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Sai Prayer Group

The Sai Prayer Group is a personal initiative, a private work of love dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It is not affiliated to any official Sathya Sai Organisation. It is formed by members of saibabaofindia  and saibabanews groups, devotees, Sai Centers and friends around the globe who are willing to serve someone in need through prayer. read more

 Submit a Prayer request. -

 Send your prayer request directly to Prayer request directly. or Submit here  alternatively Sister Melody collects prayer requests via personal email address at 


The Sai Prayer Group will pray every Thursday and every Sunday for all those who request prayers and will pray for universal love and peace. The Prayer Service is at 7.00 am every Thursday and every Sunday. Wherever you are, please follow the time zone of your country.

Please use the following Prayer Service Format:

1. Aum 3 times

2. Ganesh Mantra 3 times

Aum Sree Ganeshaya Namaha

3. Gayatri Mantra 3 times


Om Bhur Bhuva Svah

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat


We meditate on that Supreme effulgence of the Radiant Being

The Indwelling Controller and Director of all Things

May He stimulate our Intellect entirely (to realize the Truth)

4. Sai (Eeshvara) Gaayathree 28 times

Sayeeshvaraaya Vidhmahe
Sathya-Dhevaaya Dheemahi
Thannah-Sarvah Prochodhayaath

We know this Sai is Supreme Divinity incarnate. We meditate on this God of Truth. May this Almighty Personality lead us on the path of total liberation.

5. The Maha-Mrityunjaya Mantra 3 times

Om trayambakam yajaamahe 
Sugandhim pushti - vardhanam
Urva - rukamiva bandhanan
Mrytor muksheeya ma - amritaat

Om. We worship the Three-Eyed One (Lord Shiva),
who is naturally fragrant, immensely merciful and who is the Protector of the devotees. Worshipping Him may we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality just as the ripe cucumber easily separates itself from the binding stalk. By your Grace, Let me be in the state of salvation (Moksha) and be saved from the clutches of fearful death.

6. Viswamitra's Mantra 3 times

"Boothabavya bavathprabho! Sri Prasanthi Sai
Bhoothatma, dharmatma, Sri Dhanvantri amsa
Sathya Saiyey", mama prarthana:
'Uthishta sokha sankata dhuhkhanivarana'
Mahakrupa Kadaksha, 'Paahimaam Paahimaam Paahi'. 

Oh Lord, the Glorious - Sri Prasanthi Sai
May the elements do good always
Thou art the Controller of the elements
Thou art the Prime-mover of righteousness
Thy tiny fraction is Dhanvantri (Divine healer)
Lord Sai, we pray unto thee:
'Wake up, remove depression, sorrow, misery',
Thou, Embodiment of mercy and grace
'Save us, redeem us, reclaim us, - one and all of us'.


7. Dhanvantari 3 times

Aum Namo Bhagavathe
Vasudevaya Dhanvantraye
Amruta Kalasa Hasthaya
Sarvaamaya Vinaashanaaya
Thrailokhya Naathaaya
Sri Mahavishnave Namaha 

Obeisances unto the supreme Bhagawan known as Sudarshana Vasudev Dhanvantari, The holder of the kalasha full of nectar of immortality, who removes all fears,who removes all diseases,
The well wisher of the Three worlds, and sustainer of the three worlds, He is Vishnu Swarup, By the name Dhanvantari Empowered to Heal the Jiva souls.

8. Prayer to Sree Sathya Sai Baba 28 times

Sri Sathya Sai Sampoorna
Paripurna Arogya Praaptirastu

Sree Sathya Sai get cured completely (fully).

9. 10 Minutes meditation - sending divine love and healing energy to sick and needy people throughout the world.

10. Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu 3 times

Meaning "Let the whole mankind be Happy and Prosperous." 

Sai Prayer Group - World Wide Sai Prayer Group Seva


The World Wide Sai Prayer Group is a personal initiative which by Sai's will and grace has taken on a total life of its own.  It is a private work of love dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba. It is not affiliated with any official Sathya Sai or Shirdi Sai Organisations. It is formed by members of the saibabanews  saibabaofindia Yahoo! Group, devotees, Sai Centers and friends around the globe who are willing to serve thier fellow man and woman in thier hour of need through unified world wide prayers, love and good will. The Sai Prayer Group will pray every Thursday and every Sunday for all those who request prayers and for universal love and peace for all of humanity. The Prayer Service is at 7.00 am every Thursday and every Sunday (wherever you are please follow your own country time zone).

The prayer lists are sent two times a week through the the  saibabaofindia  saibabanews  online group. If for some unforeseen reason the current prayer list does not reach you in time please just continue with your prayers using the previous weeks list until you are updated. We ask for your cooperation, understanding and patience if any mishaps occur as this seva is done completely voluntary by all who are involved. We also do prayers at 6 AM on Poornima's each month which include doing 108 Gayatri's for the world.

All individuals who wish to participate in this seva may compile the appropriate form or may write to Sister Melody and give your individual names so that you can be included in the Full moon puja and the Seva participants list will also be sent to Sai Baba of Puttaparthi and also sent to the Shrine of Shirdi Baba in offering to Shirdi Sai.

All Prayer Lists are sent each week to the helping hands of fellow devotees who live in Puttaparthi and now Shirdi to be given to Sathya Sai and placed before Shirdi Sai for their blessings.

Sister Melody collects prayer requests via personal email address at or at / Submit a Prayer request. -

. The Prayer List of Names is sent out before each Thursday and Sunday through the the saibabanews  & saibabaofindia online group. Prayer Requests are collected from the New Moon to the Full Moon and the list of prayer requests is renewed. All are encouraged to keep old prayer lists on ones altars or take them to your nearest shrines to be blessed or prayed over. You may put in a prayer request for anyone, at any time, for any reason and as many times as you wish. Please make sure that you include your first and last name please to limit any confusion of duplicate names and requests or mistaken identities.

We encourage everyone to please send in testimonials of the grace and blessings and miracles of Sathya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba's grace through our prayer efforts so as to help foster Support, Encouragement, Hope, Faith and Fellowship of community amongst all devotees around the World.