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Om Sairam dear Sai Family,
The festival of harvest, joy and happiness was celebrated with immense devotion and bliss at the Highest Abode of Peace, Prasanthi Nilayam. The ashram was beautifully decorated with Mango leaves, banana leaves and flowers. There was joy and smiles on every bodyís face. Children and women in particular with their new Sankranthi dress throng to Kulwanth hall to have a glimpse of our beloved Lord, and with a hope of hearing Him as well.

The Sports and games by Swamiís students on 12th was just magnificent and truly the STUDENTS are a bench mark to the whole world, be it in discipline, devotion and also in sports. It was a pleasure watching the boys and girls performing some EXTRA ORDINARY feats and its only His grace that this came out so well and exciting.

This morning the Kulwanth hall, from where Swami blesses the devotees with His divine darshan was full and equal number of devotees were waiting out side. Around 8am Swami drove into the hall. There were big cups, shields, trophies and certificates of appreciation placed on the dias to the winners in various events.. The first speaker was Mr. Gokak, the present Vice chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai University. He remembered the time and effort put in by the institute students for the sports event. He was of the opinion that every one should perform with perfection regardless of the result. He thanked Swami for His personal guidance and also surprise visits to the hill view stadium while rehearsals were going on.

th & 14th  Jan. Photos: Makara Sankranthi & Valedictory Function of Sports and Cultural Meet

The next speaker was my all time favourite, Mr. Venkatraman, an eminent scientist, a humble human being and a long time devotee of Swami. He started his talk saying I know all of you are waiting for Swami and the least for me.. But let me finish my duty assigned to me by Swami and also want to take this opportunity to congratulate all the students who put up a tremendous performance in the recently concluded sports meet. He was of the opinion that Prahaladís story had all the teachings of Swami. he raised concerns over the money spent on un necessary cloning and other unethical scientific process.

Later, Mr. Gokak read out the names of various captains who came on the dias and accepted trophies from Swami. as we all were waiting for the next programme and definitely a much awaited oneÖ Swami signals the discourse table to be brought and after every one were settled, the sweet voice of our Lord was heard, in His melodiously eloquent poem talking of the occasion, Sankranti.
Swamiís discourse was full of knowledge, the Atma Jnana and also very interesting. Many topics were covered in His hour long discourse starting from the significance of Sankranti, sports, karma. He was expressed His concern over pollution. A little info on forth coming Ati Rudra Yajna at Madras, and also a PAT ON THE SHOULDER to devotees who were bit disturbed by recent false propaganda on Swami in various media in and out of India..

Transcripts from the discourse.. (totally based on memory, Swami might or might not have said some words, all the mistakes humbly surrendered at His lotus feet)

Dinakarudu santhudai toche
(the sun is looking serene and peaceful
Dinamulu inta kurucha layyenu
(the days have become shorter)
Chali gali churuku heche
(The chill winds are blowing fiercely)

Polamulan redi guddi vennala lcona
Kuppalu nunchu kapulu padamulan padatodigiri
(looking at the crops, the farmers out of joy are singing loudly)

Jenupa chelaku mutyala sarulu gurchi (the dew drops on the flowers look like pearls arranged in a garland)
Mirapa pandu kumkuma merapu dalchi ( the capsicum is shining in RED like Kumkum)
Bandi puvvula mokhamu allantha vippenu (the crysanthimum flowers have opened their face )

Mana grihambuna danya sampada nilpa (to fill our homes with food grains)
Sarasu ralaina sankranti pandugoche (the charming festival Sankranthi is here)

All are sparks of Divine:
To make people happy and save all, this festival has been gifted by Lord. This day, all the farmers take rest at home. All the labors enjoy this day. Because they donít have any thing to do. God gives the pleasure. What ever He does, its only for the welfare of people and not for Him self. All are His children. All are the sparks of divine. Man , birds, animals are also divine. But this truth is recognized. There is Brahma in ant and whole universe.

When an ant bites us, we kill it not knowing there is divinity in it. There is diffrence in forms but the divinity is one. The sun gives less heat in the morning and doesnít stay like that for long, where as the moon is cold through out the night, so that we can sleep peacefully. Rest is necessary for body. Every human being should rest a bit. After meal one should rest for atleast for some time. Have a nice sleep at nights. Never be awake for long during night time. You should be blissful during night. This is all the design of God.

Truth is One, Be alike to Every one:
People do not recognize that truth is One and not two. They use their own intellect. Nothing will happen without His will. There fore every thing that happens is because of will of God. Who is HINDU. Swami now spelt out the word HINDU and gave meanings for every letter in the word) H means Human. How should Human be.. like I represents stand as an individual. N Nation, you should represent your nation, D devotion for all this is U is very importantÖ.. What is U Unity. (claps) once unity is established there is divinity. When there is divinity the whole world will stand united. There wont be pieces like Japan, Germany and so on.

All forms are ONE. This humanity is highly sacred. Thatís what Human means, who is sacred and divine. Man is not recognizing the sanctity behind the human birth. In this season we enjoy bliss by playing sports. Its also a festival for animals. All the cows are beautifully decorated. (gangi reddu). People decorate the cows with special chains around their neck and also a new dress. People in the village enjoy watching this decorated cows.

U should have a religion for setting ideals and goals in your life. You should also know that no religion is superior to others. you should learn the essence of all religions. Religion means LOVE. If that love is not present, then you are not a HUMAN.

Develop sacred thoughts:
Students never disobey elders. Follow the words of elders to have success in life. U donít listen to what is said. But you do every thing what is not said.

God is present in all human beings. there fore every human being, animals are truly divine. But its in your behaviour the difference lies. You should have sacred thoughts. now you are youngster. Your body is strong , mentally alert and intellectually sharp. Itís the right time for you to make use of energy properly. Do not consider sankranthi as mere festival. It will make every one delightful. Even a poor man will prepare the rice pudding and partake. We enjoy in several ways during sankranthi. Make your hearts pure. Purity will lead to unity and again divinity.

What is purity.. sacred thoughts, sacred words is purity. man is born of karma. Karma is life. Karma will lead you to death. Karma is verily divine. So you have to perform action. what actions? Pure actions. Its not merely playing, foot ball, volley ball etc. your inhalation and exhalation should be pure. So Ham.. So ham is verily U. itís the vital force for human life. Where ever we go we should watch our character. One should feel bliss when they speak to you.

Have good friends:
What is more profitable than good company . you will be good when you are in good company;. You should have good friends. U should always be with good people and also act in a good way.. then only you will be GOOD other wise you will be BAD. All your good ness depends upon your company. Always think of welfare of your friend. If he is good then you also transform yourself into good. if he is bad then you transform him into a good man. That is true friendship. one should help each other in transforming into true human beings is a true friend. Now a days, its only GOOD BYE.. but you should be a GOOD BOY. Therefore in our daily life, we should adhere to truth. Then only all your education will have any good cause. If you are not GOOD, no body will follow you. Only those without character will join you. Its useless. It might make you happy temporarily but it will ruin you in future. Be careful while selecting friends.

Respect all. love all. donít hate any body. There are lots of educated people. There are so many IAS (Indian Administrative Service, the top class officials running India) and IPS (Indian Police Service). Of what use are these people. This country is in such a pity only because of this people. we need humble, noble people. Thatís all we want. The one who is obedient, and humble are the TRUE STUDENTS. we shouldnít have ego, and pride. Yesterday, the boy who performed the role of Prahalada did a good job. His actions, character was very nice.

We should have a good life and have a good end. Right from the birth till we die we should get a name. Good words are never listened in spite of being told with sweet words. All ways do deeds which will make your fellow beings happy. All the students have come here. You should share good thoughts amongst your self.

My Students are pure gold.

Embodiments of love. Students, Our students are PURE GOLD loud applauds) where ever they are they have this GOLDEN quality. Its not the gold during the times of Morarji desai,(former prime minister) its 24 carat gold. Our students where every they go they get good name because of good actions, and good behaviour. Where they go people say these are sai babaís students. They watch their face and recognize our university students. Such is the POWER of our studens.

In madras Ati Rudra Yajna will be organized on nineteen. Its not merely a Yajna. People are anxious to see Sai Baba students.

There is pollution every where:

How cows are fed today. They use some kid of injection and also serve mutton, to get more milk and in turn earn more money. It's a worst sin. What is the use of this kind of money. How much income one needs. I donít know if you are not watching or not. All the vegetables that are grown in cities, do you know where they are grown? They are grown out of sewage water. The vegetables are highly polluted. Once partaken there are so many diseases. For all the diseases pollution is main cause. Any fruit you open today there are worms and insects in it. All the vegetables are spoilt. Figs are supposed to be very good. Even there you will find worms. Reason polluted water. There fore always boil the water and drink.

Madras Trip was planned more than 10 years ago:

That is why I have spent 200 crores rupees to provide pure drinking water for Madras. Children were very much affected and I felt very said when I saw them bathing in sewage water. I said to My self, I will never come to Madras, It was more than ten years ago and when I do come I shouldnít see this PITY situation. I resolved that day itself that I will supply pure water and then Only I will visit Madras. Now, there in Madras, children are happy, they have access to pure water.

Referring to growing consumption of Junk Food mainly by children, Swami said, Also. the food you eat, Some students donít eat well. Donít go by taste alone. Go by the nutritious value. Always eat vegetables. Then only you will be healthy and happy in life. Referring to Prof.Anil Kumar, (Swamiís interpreter) he likes spicy food. Always eats pickles. Itís the first thing served in his plate. People run after taste. Donít go by taste. TASTE will WASTE your life. Donít be mind full of taste. Just eat to appease your hunger. Even vegetables are polluted today because of water. Eat good food, this way you should maintain good health.

Donít worry about any false propaganda:

Students, you study well. Donít waste time. Always read good books and develp good thoughts. Sathya sai college students are ideals, gems. The whole world considers you as ideals. Behave in that manner. Have a good heart. Never develop bad thoughts or bad qualities. After going out, study more if you want but be IDEAL. Never speak lie. Never do any injustice to any one. Lead a life of Dharma. U should be a Ananda Swaroopa. Never forget God. Constantly do Naama smarana.All are His sparks.
By now Swami's body was bending more towards His right and His voice getting softer and lower... It was bit uncomfortable and sorrowful to see Swami, even though He said many times that He is not the BODY...

He later continued from His throne with a question

Have I given strain to any body? There was a big NO from the audience. "My only aim (JOB) is to make you happy, worry less, make you ideal and make your parents also happy. I donít eat any other food. Your BLISS IS MY FOOD. (loud applauds). Always be blissful. I bless you with happiness and may you all have good qualities. Some people out of jealousy may say so many things about your devotion. So many people talk non sense in news papers. Donít bother them. Always follow your conscience. Never pay attention to any news.


The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Karunanidhi earlier he was not devotional. Today he is going to attend the Yajna. He prayed for pardon. so many things have been done un intentional.

Therefore God is present in every one. There is difference in names and forms but God is one. God is present in every one of you. You all are divine. Develop this sacred feelings. Donít have ay differences. no body is superior no one is inferior. All are ONE. Brother hood of man , father hood of God. Referring to students, He continued "I bless you with Thumping success in the examinations (loud applauds). I bless you that you reach great heights and the whole world will be proud of you. If any one passes a comment just be quiet. consider that as a comment to your body. The words uttered in the air will be taken away by the air. Donít take anything to heart.

Swami then concluded His 1hour 10 minutes Divine Discourse with Hari Bhajana Bina bhajan. Thus ended another beautiful day in my Prasanthi DiaryÖ..

May the forth coming Ati Rudra Yajna in Madras be a fruitfull one.. May the results of the Yajna reach the whole world and Hopefully and as many of us feel, the GOLDEN AGE will start from 2007..

Swami bless us all.. bless your UNIVERSE.. let all of us be YOUR CHILDREN... YOUR BANGARU CHILDREN...
With loving Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,
Satish Naik. (member

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