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A great experience of Sai's miracle in our life

This is the greatest experience I have faced in my life - The Blessing & Miracle
of Shirdi Sai, The Great.

My husband and I were going for a walk one early morning around 5 am a few years
back and it was pitch dark with very few lights on the street. Suddenly one bike
came and two men were on it with face covered and only their eyes could be seen.
They got down from the bike and asked for an address. We said we do not know and
started walking. They followed us and one guy held a sharpened knife on my
throat. He wanted to take my chain. My husband held my hand tight and was about
to run. I was in panic and words were not coming out of my mouth. Then suddenly
my husband started shouting at the top of his voice 'SAIRAM, SAIRAM, SAIRAM,
SAIRAM' They just stood stunned for a fraction of a second. Due to the noise
made by my husband, the lights were switched on in one house. The two guys then
started the bike and ran away. I was shaking with fear. The inmates of that
house took us inside and to our greatest surprise we could see Sai Baba in the
front room with the
wordings 'WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE. I started crying with joy. They gave us
milk and gave Sai's udhi and then we came back home.

Chandrika, Chennai

To me Sri Sai is a loving mother, a tender father, a spiritual guide and divinity himself. How can I describe His immeasurable grace and bountiful mercy, which He is showering on His innumerable devotees like a gentle rain on a parched land. Here is an instance of His unbounded love and protecting hand that balmed the bleeding heart.

My son S.K.Umapathi ten and half years studying in IV standard, was found missing from home from 2 O’clock on 26-1-44, Morning dawned but there was no trace of him. My anxiety increased as we heard of accident due to military buses plying frequently. I reported to police and enquired in hospital. But nothing was known. Then there was also a fear of kidnapping, as this scare was there sometime back. Although though search was made, nothing was known. I consulted an astrologer and a palmist but though they assured me of safety nothing could be heard of him. I know Sri Kesavayya personally and sent an express message and the reply cam back quickly “ Baba helps”. All positive search was made and my agony was indescribable.


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From December 1940, I am mysterious drawn to Sri Sai and have been praying him ever since. Now I began to pray fervently. I sought His grace, wept in silence. For I could not bear the torture as I lost of “kidnapping”. The agony was all the more unbearable as I lost already just one and half years ago, a boy of 13 years old of typhoid. I grew desperate but my faith in Sri Sai increased. Six days have passed but there was no trace. My prayer to Sri Sai had taken a different turn. At last I cried out in silence to Him. “If it is my lot to lose this boy in accordance with my past bad karma, I will try to bear it my Lord, but now can I bear the thought of the frenzy some who would attribute this mishap to me solely for worshiping thee”. This thought simply crushed me. Then on the next day on 1-2-44 I gave an ultimatum it were to my Lord with overflowing tears in my eyes. “whether my boy is traced or not whether you give me more
Join group saibabaofindia - "SBOI" Be a part of a growing Sai online community suffering and agony, whatever worst may befall me, I have sought refuge at thy Lotus feet and I shall not budge an inch. Let thy will be done.” After this sincere cry I felt a great relief and with a calm mind I slept surrendering my all to Him. At 4’ O clock in the morning I had a vision in which a tall white robed Fakir beating a boy and dragging him to me, made him sit by my side and served sweets to both of us to eat. I got up and felt relieved and I dressed up and was about to go to office at 9. A.M. (on 2-2-44) when a telegraph postman delivered an express message into my hands, which read, “Umapathi brought safe”. Is this a miracle or-test for me? The fact is that the boy went in search of his mother who at that time was in Madras for a short stay. He got the train alone, fed by some during journey, ‘ reached Madras, got hold of by the police as a missing boy and handed over to children aid-society’ at Egmore from where he was brought home by my contractor brother-in-law at Madras. All these took 7 days.

Two facts are worthy of note. It was a grand trunk express he got into. If by chance he took up the Delhi carriage, he would have gone straight to Delhi. The second point was that my anxiety was whether he would be suffering from hunger but to my surprise, I learnt that all along some one or other fed him nicely.

Who can perform such a miracle except my Lord Sai and how can I be thankful to Him- an embodiment of Love- all Merciful grace. There is no denying the fact,, “Sai lives with his devotees, showers His grace and protects them with such love that no mother on earth can do” “ If you look to me, I will look to you.” “If you come one step nearer to me I will come ten steps nearer to you.” are true to the very letter.

“ All Hail to thee Sri Sai-All praise to thee my Lord-Let thy grace be spread every where.”





There are various incidents in the life of Sri Sai Baba that may be recalled in connection with Vyree bhava. One Jehangir was the official superior of a Sai Bhakta X, and he once got a picture of Sai Baba for the purpose of Xx. With through callousness he would insult Baba in the presence of X, who being a weak man, in a subordinate position, had to endure the pain and disgrace silently. Z however prayed to Baba to turn the heart of the Jehangir. After fifteen days, that superior had qualms of conscience. He ran to his subordinate, expressed regret for his past conduct and declared his reverence for Sai Baba, in token of which he paid one rupee as his fine to be sent to Shirdi. Here Baba, the Antaryami of all, was allowing the boil(bastred) in J’s heart to ger ripe and burst. A very similar case was that of Bala Saheb Bhate. When he was Mamlatdar at Kopergaon, his educated friends would call on him, on their way to Shirdi. He then never lost the chance of tolling them what fools they were to go and bow at the feet of a Mahomedan and a crazy fakir at that. He refused their proposal that he should visit Sai Baba to form judgement. After a year of two passed in this violently anti-Sai mood, he paid a visit to Sai Baba- accidentally one might say, if one did not know of Baba’s wonderful knowledge, power and kindness. The effect of the visit was most unexpected. The scoffer was held spell-bounded by the glance of Sai Baba. He sat on for hours before Baba, feeling Baba’s power to read his thoughts and control his desires. With difficulty he could be made to leave Baba’ presence that day. He resolved to stay on for days there, though he had no excuse for staying there leaving his official work unattended to. Three days he stayed and on the third day, Baba spread a kashaya cloth over his body. He then determined not to go back to his office but to devote the rest of his life to the company and service of Sai Baba. That violent hatred of contempt he had for Baba became, by Baba’s grace, transformed into strong attachment to Baba and Vairagya or distaste for all things wordly. In fact, though he resumed official duties and stayed on at Shirdi without leave for very long periods. He was compulsorily retired and granted compassionate allowance, as one who had met with a mental malady in the course of his official duties.

In both the above cases, Baba the Antaryami, or powerful thought controller, helped the original innate goodness of the person to rebel against the unnatural and unreasonable hatred, the foreign element that was superposed on it; and the result was vigorous Bhakti shooting or sprouting out of what looked like adverse or unpromising soil.

Perhaps the same explanation may be given for tha not infrequent cases of persons who heartily disliked Baba on the score of his being a Mahmadean(as he was long supposed to be ) being turned to devotees. The best instance of this is late Upasani Maharaj or Kasinath Govinda Upasani Satri as he was first known. Sri K.G.U.had some serious disease of the respiratory organs that threatened his life. He was going about in search of Hindu Yogis who could remedy this ailment contracted by him in the course of his practice of Pranayama. When he was told that he should bow at the foot of a Mahomedan (as the very name Sai Baba indicated a Mahomedan). It was with great difficulty that he was persuaded by his well-wishers to go and see Baba. At his visit, he was not impressed w ith the nature of Saai Baba and went away saying that he could not at all return in 8 days as required by Baba. But Sri Sai, out os his kindness, banished on the minds of all persons that surrounded K.G.U.Sastri compelled him to visit Sai Baba on the 8th day his departure. None was more surprised at this revisit more than Sastri Maharaj himself. Finding himself no match for Sai Baba he agreed to stay on at Shirdi for 4 years- though such prolonged stay was all and wormwood to his soul. Again and again he tried to wriggle out of his promise. But he stayed on and had to stay on for a little over three years. His former dislike for Sai Baba was changed to reverence, expressed so well by the Mahimna Stotra that he composed about his newly accepted Gurudeva.



(1) My niece, Shanbagam (wife of Sri B.V.Parthasarathy Iyengar, P.W.D.Contracter) was suffering from Typhoid which turned recently into Pneumonia. She was attended on by Dr. Srinivasan.R, M.B.B.S., Salem. Mr.Parthasarathy Iyengar was worried very much about his wife’s sickness. He approached Sai Baba’s pictures, appealed to Baba to save his beloved wife and told Baba in range and despair that he would give up his faith in Baba if no help is given immediately. Baba appeared in patient’s dream and promised to save her from all difficulties. Subsequently, she got improved. She is all right now.

(2) My son Sundaram, aged 2 1/2years, suddenly had fits on 9-9-’44 at 4-30P.M.when he went home for tea. My wife sent word to me about the incident and unconscious low state of child; I went home and found the child drooping as though it was abut to die. We gave up our hope. I took Baba’s udi and applied all over the body, The boy regained consciousness within 30 minutes and he was alright by the following morning

Statement of Sri Sankar Rao, D. Balvalli, Vakola, Santacruz, P.O., Bombay.

I was not a Bhaktha of Baba till recently. I had and have my Guru Brahmananda Saraswati (whose life sketch is found in the number of Kalyan kalpataru) and my Istha Devata Datta. My attention to Sai Baba was drawn notably by my sister requesting me to escort her to Shirdi in 1936. I first declined. Then in a few hours as I gazed on the figure of Datta at worship, it changed to Baba’s figure. I cleared it and again at it. Again it was transformed. This was done thrice. I had not seen Baba’s figure and so I did not recognize it at the above transformation till I went to Dr.Thakkar’s place and found there the figure at my pooja. I inquired and learnt that it was Sai Baba. So I changed my mind regarding the escorting of my sister. I went and told her I would escort her to Shirdi. Again and again I visited Shirdi. Sai Baba’s pull was so great that in 6 months I came here nine times. I came and read Sapthaha of Guru Charitra. After doing that, I slept in front of the Samadhi Mandir, i.e. in the front verandah. At midnight, I heard the footfall of shod person. I woke and found it was Baba walking on to my bedside, standing and gazing at me. He had come from the Dwaraka Mayi side. I was captured by his wonderful love and power in 1936. I had not seen him in the flesh. Recently I consented to be on the executive committee. Suddenly, by Baba’s order Mr.Kharkar resigned by Baba’s will I had to take up this Secretary hip, though I have other honorary but exacting duties in a Bombay Bank etc.,

11. An old Madrasi lady of 60 years was here on the 4th day of Punyatithi of 1943. Her son had been appointed for her service. In great agony of soul she resolved to seek Baba’s help. She went to a Railway booking clerk and demanded a ticket for Shirdi, in ignorance if the fact that Shirdi is not on the Railway line. The booking clerk a Sai Bhakta then gave her a ticket to Kopergaon. Without knowing any language but Tamil, she arrived here and occupied a room next to the Samadhi. At 8 P.M. in the dark, she moved on, not knowing that the steps behind the Samadhi had no parapet wall, at that time. She fell down on the stone pavement near the well. She was badly bruised. Her knees and forehead were bleeding. She ran up to me and told me in Tamil that “She fell down from the steps” I offered to send for tincture iodine. She said “No”. She added that when she fell in the dark, a male with a lit lantern stood by her side and gently passed his hands over the hurt body. She looked up and saw it was Sri Sai Baba himself. He told her that she would be alright. She felt no pain and went to bed. Next morning, she declared that Baba had appeared to her sleep and assured her that he would take every care of her boy and that she need not entertain any fears.

(N.B. On enquiry we find this lady is Kamal Ammal of Matunga)


V.N. Murti Rao, Basavangudi, Bangalore.

For about 17 years from my 19th year, I was a victim to fits. I had recourse to all kinds of medicines and charms, but it was all of no avail. Many people who knew my trouble began their conversation with me in friendly and sympathetic attitude only to play upon my credulity and to rob me of hundreds of rupees. There is no exaggeration if I should say that I had wasted nothing less than about Rs.1500 on all these treatments and charms, and that I derived no benefit there from. On the other hand, sometimes, I was in a worse state of health after the treatments an would wish that I might resume my previous state of health.

At last about two years back an old friend of mine gave me a little of Sri Sai Baba’s Udhi and advised me to leave off all useless medicines etc,. and casting the entire burden of anxieties and worries that was troubling me on to Sri Sai Baba, to worship Him to release me fro my troubles. Immediately I began to offer worship to Sri Sai Baba. I must admit here that it was not with any real faith in Sri Sai that I did so, but only with the hope that I might be released from my trouble.

But, though Sri Sai knew the actual extent and nature of my faith in Him, out of his everlasting mercy, He controlled my trouble from the very first. He saw to it that I would get the attacks only while at home or at the office, and never on public roads and other dangerous places. The attacks became milder and milder and they had no such after-effects such as the previous attacks used to create. On several occasions, when time admitted my putting a little of the holy Udhi into my mouth on feeling the previous symptoms, the attacks would vanish and would never trouble me.

However; though I am quite content to be cured slowly, my mother and brothers at home were anxious on seeing that I was still having the attacks. On two occasions, without consulting me; they went to some persons who were advertised as having great ‘mantrik’ powers to cure such complaints. Simultaneously with the consultation, my trouble was aggravated though I was unaware of the cause for it. For days together after each of the consultations I had several attacks, and began to behave like an imbecile. When I was in such a condition, Sri Sai came upon me and told my mother “Am I not here to look after him? Why did you go elsewhere? Never has any devotees been thrown into despondency. He is never having any of the previous attacks that he used to have. Within other three or four months, he will be completely alright. Do not do anything now which may make him worse. Be content at having the complaint cured slowly.” Immediately I decided never to go to anyone in future, and to rest my entire faith on Sri Sai Baba. I am perfectly happy now. These incidents may suffice to convince anyone that Sri Sai is most anxious not only to relieve us of our burdens, but to see that after once we pray to Him, we do not take any false step an thus ruin our chances of an easy relief. How well He has realised the troubles of poor mortals like us and how anxious He is to make everyone happy can never be described in full.


Mr. T.L.S.Mani Iyer reports the following experience of his:- Four months back, he started from his place at 4 A.M. When it was very dark, not a single municipal light was burning. And there was no moonlight or other light. He had to carry 2 bags one containing nickel change for Rs.50 and another containing small silver change for Rs,50. He had them in his waist and walked on along the road. Suddenly the bags got untied and the entire contents of both fell on the road and rolled off in what direction, he could not see. There was then none on the road. To leave the place to go and fetch a lamp was unwise, as before he returned, some passerby might strike his foot against the coins and carry them away. So he kept on waiting. Sri Sai Baba never for sakes his devotee. Soon some one came up the road and remarked that the money ought to have been secured within the waistcloth more carefully. T.L.S.M sat down at once on the road. Strangely enough, there was dim twilight (as though at was 6 P.M.) and he could see the coins distinctly. He gathered the whole lot, and did not lose even a single coin. The man who from T.L.S went away. How suddenly the night became lit up with twilight just for a while was the wonder.

Sri T.L.S. Mani’s daughter is by Baba’s blessings fully recovering from her former dumbness and is uttering more and more words as days pass.

Sri T.L.S. Mani’s broken arm has almost healed. There is no pain now but full and free use has not yet been restored by Sai.

Sri D. Aswathanarayana Rao, Landlord, Doddakurugod. (Mysore State) writes as follows:-

Myself and my wife had many troubles and sufferings. My father-in-law who is a public servant happened to visit our place. Seeing our troubles, gave us a brief account of Sai Baba and asked us to go to Sri S.B.Kesavayya of Penukonda and seek his blessings to get over the troubles. We went accordingly to Penukonda for that purpose on a Thursday. It was really a fortunate day for us. I saw hundreds of people coming from distant places to see the Pooja and seek the blessings of Baba through Sri S.B.K. We had no issue for five years and my wife’s health was bad. When we approached Sri S.B.K. in his pooja room, he gave Udhi to my wife to be kept with her for 5 months and said she will have a son. To our surprise before the expiry of the period, her health improved and she conceived. Sai blessed us with a son.

My eldest sister-in-law who was carrying, had an accidental fall and she had an abortion and was bed-ridden. Her life was in danger. She was taken to Sri S.B.K. on a Thursday. He gave her Udhi and told her that she would be alright within a fortnight. She did recover happily.