He knows how to rescue his devotees

Supernatural Acts Of God-Sai Baba

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From: Ramakrishnan Ramanarayanan Sairam
This is a true storey happened to me last year.
the house next to my house had cut off two big trees and i am sure they have snake of the big venom like MAMBA a definite poisonous killer was there. when they cut the tree, i think in all my opinion that i framed which later Swami confirmed to me in my dream , the snake entered into my house through the gate and found itself in my rock garden.

normally i go to my garden to pick up flowers and do some gardening in the evening hours and all saturday.  One fine morning Swami said while picking up flowers, where radiant Swami appeared before me and said
please wear the chappels (footwear), and he didn't tell me why. From that day i was wearing the chappals (footwear) and go to the garden.
after a gap of some days when we came from dinner and got out of the car and when my wife got out of the car the snake passed under the car but slightly edge between the legs. We saw it, before i could park the car
the snake went inside the garden.
immediately i have to call the  men from the local tribe and told them to find where the snake could have hidden itself.

then after a whole  long hunt, the snake was beneath the rock garden and they took it out and they told us it is dangerous snake of African variety worst than cobra,

we pray to swami that day and thanked Swami for saving us.

Swami said that night in my dream that he knows best at what time he should help the devotees and bless me and disappear. The next day Vhibuti was there in my house in all the photos. I have only video coverage and not photos and i do not know how to clip into the computer.

This illustrate Swami is omnipotent, omni presence, and wherever we are
he will be there.  What he wants our faith and love ,once we surrender to him he will take care of us. Sairam

source:From: Ramakrishnan Ramanarayanan Date: Sun Mar 21, 2004 7:21 pm saibabanews group-yahoo
Subject: swami is omnipotent,karuna kadal.and he knows how to rescue his devotees