly started feeling that I am taking the result of my past life karma.

But my husband gave me all the moral support because after my parents he was the one who knew about my potential. I gave the exam again. While I was waiting for the result daily in my dreams I was giving the same exam. It was so stressful all the time. Taking that exam for once is a very stressful task. Again one day in my dream when I was taking this exam one of my class mates was saying that 'you are done with this exam and how come you are here?' I immediately stopped the exam and I took the stairs to go down the building where I saw a man wearing kurta was going down before me. I woke up from my sleep and thought who could that be other than my Guru who came to test me again. After this I never had the dream of taking the exam. When I received my result my joy knew no boundaries (sabar ka phal meeta hotha hai). After passing through all these hurdles I was looking for a job. It was last Thursday I called the place I was dreaming to work, they said they had no vacancies but they took all my information and said that they will get back to me if they have any opening. But believe me again they called me in the evening and said they had an opening. I went to the interview on last Monday and now I have job offer with me right now. Who else could it be other than my Guru who made things possible?

Baba has always been with me protecting me and my family. I travel a long distance to work by a van. In the evening, the van used to arrive very late due to which I used to reach home only at 9 pm. I was not able to spend time with my child or do any house work. I started going by public transport in the evening. I had to change three different transportation to reach home which used to take me one and half hour to reach. I prayed to Sai to sort this problem for me so that I can use one transportation to help me go home. One day while waiting for my share auto, I saw a van stopping to pick up somebody. It had Sai's photo on its window. Though I used to stand in the same place to catch my share auto, I never saw this van before. I immediately noted that mobile number and called the driver. He said there is place and the van goes to my place only. I was thrilled and started going in that van. Today is the second day that I am going. I am reaching home between 7 to 7:15 pm.

Om Sai Ram! I would like to share my miraculous experience with all of you. My husband and I had been trying for a child since the past three and a half years without any success. Ultimately I became so very dejected that I prayed to Baba that if He really wanted me to have 100 percent belief in Him, He would have to bless us with a child. I conceived within one month and am going to have my baby by November. However I also felt a bit ashamed of myself that I had kept a condition on Baba but I am sure Baba will forgive me! Om Sai Ram.



"When someone casts their burden on me and thinks of me, I look after all their concerns".-Shri Sai Baba



Q. What does a devotee learn from Mr R B Purandhare's devotion and service to Baba?



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Q. What does a Sai devotee learn from Shri R B Purandhare's devotion and service to Saibaba?

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