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Dear devotees, Hope all of you felt the spiritual vibrations from continuous bhajans i.e. Akhanda Bhajan.    Here in Puttparthi Akhanda Bhajans ended with divine Avatar Shri Sathya Sai Baba’s Arathi.   Today Swami came out a bit early for Darshans. He came out of his abode at 7.15 am and was in bhajans/Darshans till 8.30 am. Swami left for his abode at 8.30 am. In the evening it was an opportunity for all the devotees to feast their eyes for a long time; because Swami was in the midst of His devotees enjoying Bhajans for a very long time.  Swami came at 3.30 pm and was there till 6.25 pm. Swami returned to His abode at 6.25 pm after accepting the Arathi at the conclusion of Akhanda Bhajan. Everyone enjoyed the Prasadam of Akhanda Bhajan.


As promised by the AP government to spruce up Puttparthi, the results are beginning to show up since then many of the pot holes on the roads are getting fixed, main road is getting layered in fact the whole infrastructure is going thru a big overhaul, including transport, logistics & telecommunications, since many lakhs devotees are expected to attend 80th birthday of Avatar on earth. Also, security is getting tightened AP government has promised extra enforcement of the local Police & extra amount on budget for comprehensive security. Also Deccan airlines (with effect from 12th November 2005) and Indian airlines flights (with effect from 14th November 2005) are going to fly devotees directly to Puttparthi.


At the same time Volunteers and local labors are doing their best to bring Hill view stadium in tip top condition. As you must have read before in Sainews that Swami is taking personal interest in all the work which is going on in the stadium, also Swami is giving encouragement and loving Darshan to labors who work hard and long hours along with volunteers. With more volunteers on the way the work will pick up speed in the coming days. SBOI will try to keep up with the pace by sharing Sainews with you all whenever we get any.


We also want to convey many thanks for your kind emails.

Sai News: Prasanthi Nilayam 13th Nov. 2005

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