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July 06, 2009

Do not entertain even the slightest notion to run out of the world to have a glimpse of the Lord; those inquisitive minds are welcome; they can come, examine and experience the Divinity walking His talk, transforming and leading the world unto a Golden Age. Prasanthi Nilayam attracts the world with her spiritual aura that is unparalleled as the Lord prefers to walk the earth in this Holy Land.

With this unbridled influx of devotees come various cultures from across the globe, often resulting into a cultural renaissance in the immediate Divine Presence. Countries with varied religions, languages and cultures, all assemble here celebrating the bliss of the greatest boon, often bringing in regional and ethnical traditions, ending up broadening the horizons of human mind unto unparalleled levels of universal oneness.

The week that is passing by had much in display, as the three day long Ashadi celebrations got underway on the 1st of July in the immediate Divine Presence. As had been the story over the years, the festivity brings nostalgic memories of the centuries old tradition, Vaarkari Sampradaya showcasing the legacy of the state with religious passion. Celebrating the joy of the religious occasion, thousands of devotees from Maharashtra thronged to Prasanthi Nilayam to rejoice the occasion in the Divine Presence of Bhagawan, Vittala in physical frame. …And there was a cultural ensemble depicting the great religious heritage of the Maratha region.

Not big names, but big themes were in store when the three day celebrations got underway on the 1st afternoon. After a solo performance on the 1st evening by Hindustani vocalist Kalapini Komkali, daughter of illustrious Pt. Kumar Gandharva, the 2nd evening was transformed into a glittering twilight when a group of percussionists took the centre stage, led by the well known tabla exponent, Pt. Suresh Talwarkar, weaving magic with music enrapturing the Divine and the thousands assembled witnessing the occasion.

Mumbai is supposedly the stronghold of the Bal Vikas movement and verily justifying the stature, the Organisation involves the tiny tots in presenting the time tested tradition of the state during Ashadi celebrations every year. The tiny tots belonged to the Bal Vikas from the state staged two programmes, titled Maharashtra Bhakti Gaatha and Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj. Showcasing the Great Maratha Spiritual Legacy, the children captured the limelight while disseminating greater messages from the life and story of the illustrious spirituals sons of the land. The nomadic persona, Sant Gajanan Maharaj and his life was a revelation to Prasanthi Nilayam as stories from his illustrious life suffused with greater teachings were unraveled introducing yet another great spiritual giant to the fraternity. “Gani Gana Ganath Bothey”, the mysterious mantra that used to be his eternal companion was heard resonating most mellifluously throughout the presentation, bringing in a soothing spiritual evolution revealing the truth that Ekoham Bahusyam, the One willed to become many...The Atma is one and one alone, that originated from the Paramatma…


Through such programmes, the universal family in Prasanthi Nilayam comes to know of the varied cultures under the sun. Appreciating the traditional and cultural values of every other religion, region and country, the fraternity moves on, often broadening the horizons of human mind unto unparalleled levels of universal oneness.

Sri Sathya Sai University is a reservoir of abundant talent and often Bhagawan brings forth these talents showcasing their simplicity, dedication and devotion. On the first day of the Ashadi celebrations, at Bhagawan’s special instance, the students from the University presented some melodious moments, stealing the limelight, on a twilight that was doubly blessed by the subtle presence of Lord of Pandharpur, Vittal Rakhumai. When Bhagawan asked one of the student singer to sing a hindi devotional, he burst open with the famous Abhang on Lord Vittala, “"Yei Ho Vitthale Bhakta Jana Vatsale…." much to the delight of Bhagawan mesmerizing capacity ‘crowd’. The melody set to lively rhythm, suffused with greater devotion befitting the occasion, sang with elan was a treat to the ears taking one and all to a blissful world of greater devotion!

Bhagawan’s ways are mysterious and not always easy to comprehend. A group of over four hundred devotees from Region 5, Chicago, USA had been camping in Prasanthi Nilayam for a week and the group was blessed with an opportunity to sing on the 4th morning. But, Bhagawan who granted them the opportunity to sing preferred not to come out in the morning, but sent word that prasadam should be distributed to them. The group was happy for the opportunity received, though from a human level was ‘disappointed’ at missing out the physical frame. These are the greater lessons one needs to take back home while leaving the precincts of Prasanthi Nilayam, all with a positive frame of mind. This reminds one of the Hungarian Choir’s experiences when they failed to get a chance to perform, after extensive rehearsal sessions during their trip in the year 2008; again when they returned in February 2009, they had a double bonanza, an encore at the instance of the Divine!

God’s delays are not denials. This time the antidote came the very next day. On the evening on Sunday, 5th July, Bhagawan chose to come as early as at 4 p.m. to make a complete round, followed by another half round blessing scores of devotees. Then came the call and in no time the Chicago group was closeted with the Divine in the Bhajan Hall for an exclusive session! Each member of the group was called to Him and granted Paadanamaskar and Vibhuti Prasadam! The group was blessed with photo sessions and the group leader while receiving a hard copy of the group photo from Bhagawan expressed thanks, telling “Rombha Thanks” It was indeed Unique Graciousness of Lord in physical! His ways are indeed mysterious! One need to be ever ready to take His call!

On the sidelines of the Ashadi celebrations, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Maharashtra conducted medical camps in selected villages outside Puttaparthi Mandal treating over 4000 patients by medicos across seven disciplines. A veterinary camp was also held treating over 4000 cattles in the two day camp. Evoking nostalgic memories of the time tested tradition of Vaarkari Sampradaya, over 800 devotees walked from Dharmavaram to Prasanthi Nilayam covering forty six kilo meters to reach the abode on the 3rd afternoon to have Sai Vittala’s darshan!
The week that comes is the week of Guru Purnima. Much more can be expected as this is the occasion when an ensemble of the organizational office bearers comes to Prasanthi Nilayam from all over the world. With a Brazilian and an African Choir are practising, perfecting their skills before the final presentation, with a group of Tamil Nadu youth already in Prasanthi with another a set of presentation, with the official Guru Purnima celebrations expected, the week that comes would be equally glittering with much more of His presence in the offing. Adding to the swelling surge of devotees come the student contingents from Brindavan and Anantapur, joining the students from the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus for the Guru Purnima Celebrations.

As the week slowly passing by, still fresh and clear are the greater messages brought forth by the lovely children from the state of Maharashtra… Yes, the week was Godly!



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June 29, 2009 – Parthi Yatra of East and West Godavari Districts – Day Three

June 29, 2009 happened to be the final day of the Parthi pilgrimage of the devotees and tribal people from East and West Godavari district. In the evening as Swami arrived for darshan, a gentle smile danced on His face. Swami, of late, has a new surprise in His treasury of uncertainty. He arrives from Yajur Mandir with little Vibhuti packets. As He is moving through the devotees, He throws a packet or two to those whom He knows need it and there is such a joyous surprise. And Swami, for the past few days, has been giving these packets to little kids who seem to carry the burden of their whole families in the letters they hold in their tiny palms! When Swami smiles at them and lovingly throws the Vibhuti packets, they rush to Him, give the letters and taking a quick padanamaskar, return to their place. It’s a very sweet scene and must be witnessed to experience it completely. On that day too, three kids were recipients of this ‘Vibhuti Grace’.


Moving through the ladies side, Swami reached the marbled area of the Mandir. This had been completely occupied by the tribal folk. Swami collected letters from many devotees on the gents’ side and completing the rounds, reached the stage. As He arrived on the stage, He was chanting the Vedas along with all the students! As soon as He was seated in the centre of the stage, He asked a student nearby as to what the programme for the day was. He told that there was "temple-key distribution" followed by speeches. Swami asked immediately for the speeches to begin.

. Swami knew, of course, that the speakers were the tribals who were not used to facing a huge gathering, definitely not a crowd of this proportion. So He did something so sweet and lovely. The mike was placed before the speaker and he began to speak looking at Swami. He expressed his gratitude at all that Swami was doing, and the Lord on His part kept nodding and reciprocating to the person. In this manner, what was to be a speech transformed into a heart to heart conversation between Lord and devotee! Swami said that He would take care of all the unfulfilled aspirations and granted His abhayahastha.



The next 'speaker' was a tribal woman, Nagamani. The word speech has been put in between apostrophes for she spoke in the language of music!

She sang a song that she had specially composed on the bountiful Grace Swami had showered on the Godavari villages. It was moving and the students began to play the harmonium and tabla too as accompaniments.

As she concluded her 'speech' of five minutes, Swami beckoned her to the stage and materialized a gold chain for her. He also presented a saree to her as a token of His Grace. Swami then asked for the other part of the programme to commence.

Mr. P. Vardhana Rao, Education Wing co-ordinator for SSSVIP, East Godavari District listed out the achievements of the Organisation under the Project, making a mention of the eight fold service scheme.
Nagamani offers her sweet music to her dear Sai



He prayed to Swami to hand over the keys for the four Integrated Village Service Centres, five Rama temples, one Shiva temple and a mini rice mill that had been constructed for the villagers. At this time, another beautiful scene took place. The devotees who had sponsored and initiated the construction activities were all staunch devotees of Swami and Bhagavan became nostalgic as He heard their names being announced.

Mr. Dandamudi Venkata Rama Rao who had constructed the temple at village Mareedumilli was a dedicated devotee about whom Swami had once written in a letter, "Ramarao is a blessed soul who has taken birth only due to some karmic balance. He has a pure mind, heart and intellect. His relationship with Swami is at the Atmic level." Mr. Ramarao's son came up to receive the keys along with the tribals' chief when Swami 'recognised' him and said that He had named him when he was small! The family of Mr. Seetharamaiah, the first superintendent at the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital at Puttaparthi, had initiated temple building at the village G. M. Valasa. Similarly Mr. Sai Ravi Sekhar from village Madicherla, and Thuraga Rama Murthy from the village Gunjigudem were the blessed names to be read out.

Mr. P. Vardhana Rao conducted the distribution ceremony with elan
Sai was only too eager to
give, give and give


As the announcements were on, people came up to Swami and collected the keys. Swami immensely blessed every one of them and gifted them with lovely smiles. At the end of the distribution, Swami asked the students to sing bhajans.

There was something so special in the bhajans rendered that day. And that was due to the communion of the flavours of simple devotion that seemed laden heavily in the air and that of Divine grace.

Swami seemed lost in a trance as some of the bhajans were sung and the devotees were in a clapping and singing frenzy. In between the bhajans, Swami was given a photograph of Him gifting the golden chain to the tribal woman Nagamani.

Swami called the lady and gave her the picture. She was so happy and fell at Swami's feet before returning to her place. The wonderful bhajan session went on for about 35-40 minutes as prasadam was blessed and distributed to all assembled.

Swami assured all the girijans (mountain dwellers) that He would complete any of the remaining works. Then, blessing everyone, Swami received aarthi and retired to Yajur


Godavari Girijan Parthi Yatra
The villages of East and West Godavari districts have been witnessing a flurry of service activities by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Andhra Pradesh. The dedicated batches of Seva Dals have been fanning out to inaccessible villages in the agency areas of Godavari districts. They are rendering service in the fields of education, medicine, agriculture, infrastructure and spirituality.

The Seva Dals are helping the educated unemployed in finding employment, creating awareness in them to have good health and hygiene, ill-effects of smoking and drinking alcohol. The villagers are mightily pleased with the help they are receiving from the Organisation under the Sri Sathya Sai Village Integrated Programme (SSSVIP).... Read on

Oh! What a Joy!

Prasanthi this week - Posted on 28th June 2009
Oh! What a Joy!

Darshanam Paapanashanam, says the scriptures…when it comes to the physical sight of the Lord walking the earth, one need not go back any more to the scriptural writings to find out the greater import. Bhagawan Himself had revealed it not long ago:

My walking amongst you is a gift yearned for by the Gods of the Highest Heavens; but, here you are receiving this grace without much effort. Be grateful for what you are getting. The Blessings you receive would express themselves in due course, when the time comes.

The most important thing that is happening in Prasanthi Nilayam and the first and foremost thing a devotee aspires while embarking on a trip to this home of peace is nothing, but His Sight, the auspicious sight, as we prefer to call “Divine Darshan”.

To be in the Divine presence and to catch a glimpse of the Lord as He gently ‘glides’ along is the longing of devotees coming to Prasanthi Nilayam. They come from far, some with hard earned money, shelving all discomforts tuned to focused attention. One could see this thirst often in the assembly when among the chunk of devotees, comes craned necks, to catch a glimpse, to hand over a supplication, to get a touch of the Divine and to get a glimpse or a smile back from Him! And this deep yearning yields results, and He comes out to make it sure that their hunger is satiated. Oh! What a Joy! Knowing well the greater import and embracing the uncertainty as taught by the Lord Himself, devotees flocking to Prasanthi Nilayam are ever prepared for long waiting, to ensure a sumptuous feast to the eye.
Ever since Bhagawan advised to keep the bhajans outside in the Sai Kulwant Hall, devotees in general are greatly benefitted as Bhagawan would often sit on the dais ‘enjoying’ the sessions. On the 24th evening, devotees had a long wait as Bhagawan came out only at 17:25 Hrs. and by the time He completed the darshan round, as if rejoicing at His sight, came the showers from the heavens. Coming on stage occupying His seat Bhagawan had made that evening a virtual Bhajan Sandhya.

A Bhajan with aalap is sung only at His special instance and this evening there were three aalaap Bhajans, in sequence lifting the minds and hearts to greater spiritual heights; a sight, worth watching, with the voice reaching its crescendo, hearts singing it out, and the Lord in physical accepting it with unique graciousness, pouring benediction. One would wonder whether the Gods of the highest heaven would also be watching this sight of the Lord through the holes of heaven, if there be, when He sat onstage conferring the highest of the boons, His Divine Darshan! Another story, on the 26th evening, when the Lord again made it bit late, and sung the hearts, “Aao Pyaare, Nayan Hamare…” and to the merriment of one and all came the Lord, out in open for yet another feast blissful darshan! The week had such sessions sumptuously, especially with some days filled up with evening programmes wherein Lord preferred to sit on stage for longer sessions.

What attracts devotees to Prasanthi Nilayam? We had answer to this question from Bhagawan Himself. Quite often He had mentioned that it was Divine Love that attracts devotees to Prasanthi Nilayam, despite not having any invitation sent. It is the Divine Magnet that pulls the devotees unto Prasanthi. And many a time He had urged devotees and organizational office bearers that they should strive in to bring new devotees to Prasanthi Nilayam; bringing them to experience the bliss of Divine Darshan. Organisational units across the world, taking cue from this Divine Guidance have been bringing groups and the packed Prasanthi Calendar vouch for the same.

The group for this week was a group of over 900 girijans from Godavari region. This three day pilgrimage was an expression of their love for Bhagawan for providing them with pure drinking water in the upland areas of East and West Godavari districts and for the service they were receiving from the Organisation …And every pilgrimage to Prasanthi becomes an occasion to rejoice and the merriment happens with scheduled performance of cultural programmes in the Divine Presence. This group had the opportunity to stage two programmes on Saturday and Sunday and it rained benediction from the Lord in Prasanthi Nilayam.

There are other groups in waiting, a small contingent of over forty members, Sai African Adult’s Choir, Nigeria which is expected to perform on the sidelines of Guru Purnima celebrations. Another group of over 400 devotees from Chicago have also arrived on a week’s pilgrimage. A group of over two hundred senior citizens, from Baroda, most of them coming for the first time to Prasanthi, was here during the week, a trip organized by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Gujarat. And another big contingent of devotees from Brazil has been camping here, earnestly pursuing, perfecting their choir, to match with the highest standard while expect to show up in the physical presence of The Lord sometime during the Guru Purnima week.

In its pursuit for excellence, molding students to perfection, both academically and in character building, Sri Sathya Sai University ever stands tall pioneering with greater efforts.

The School of Business Management, Accounting and Finance of the Sri Sathya Sai University conducted a workshop on “Predictive Analytics” for students of 1st and 2nd year MBA and MA Economics. The three-day workshop held in Prasanthi Nilayam drew eminent industry practitioners and speakers from around the globe. Senior leaders, executives and industry veterans from organizations like Dun & Bradstreet TransUnion, Capital One, Sally Mae, IBM etc engaged the students in highly interactive and demonstrative sessions in topics ranging from Risk Management, Decision Sciences, Financial Scoring, Marketing Analytics, Business Data Mining and Data Modelling.

Predictive Analytics is an emerging discipline that combines the application advanced mathematics, computing & statistical techniques with economic theories in managing business risks and complexities in a more predictable and scientific manner. This field is expected to grow enormously, like the IT industry, and hence getting added to the skills requirements of business management and computer science. India is increasingly becoming a destination for several large global companies to set up analytics centers for processing and modeling huge amounts of data and this also opens up career opportunities for students in a big way. This workshop’s objective was to introduce the students to the concepts and applications of analytics in business and to get them interested in the quantitative side of management studies.

The workshop concluded with a special session on the social application of analytics with a description of how these tools could be used to help in preventive rural medical care as per Swami’s Mission.
The speakers had wonderful darshans and some close though brief interactions with Bhagawan in the Mandir portico where He blessed them.

Sri Shivaraj Patil, formerly Lok Sabha Speaker and Home Minister during the erstwhile Dr. Manmohan Singh government was in Prasanthi Nilayam during the weekend and was blessed with an Interview. The newly appointed collector of Anantapur District, Sri B. Janardan Reddy was also in Prasanthi Nilayam paying obeisance to Bhagawan.

Much more are expected during the week that follows as Ashadi with typical Maharashtra flavor is scheduled for the 3rd of July followed by Guru Purnima celebrations. With the entire week packed with full of scheduled activity, one could expect more of His presence helping the mass of devotees to feast their eyes with the best of the happening on planet earth, Darshan of the Lord in physical!

Oh! What a Joy!

…And let’s be Grateful! It is time we realize how lucky we are to be able to see God walking the Earth!



June 28, 2009 – Parthi Yatra of East and West Godavari Beneficiaries – Day Two

The grateful inhabitants of the hills of East Godavari district continued their “Parthi Yatra” (pilgrimage to Puttaparthi) with another evening filled with Love and devotion. Ladies who were to be recipients of sewing machines were seated in the centre of Sai Kulwant Hall alongside one volunteer. Swami arrived at 4:35 p.m. and moved into the ladies side.


. As Swami passed through the centre, He asked one of the ladies as to what the drama was about. She did not have an idea about it and Swami moved on. After completing the gents’ side, He moved towards the interview room via the eastern entrance to the Mandir portico and all the former students of Swami’s University who sit there had a wonderful opportunity of darshan, sparshan and sambashan. Swami arrived on the stage at 5:15 p.m. and immediately asked a student seated nearby as to where the drama for the day was! When the student told Him that a distribution was scheduled first, Swami asked for that event to begin.


The coordinators offered their obeisances to Swami and began to read out the names of the beneficiaries and the villages they hailed from. As this was done, each recipient beneficiary rose and offered salutations to Swami from his/her place and sat in the allocated positions. Volunteers presented them with their sewing machines. The whole event was complete in a matter of minutes and Swami was visibly impressed with the efficiency and professionalism with which it was conducted. He also told the coordinator, "The distribution was very good and done well." It is a well known saying about self-reliance, "Instead of giving a man a fish, teach him how to fish." Here the sevadals members had gone a step ahead and also gifted the people with a "fishing rod" as many of the tribals had begun to earn their livelihood by stitching, which seemed "tailor made" for them!


The next part of the programme was a musical drama entitled, "Uppongi Poyindi Godavari." The kids performing the drama moved upto Swami and made the initial offerings. Swami blessed them and after a couple of sevadals offered flowers to Swami, the drama began. The opening was with a lilting song which transported one to the waters of the river Godavari and literally made one feel the fresh and cool breeze against one's face.


The drama was about the meeting between two tribals and a Sai volunteer in Prashanthi Nilayam. The tribals recount the innumerable blessings that Swami has so lovingly bestowed upon them and state that they have arrived at Prashanthi to express their gratitude, for what else could they do? Swami was engrossed in the drama throughout and one could see the different emotions move across His face during the course of the drama.


. It also depicted two incidents where Swami moved amidst the tribals of Godavari. The first one was in Kodada where Swami arrived and promised the tribals pure water to drink. Today, at exactly the spot depicted by Him, there stand the taps of the Sathya Sai Drinking Water Project. The other incident occured at Rampachodavaram in a village called Sripuram where Swami appeared and provided materials to an old woman for reconstructing her home! Before that, He had blessed the same woman and cured her fever. He even had tea at that village!

We see our Lord seated on the chair, giving darshans and enjoying bhajans. Our Swami, in the meanwhile, is traversing the globe and providing support and succour to the needy millions. Hasn't He declared, "If you need Me, you deserve Me?” Listening to these experiences, a thrill ran through one's being and Swami also seemed so moved as the tribals poured forth their love and gratitude to Him. The entire drama was populated with melodious and devotion filled song. When the song stated, "Touching the holy soil of Prashanthi, our lives have been sanctified…"


Swami appeared very moved and He smiled at the students sitting nearby. A Burrakatha was also presented by tiny tots. Swami was appreciative of it and as it concluded, He looked at the three University students who had done the previous few Burrakathas and seemed to say, "Did you see how well they did it?" The drama soon concluded and Swami asked for bhajans. The students were about to begin singing when Swami indicated that He wanted the tribal people to sing. Swami moved into the interview room as the girls from Godavari district began to sing bhajans and songs.

When He came out, there were white cloth pieces and sarees that were brought out. Swami asked for the person who was heading all the work being done. When the person moved to Swami, He materialized a gold ring for him. The ring appeared a little tight and when he told that to Swami, the Lord smiled and immediately materialized another ring on the spot for him! He also told him to keep the first ring with him. The director of the drama, Mr. Prakash Rao requested, "Swami, so much has been done in these areas. If by your Grace, coffee plantations are cultivated, there will be good livelihood for the tribals." Swami assured him that coffee plantations would definitely arrive in those hilly areas.


Swami then moved down the ramp and granted the privilege of group photos to all the participants of the drama. He materialized a ring to another active worker of the organization on His rounds! Then, moving into the children, Swami interacted with a few of them. He also blessed the sarees and white cloth pieces to be distributed to all of them. He sat witnessing the distribution in front of tribals below the stage for quite some time. Moving up the stage, He blessed the prasadam to be distributed.


One of the photographers handed Him a picture of the "dual-ringed" Sevadal worker being blessed by Him! Swami called him and handed over the photo to him even as he exulted in joy. Swami then asked for the aarthi but He continued to sit even after the aarthi was complete. He told the coordinator that He was very happy. Watching the scene before His eyes, He felt great joy He said. Sitting like that for about five minutes, it appeared as though Swami was leaving very reluctantly.

Blessed indeed are these innocent tribals that they have so completely won over the Lord's heart. Swami retired at about 7:10 p.m! After that, Mr. Balaraju, the Minister for Tribal Welfare, who had witnessed the evening's programme, rose from his seat; he was a thrilled man. He said that he wanted to know more about the project which had made such an unbelievable impact on the tribal people. He seemed annoyed that the people in his ministry had not updated him about such wonderful work. To top it all, he promised that he would work to get coffee plantations in the hilly regions, and do his little bit for the magnificent project. Indeed wonderful are the ways of the Lord. Co-incidences are indeed miracles where God chooses to be anonymous!


June 27, 2009 – Parthi Yatra of East and West Godavari Beneficiaries

The people from the Tribal Agency areas of the East and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh arrived at Prasanthi Nilayam on their first ever Parthi Yatra (pilgrimage to Puttaparthi) on June 27, 2009. More than 900 of them had gathered to express their deep love and gratitude to Swami for gifting them life and livelihood. The work that has been done by the volunteers of the Sathya Sai Organisation in the hilly tribal areas of Godavari where inhabitants still live by hunting and collecting forest fruits and flowers in the dense and dark jungles is so phenomenal that it has to be attributed to sheer human perseverance backed by Divine Love. Please read our cover story “The Copious Stream of Pure Love” to know more about this incredible work.

The Mandir had been decorated by the people from Godavari with festoons and banners. The opening banner read, "Salutations from the residents of the hills" in Telugu.

Swami arrived for darshan at 3:50 p.m. During the darshan rounds, He looked up quite a few times, presumably at the decorations that hung in the Sai Kulwant Hall. The students had not yet arrived and so there was a vast empty space in the centre. This turned out to be a blessing of sorts for the devotees as Swami's gaze was always on them. Swami took a complete round and then moved to the stage. Sitting on the stage, swaying to the Vedic chants and looking so beautiful, Swami granted to these simple devotees from the hills what they had pined for – His sublime darshan.

The Lord of Love arrives to witness
a festival of love
The eager devotees are thrilled to present their offerings and seek His blessings

At about 4:30 p.m., He asked for the programme to begin. As has become the 'norm' now, tens of people from the ladies’ and gents’ side came forward to offer bouquets, lamp-lighting candles, roses, cards et al. Of late, this in itself takes up about 10-15 minutes. So Swami gently told many of them to be seated and granted abhayahastha to assuage their expectant hearts. He accepted the offerings from a few people and the message seemed clear - "Begin the programme! I am very eager to see it!" And thus is was that Dr. Bhaskar Rao, a medical doctor by profession and a veteran devotee cum active functionary of the Organisation dilated at length on the Sri Sathya Sai Village Integrated Programme (SSSVIP) programmes being implemented by the Organisation in these districts.

A continous stream of Sai Grace
Dr. Bhaskar Rao introduces the programme

As he spoke, it became increasingly clear that the name SSSVIP was no coincidence. Swami has literally outlined every detail for the uplift and welfare of the village people. God taking so much interest and showering immense love on anyone definitely makes them VIPs! The Sai Organisation in these hilly areas have taken up 44 out of more than 400 villages in the first phase and have literally transformed them into ideal villages envisaged by Swami. You can read more about this in Part-1 and Part-2 of the June 2009 H2H cover story. After the 25 minute speech, which was both enlightening and moving, Dr. Bhaskar Rao concluded with a prayer that Swami visit the Godavari districts. Swami immediately said, "I will." The profundity of this little statement was discovered over the next two days also as incidents where Swami had been seen in the hills were narrated!

To begin the procession, a tribal, decked in all traditional finery and holding a decorated insignia, came forward and spoke aloud expressing his gratitude to Swami. The Lord smiled and in the meanwhile, a little boy went up to Him with a plate containing a scroll. Swami looked at it keenly and rolling it back, He blessed him and lovingly pulled his cheeks, much to the joy of everyone assembled. Then, like in the kingly days of yore, people came forward offering Swami the plants and produce of their fertile hills. The forest products were all placed on the steps in front of Swami.
A love story - so sweet, so sublime!

After that the traditional dances unfurled gracefully in the Divine Presence. To start with, a group of youth beating drums performed the ‘Konda Reddla Dappu Vinyasam’, an art featuring synchronization of their drum beats. The next was ‘Koyadorala Kommu Nrithyam’ by the Koya tribals who were dressed with bull horns. They locked horns with each other in mock combat. The Garga dance, performed by the villagers to appease the goddess of the village, was constituted by people balancing small containers on their heads. Stilt walking by children and the traditional Kolattam dance (dancing with sticks) was performed with élan by these villagers.

Swami is happy and moved...
The tribals perform with all their heart

Next was the peacock dance performed extremely well by a little girl. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the viewers felt that there was a peacock that looked like a girl and not the other way! The theme of that was simple like all others. Hunters try to kill the peacock which rushes to take refuge at Swami's feet. This act has a transforming influence on the hunters. It went down very well with the audience and Swami seemed so happy.


The final dance was so touching as it depicted the river, Mother Godavari, requesting Swami to bless her with the touch of His Lotus Feet and relieve her from the burden of sins of all the devotees bathing in her!(It is believed that a holy dip in the Godavari washes away ones sins.)

Swami made a brief visit to the interview room and when He came out, white cloth pieces and sarees also were brought and stacked behind Him. The dances were done wholly by the tribals and featured both boys and girls performing separately. The whole programme was backed by beautiful and apt music and soul stirring commentary.

There came a point when Swami seemed thrilled with joy. This happened when the narrator explained as to how the police inspector of the area had said, "Your Baba is really God. He has eradicated naxalism from our area. And He has done it not with any of the weapons that we use, but with sheer Love." Naxalism is a result of the growing divide between the haves and have nots where the latter desperately take to radical measures for survival.
"Mother Godavari" offers
her salutations

Swami once again demonstrated for all to experience and imbibe the power and transforming ability of love and selfless service.

Swami saw that all the children had been seated at the back. He asked them to move front near the stage. The children came and sat in supreme discipline and Swami so lovingly moved down the stage. He went up and down the path in between the children asking many of them their names and age. It was such a lovely scene. As the youth and children reached out to His feet, Swami also reached out to bless them by placing His hands on their heads. His arms were all the while extended, blessing the tribals.

Love flows and overflows...
The innocent tribals are awe-struck

Swami then sat for group photos with them. He told the photographers that He would bless the girls also with the photo opportunity. The simple-minded tribals just sat in reverence and awe as Swami advised them to make a place for Him in the middle.After that, Bhagavan moved to the stage. White cloth pieces for the boys and sarees for the girls were blessed for distribution.

Loving gifts from the Lord
The chance of a lifetime

Prasadam distribution also began simultaneously. Swami enquired about the next day's programme as bhajans by devotees continued to fill the air. At 6:15 p.m., Swami received aarthi and as the mantra for Universal Peace was being chanted, He raised both His hands in blessings. With a loving smile and words expressing His happiness, Swami retired for the day.


Where The Lord Walks the Earth, Walking His Talk…


Where The Lord Walks the Earth, Walking His Talk…

Every single day in the Prasanthi Calendar is eventful, not for the festivities, events or programmes, but for the simple truth that the Lord in physical ‘walks the earth’ demonstrating the art of ‘walking the talk’ aptly teaching the world the art of righteous living. Every festival, event or programme comes as add-ons to this greatest ‘demonstration’ on planet earth, supplementing to His Mission Divine.

A scene from "Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu"

with Love from Baba

The annual Prasanthi Calendar for the fresh year is already packed with scheduled visits by group of devotees, events, festivities etc. And this week witnessed the first contingent of Parthi Yatra, from the west coast state of Gujarat. A group of over hundred school children from the two Sathya Sai Schools in the state, Sathya Sai Vidyaniketan, Navsari and Sri Sathya Sai School, Surat had the opportunity to echo His message performing in the Divine Presence. A programme titled Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu, airing the message of Universal Love and Welfare followed by the greater significance of Yoga Sutra as propagated by Maharishi Patanjali thousands of years ago, were apt demonstrations to the vast congregation of devotees comprising University and School children from Prasanthi Nilayam.

Youthful Exuberance

What we do, how we do in Thy Name...

The year that has gone by witnessed a number of Youth Programmes by various states and even contingents from overseas. Sathya Sai Seva Organisations greater effort to motivate the youth in India and overseas was with the vision to make every youth an Ideal Sai Youth, Messenger of Sai Love. Taking cue from the motivation received over the years, the surge seemed to be on with the youth from Andhra Pradesh organized a three day pilgrimage to the valley of peace, bringing a maximum percentage of fresh faces, initiating them unto the fraternity to become Ideal Sai Youth and thus becoming worthy instruments in His Mission Divine.

Sai Darshanam Nayanotsavam!

with the tiny tots from Primary School

One thing is certain, all these events, festivities or scheduled programmes are outright demonstrations of His teachings in public, an instrument serving in disseminating His message of Love and Peace.   “Prema Vahini” a thematic musical drama presentation on Bhagawan’s message of Love and Service was staged by the Youth in His Divine Presence and the surge of love that was set in motion by the Youth was aptly reciprocated by Bhagawan literally basking the Youth in His all conquering love. Implements and other value additions in the form of sponsorship certificates were awarded to shortlisted beneficiaries from various districts of the state. Assorted musical scores on various themes depicting the Glory of His Avatarhood marked the grand finale of the three day pilgrimage that had over 1500 youth from the state in attendance.  

Sai Darshanam Nayanotsavam sung the youth from the state, meaning, Bhagawan’s darshan is verily a feast to the eye… The week has been verily feasting with the grandeur of His darshans, when on several evenings Bhagawan chose to sit onstage watching the programmes and at times Bhajans and Vedam Chanting. On the 20th evening, coming out at 4:30 for a complete round, moving through the devotees on the upper portico, He came onstage and sat listening to the Vedam chanting for almost half an hour, granting the highest of the boons, a real feast to the eyes of thousands filled in the vast Sai Kulwant Hall. And feasting this coveted occasion we had the tiny tots, the fresh entrants from Sri Sathya Sai Primary School who are barely five years old, seeking His Divine Company. On the 18th evening Bhagawan chose to move to the school blocks belonging to these fresh faces interacting with their innocent ‘chirpings’, giving them a closer glance of “Pedda Bhagavanthudu” whom the children affectionately calls, “Swami”.

Sushil Kumar Shindey with Bhagawan

Shilendra Kumar Singh with Bhagawan

The week also had several dignitary visits; the first one to show up was the Union Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. The minister who came on the 17th evening was closeted with Bhagawan for a short interview. Next to come was the Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan, a long time devotee, Sri Shilendra Kumar Singh. Bhagawan blessed the Governor and family with an interview on 20th morning. Sri Ashok Singhal, the VHP veteran leader and ardent devotee of Bhagawan along with the Shankaracharya of Sri Ramachandrapura Math of Gokarnam were seen delighting the bliss of Divine Darshan of Bhagawan on the 20th evening.

VHP veteran leader Ashok Singhal with Bhagawan

Shankaracharya of Sri Ramachandrapura Math of Gokarnam

Bhagawan often prefers to address His students as future Ambassadors and while permitting them to move out of the hallowed portals of the University, He blesses them to be worthy instruments in His Mission Divine serving the society most selflessly. A group of spirited students working with Barclays Bank had something to offer to Bhagawan, their beloved Mother Sai.

"Team Mirchwadi" with Bhagawan

...and the recognition - Barclays Chairman’s Award 2009

The group of alumni working with the bank came over to Prasanthi Nilayam after winning a prestigious award for their service activities done in collaboration with Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisational Unit in Mumbai. Bhagawan spent precious time going through their brochure, listening to details of their activities giving a boost to the fraternity’s greater effort in spreading His Name across.
The group of students, led by Abhishek Sharma, helped transform a rural village of Mirchiwadi which although just 50km from India’s financial capital suffered from a lack of education facilities, scarce drinking water and poor transport links.  

Abhishek Sharma and his colleagues improved the community’s infrastructure dramatically, cleaning and repairing the village well, building a new road and renovating Mirchiwadi’s only school, with the help from more than 150 villagers. The group known as “Team Mirchwadi” won the Barclays Chairman’s Award 2009 along with the Team Achievement Award of the Year under Asia Pacific category. The students involved were Abhishek Sharma, Baban Balan, Jaideep More, Kaushik Manghani, Krishna Kumar, Ram Gopal, Sainath Chaudhary, Sai Kiran Shetty, Sai Krishna Reddy, Vishnu Bhan and Vikas Radhakrishnan. The very fact that the winner was selected from a whopping 7700 projects from 88 countries finally shortlisted to 30 finalists talks high about this achievement. With this project, the village gets a facelift with additional facilities like 274 villagers having new road to their homes, 63 children getting fully equipped schooling, access to clean drinking water, regularized mobile medical facility, Balavikas training facility for children and self employment avenues for village youth. Yes, this would definitely go a long way in serving the society, impacting on the poor and downtrodden. The Barclays Group Chairman, Marcus Agius announcing the award rightly mentioned that “We don’t just judge the nominees on what they’ve done, but also on what they’ve achieved – namely the lasting impact they’ve had on the communities they’ve supported.” The fraternity across the globe who are indeed pressed into various service activities could feel proud of what they have been doing in the name of their beloved “Swami”.

Three-in -One...one wave and three rings

Diplomats Salutations to the Divine Diplomat S.K.Rasgotra with Bhagawan

The week was quite eventful, with the ‘voices’ of the little school children, the youth, and the students were heard echoing entire Prasanthi Nilayam!

Yes, His Mission is on and He is doing it most silently bringing in the needed transformation, individual and societal for a better world, for a united world.

Samasthah Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavantu!


Click here to View photo slides from 20th June

More details below from Radiosai.org


June 20, 2009 – Distribution of Essential Items and Group Songs by Andhra Sai Youth


There were a few guests on the Mandir portico on the evening of June 20. Mr. Ashok Singhal of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad along with the Shankaracharya of Sri Ramachandrapura Math of Gokarna had arrived for Bhagavan's darshan. Also seated in the portico were the alumni of the Sathya Sai University who are working in Barclays Bank. Their projects, based on Swami's ideals about service, had won the year's Chairman'saward.

Mr. Ashok Singhal of the Vishwa
Hindu Parishad arrives for His darshan
The Shankaracharya of Sri Ramachandrapura
Math of Gokarna seeks His Blessings


 The Barclays Chairman’s Awards honours colleagues from across the business who have shown an outstanding commitment to the uplift of the communities in which they work. And these students had made it among 7000 projects across more than 80 countries.

Their team helped transform a rural village of Mirchiwadi which, though just 50 kms from India’s financial capital, Mumbai, suffered from a lack of education facilities, good drinking water and necessary transport links. Once a student, always a student! They had come rushing to the Lotus feet to dedicate it to Him like the tiny squirrels that helped Sri Rama build the mammoth bridge to Lanka.

The second day of programmes by the Andhra Sai youth had also been blessed for presentation and it consisted of distribution of a few items to the needy and a performance of group songs

Sai Students - The winner of the Barclays Chairman’s Awards 2009


It was 4:30 p.m. when Swami arrived for darshan. He took a complete round and had a look at the various items that had been placed in the centre for distribution.

Moving around the gents’ side He spoke a few words to the youth members. He also blessed a card that had been made by the students of the Deenajanodharana Patakam, the lovely home and school that Swami has built for "orphans". (You are welcome to read a cover story on this orphanage from H2H archives).
The Lord arrives for another glorious day


Swami then moved to the portico and was soon surrounded by His students. They offered the award at His Lotus feet and said that all that mattered to them was that He was happy.

Swami was very pleased and blessed all of them with padanamaskar. They told Swami that with this project, the village gets a new road, 63 children get complete schooling, everyone has access to clean drinking water, mobile-medical facility is available regularly, there is Bal Vikas training for children and self-employment avenues for the village youth. Swami was immensely glad and He seemed to convey that all that mattered to Him was that they were happy!
Sai University alumni offer the
prestigious Award to their Divine Master

Swami then moved around the upper and lower portico blessing all the people seated there and speaking to many of them. He then moved onto the stage via the teachers' section. And now He asked for the programme to begin. About 10-15 members from the ladies and gents sides respectively moved up the stage with cards, roses and other offerings. Swami patiently blessed all of them. Then, Sri Ramana Reddy, the state Youth in-charge, in a brief talk introduced the service activities being undertaken by the youth in different parts of the state. Expressing gratitude and seeking Divine guidance, the youth leader reiterated the fraternity’s commitment towards social development. "Please guide and bless us Swami", was his prayer.

Blessings before commencing
the distribution
Mr. Ramana Reddy, the State Youth in-charge calls out the name of the beneficiaries

After the short speech, the names of the more than 100 beneficiaries were called out, and the needy were presented with implements for livelihood like electrician kits, wet grinders, sewing machines, plumber kits, computer education kits, iron presses and so on. As their names were called out, they came forward and placing a rose to express their gratitude, accepted their gifts and returned to their places. Once the distribution was complete, Swami asked if there was any other programme.

The youth requested Swami for permission to sing a few songs. Swami agreed and the singing began. Swami sat enjoying the songs. The music was pre-recorded but the singing was live and it was alive too! After about four songs, Swami briefly went into the interview room. Coming out, He spoke with the eldest among the ladies about the singers. Once the singing concluded, Swami called the singers from the gents’ side and lovingly spoke to them.

With reverence and gratitude, they surrender
at His lotus feet
Everyone sings with a renewed
vigour and heartfelt joy...

Swami then waved His hand and then showed to all what He had created. There were three identical golden rings! Everyone was so happy and thrilled, and Swami put one ring each on the fingers of two singers and one on the finger of the music director. His face carried a broad smile. Then aarthi began and everyone sang with renewed vigour. As the prayer for Universal peace was complete, Swami said that He would move down to bless all the participants. He signaled for the ladies and gents to congregate on two sides at the center. Needless to say, they did it in super speed! 

Three rings in one wave of the Divine hand!
Showering love to each and every one

!  He then moved down the ramp and amidst them, accepting their letters, roses and granting padanamaskar. As He moved down and back towards the stage, He told the photographers to move to the centre of the stage and take group pictures. He also gave special instructions to ensure that all the ladies were also covered in the frame. Leaving behind a joyous gathering of devotees, Swami retired to Yajur Mandir at 6:15 p.m.


As the Summer Recedes...

the programmes begin

Posted at 12:10 Hrs. June 15, 2009, Prasanthi Nilayam:

Prasanthi Nilayam is this beautiful land where we not only learn the lessons of life but also learn to celebrate life itself. The cultural programmes in Prasanthi are an integral part of this celebration and also a tool for reminding us of Bhagawan's teachings and principles.

This week witnessed the first programme of this academic year with three blessed boys of Bhagawan had yet another display of Burra Katha as a tribute to the Mother... This was a indeed salutation to the mother tongue and the mother land by itself. One could not discount the role of these art forms in keeping the culture of the land alive. But as if to stress the point, the students had chosen the sacred lives of Mother Easwaramma and Mother Karnam Subbamma as their topic of performance and moved the entire audience with a masterful description of their strength of character and compassionate nature.

Even as this week saw the mercury slowly dropping to manageable levels, Bhagawan reminded us that it is the fortitude we show during tough times that bear us fruits in the end. Rich ripe delicious Mangos where distributed on three days of the week as a gift of the harsh summer.

Weather was not the only thing which was in a state of transition this week. One could also find it in the faces of the new students who joined this year. Hardly a fortnight has passed since they moved into the hostel and you could already find them relaxed and at home. As scores of students who have passed out of the sacred precincts of this University would testify that there was no place closer to Home than Bhagawan's hostel which lived by its very special tagline, "...where each lives for the other and all live for God."

June 19, 2008 – “Prema Vahini” by Andhra Pradesh Sai Youth

The scheduled programme for June 19 was a drama entitled Prema Vahini (the incessant flow of Love) by the Sai youth from Andhra Pradesh as part of their Parthi Yatra (Pilgrimage to Puttaparthi). The name was evident as it was displayed prominently in front of the huge backdrop that had been erected for the play. More than 1,500 youth from the State of Andhra Pradesh, both men and women, all of them being graduates had come to Prasanthi Nilayam on a three-day pilgrimage starting from June 18, 2009, under the auspices of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Andhra Pradesh. Swami arrived shortly after 5 p.m.


Saluting the Master
Blessings before the programme


He spoke to a few on the ladies’ side as He moved during darshan. At the centre, flag bearing children stood in smart salute as Swami passed by them. The governor of Rajasthan (a North Indian State), Mr. Shilendra Kumar Singh, had arrived to seek blessings from Swami. As soon as He saw the Lord come to the portico, He rose from his chair and his first impulse seemed to be to rush to Swami. Bhagavan immediately bestowed a sweet smile and told him to be seated. The governor could not resist (who can resist the charm of Swami?) and he moved ahead. Swami came up to him and blessing him, spoke a few words.

The governor of Rajasthan, Mr. Shilendra Kumar Singh seeking Swami's blessings

After this, Swami came on stage and soon the Veda chanting concluded. The various youth and children came onto the stage and made offerings of flowers, cards, albums, etc. to Swami at the end of which Swami lit a lamp to begin the programme. The presentation began with a declaration by the youth that “Prema Vahini” was not a figment of imagination; rather it was based on real life incidents and the cast were real Grama Seva (village service) heroes who went into the depths of the problems of the villagers serving them with responsibility, knowing well the responsibility and the accountability of the badge of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations. The storyline was about how one youth inspires his friends to plunge into service of the villages. His friends pose questions about his living while he answers them questioning them about their life!

Children and the Youth, are the backbone
of the Nation
Celebrating the joy
with the Lord

Swami was deeply engrossed watching the drama. There was a point when one of the friends asks, "What can happen by just one of us sacrificing everything?" The reply, "If Sathya Sai had also thought that way, today we would not see the massive educare, medicare, aquacare and socio care projects", drew a tremendous response from the audience. There were also powerful verses on the futility of a life spent chasing only wealth. Swami seemed moved with the verses and seeing Swami, the impact of the verses was seen even on those people who did not understand the Telugu language. There is only one language - the language of Love, and Swami communicates only through that.

Whatever may be the language and form of presentation in the hall - whether people are able to see it or not - seeing Swami, devotees easily grasp the spirit of the message being conveyed for the message bounces off Swami as the language of Love. It was inspiring to note how the youth had toiled hard for the Love of Swami and succeeded in providing safe drinking water, houses, and in some cases, schools too for villages in the Krishna district. The drama also depicted episodes from Swami's life which embedded the ideal of service into every heart present.

The drama was profound and their dances
vibrant and beautiful
Depicting the Love between Swami and
his Mother

Songs with profound meaning and lively rhythm accompanied with synchronized dancing added variety and flavour to the play. The final song especially had glitterati being splashed everywhere with pops and bangs going off at regular intervals. The white marble floor was filled with myriad colours. As the programme concluded, the participants came together in the final song with a clustered formation. Swami smiled and blessed them, and then called all the kids in costumes to come up the stage.

The children gladly obeyed and one or two of them seemed to break down at the magnitude of the opportunity being gifted to them. Swami granted photos to those small kids and spoke to His "parents" and the little "Sathya" of the drama. Then sending them down, He said that He too would move down for taking a picture with them. He kept speaking to children on either side as He seemed to wade into the huge group. Then He smiled as flashes galore fired away! Roses aplenty were offered to Him as He moved back to the stage.

Prema Vahini (the incessant flow of Love)
''With SAI we are Heroes''

Meanwhile, bhajan singing began and Swami sat on the stage. Prasadam was blessed for distribution. Then, Swami did something sweet (like He always does!). In the mass gathering for the group photos, many of the adults and elders had displaced the children in the front lines. Swami asked for the children to be brought and seated front again as they would not be able to see over the tall people. That was done and a satisfied smile immediately adorned His face.

Coveted opportunity for
all the participants
The main characters of the drama
eagerly pose with Swami


Now, Swami called the little girl who had played the role of Sathya. A long and loving interaction ensued and it was such a sweet sight to see Swami and the "little Swami" talking to each other. It was like a meeting of the past with the present, and the future of the interaction held great promise!

Swami then waved His hand and materialized a beautiful golden bracelet for the girl and put it on her wrist. The girl reciprocated with an excited smile and Swami was so pleased. Clothes were distributed - safari cloth pieces for the boys and sarees for the three girls in the drama.

Swami materializes a beautiful golden bracelet
for the little Sathya

Swami then gifted all the members of the cast with watches too again taking special care to ensure that the three girls got ladies' watches!

On Swami's bidding, aarthi was performed and the co-ordinators came forward to present details of the next day’s programme. Swami handed their sheet back to them and then gifted them too with watches. He seemed to say, "I will see and tell when the time comes!" Then He raised both His hands in blessing and a gasp of utter delight went around the hall as thousands of hands went up to receive the spontaneous gift. After this, Swami spoke a few words with the governor and retired for the day.

A spontaneous and gracious gift to all!



'Whispers' from Master Divine

an interesting week with lessons galore...

Posted at 20:00 Hrs. June 7, 2009, Prasanthi Nilayam:

1st June, the first day in the academic year, began in an upbeat mood. Having been blessed by Bhagawan just a couple of days ago, teachers and staff of the Prasanthi Nilayam campus were high on spirits and so were the students whose spirits were up with the anticipation of their new stint with their Beloved Master. … And the week that passed by had enough in store for the Sri Sathya Sai University. The first Thursday, 4th June witnessed Bhagawan visiting the Prasanthi Nilayam campus of the University to deliver an exhilarating Divine Discourse. His magnanimity did not end there as He went further to the Senior Boys’ Hostel, most unexpectedly, blessing the student community moving around the entire hostel, in the process, inaugurating a new room dedicated for their ‘Beloved Swami’. The week also witnessed change of guards in two key administrative positions in the University, the Registrar and the Controller of Examinations respectively. Dr. Naren Ramji, and Sri G.S.Srirangarajan, both alumni of Sri Sathya Sai University, have been appointed as the Registrar and Controller of Examinations respectively with effect from the new academic year.

The week was special for its sumptuous darshan sessions and an unusual act of Divine Love. Barring two or three mornings, the week witnessed glorious morning darshans when Bhagawan chose to come out granting coveted darshan sessions. The evening sessions were blissful, with Bhagawan moving among the devotees often ending up on the dais, sitting at times for longer sessions.

5th June 2009, marked an unusual happening that stood out as an apt depiction for His all-conquering love for humanity. On this doubly blessed evening when torrential downpour drenched hundreds of devotees, who got stranded in the lashing rains, Bhagawan most lovingly sent word to accommodate them inside the vacant space behind the Sita Rama Idols. Despite the instructions, when ladies were still not allowed, further instructions went to accommodate them as well. While the whole ‘drama’ was happening, the Lord’s attention was focused on this particular set of devotees. His compassion knew no bounds. After the bhajans and arathi, He moved towards them, to bless them with His close coveted darshan. It was a wonderful evening when the compassion of the Lord came to the fore in apt display of His own dictum, Love All Serve All; Help Ever Hurt Never.

Veteran devotee and bhajan singer Raja Reddy’s name is synonymous with his disciplined devotion towards Bhagawan. Raja Reddy had a long stint with Bhagawan during His early days, serving Him from close quarters. He was an accomplished bhajan singer and during those days, Bhagawan would enjoy bhajan sessions led by the accomplished bhajan singer. Sri Raja Reddy had been ailing for sometime and left his mortal coil a couple of weeks ago in Mumbai. Reminding one and all of His famous dictum, If you take one step towards me, I will take a hundred steps towards you, Bhagawan came out on the 6th morning granting an exclusive interview session for the bereaved family of the veteran devotee. This was followed by yet another session in the evening which was preceded by an open session in the Bhajan Hall for Mrs. Raja Reddy and her son.

The first week also witnessed the tiny tots from Primary School coming out in full force for Bhagawan’s darshan. Thursdays and Sundays, the beautiful mornings, are ‘reserved’ days for the tiny tots of Primary School in Prasanthi Nilayam. 5th morning, being the first Thursday,  the school came in full force. They got yet another opportunity in the evening as there was no darshan in the morning. As Bhagawan went to the University Campus that evening, they missed the coveted evening darshan to full satisfaction and the school yet again came, en masse, on the Friday evening to enjoy His presence in full followed by two more darshan sessions on Sunday. With fresh faces for the first standard also joining this week, Primary School will yet again be the focus of attention for Bhagawan on Thursdays and Sundays.

Summer seemed to be slowly losing her grip over Prasanthi as the monsoon trials have already begun. The week’s weather that had been a mix of both summer and rainy season experienced a cloudy day on Sunday, the last day for the week, heralding the imminence and prominence of a monsoon experience.




June 5, 2009 – Special Darshan, Prasadam and Message

"The Avatar's Life is His message", is an oft-repeated quote. It is mentioned in speeches, seminars and conferences held in the Divine Presence, both physical and meta-physical (as in those conducted elsewhere than in Puttaparthi). But more than that, it is a common scene at Puttaparthi to see Swami in action, living this very ideal. These are occasions for all to observe and imbibe. June 5 happened to be one such day.

Yet another display of Divine Leela begins..

It began in the "usual" fashion. Swami arrived for darshan at about 4:30 p.m. The Primary School students had also come though it was a Friday, because the previous day, when Swami visited the Institute auditorium, they did not have the opportunity for darshan. The stage seemed to be set for Swami's lesson. He went on a complete round in the Sai Kulwant Hall. However, on this day He seemed to be in no mood to accept letters. He was telling everyone to keep their envelopes with themselves. He just went around blessing everyone with darshan. Moving to the stage, He sat listening to Veda chanting.

He called one of the students and enquired about one boy from the Brindavan campus of the University. It deems fit to mention here about a fact that is not widely known, much like most of the things that Swami does, the silent worker that He is. Some of the students who have either completed their 12th grade or their under graduation in Bio-Sciences expressed to Swami their desire to study medicine and serve in His hospitals. Bhagavan encouraged them and paid their medical course fees and even got them admitted into esteemed colleges! This "student enquiry" was in this regard.

The conversation between the student and Swami went on, even as two more boys also joined in.

Student: Swami, the discourse yesterday was so nice. Thank you.

Swami: Did all the boys like it?

Student: Yes Swami. It is all your Grace. And you blessed our hostel too. All of us are so grateful.

Swami patted the folded palms of the students and granting them namaskar, told them to sit in their places and then moved into the interview room.

Bhagavan, the Silent Witness
Loving interactions...

The bhajans began at 5:00 p.m. During the bhajans, Swami arrived on stage again. On this day, the bhajans had a new accompaniment - the gush of the pouring rains on the roof! The downpour was so sudden and loud that it seemed to drown the bhajans in volume! Soon, mangoes and sweets - the prasadam for the day - were brought for blessings and Swami blessed them to be distributed. The distribution began and everything was going on as usual when Swami noticed devotees standing in the rain beyond the main gate of the hall where the statues of Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Mother Sita have been installed.

The Sweet Lord consecrating the sweets
Swami blesses the mango prasadam

He told the students by His side that those devotees must be brought in and given prasadam. "They will catch a cold in the rain", He said. As per His command, the gates were opened and the devotees were let in. Swami, however, was not happy, it seemed. He said that there were still devotees getting wet and not all had received prasadam. Then began a flurry of journeys to the gate by various staff and students and all came back with answers with varying degree of convictions confirming that all devotees were in the shelter of the hall and all had received prasadam. Swami was insistent and persistent that all had not received mangoes.

Then Swami said, "There are ladies who did not receive mangoes." This was a revelation. When investigated, it was found that indeed there were a group of ladies just outside the hall in the shelter of a neem tree who had not received prasadam. It was only after the ladies were brought in and seated, and given mangoes, that Swami seemed a little satisfied. "See, now they are getting the women. And you said that all had received!" He then made a brief trip to the interview room and returned, again persisted, "All have not received!"

"There are ladies who did not receive mangoes" - Swami

What followed next was an eye opener for all. A brief history has to be mentioned here. Like the gopikas of the Dwapara age, there are a couple of ladies staying at Puttaparthi who have Swami alone as their everything. Everyday, without fail, from early morning till late evening, they stand watching Swami's residence and Swami whenever He is visible. They run behind His car wherever He goes and that too the entire distance almost, putting to shame many of the athletic men! They keep chanting His name and it is so obvious that His form pervades all their thoughts and their being. In fact, on one occasion, Swami had stopped His car, lowered the windows and gifted them sarees as tokens of His love and Grace. And on this day, it seemed as if one of them seated there, had not received prasadam. As the Aarthi was complete, Swami said, "I will go there!"

The rains had abated, but He still continues
to pour His Love
For the longing devotees, what a shower of unexpected grace!

Thus it was that for the sake of one devotee, the Lord moved all the way to the main entrance. He personally ensured that all, including the 'gopikas', had received prasadam. The rains had abated by now but He was continuing to pour His Love. Hundreds of devotees thronged the gates with shouts of "Sathya Sai Baba Ki Jai." Swami advised everyone there from the distribution boys to the security people on how the devotees must be properly served. Pointing towards the people, He told a student, "See, they are not satisfied." The student replied, "Swami we gave all of them mangoes." Swami immediately retorted, "You and your mangoes! They have come for Swami, not mangoes. They want more of Him." An eye opener again! When we are physically close to the Lord, let us always remember the millions who would do anything to get that proximity at that time.

All souls were drenched in Divine ecstasy!

Swami then moved back towards the hall. He took a detour and instead of using the car, returned to His residence in the chair itself.



June 5, 2009
yet another display of Divine Love…

World is a big stage and we have greater lessons to learn watching it. With Bhagawan, one has to be on a constant watch as every moment is counted and if one is focused you have lessons galore to learn. After a momentous Thursday, the day when Bhagawan decided to bless the University Campus in Prasanthi Nilayam by His Divine visit, came a pleasant Friday. Though summer’s clutch has been loosened, it has not left the spiritual township completely and the day’s weather has been a mix of both summer and rainy season; and by the time for evening darshan, weather has been bit chill with ominous signs of rains.

In the evening, Bhagawan came for a complete round just after 4:30 p.m. and came on stage for a brief spell watching students chanting the Veda. Bhajans started at the scheduled hour at 5:00 and Bhagawan came on stage yet again. …And following Him came the showers lashing from the heavens as if the mythical ‘Rain God’ was waiting for the Over Lord to come and occupy the dais. Lashing rains with strong winds splashed the rain drops all around bringing in chilly feeling. With Bhagawan on stage granting coveted darshan, with bhajans on, hundreds of devotees who had been waiting outside the main gate next to the Sita Rama statue got stranded in the rains leaving them completely drenched.

Bhagawan, the silent witness that He is ever, whose foremost precept “Love All Serve All - Help Ever Hurt Never” has been the epitome of His teachings had something to demonstrate and thus to teach the vast congregation of devotees. Though bhajans were on, He was glued to the main gate where hundreds were getting drenched.

The security has been disciplined enough to maintain the ‘peace’, especially when Bhagawan was onstage. But, the compassionate Lord’s heart melted for those stranded souls, getting drenched in the lashing rains and He desired peace for those souls. He asked the boys to instruct the security to allow the devotees to occupy the vacant place behind the Sita Rama Temple. Security being extra alert, allowed the gents, leaving the ladies out, as in Prasanthi Nilayam, as a matter of strict discipline, gents and ladies were not allowed to mix-up in the darshan hall. Bhagawan sent special instructions to allow the ladies as well, to let them occupy one side of the vacant spot.

Bhajans went on till 5:50 when Arathi was called for. After the Arathi still Lord was gazing at the devotees who had the twin blessing in abundance from the “Over Lord" and the ‘Rain God’. …He moved unto them granting them the darshan of their lives…and one could hear ecstatic hearts, drenched, but doubly blessed souls of the eventful and beautiful evening chanting Jaikars reverberating the entire hall. Indeed those souls were drenched in Divine ecstasy!

A wonderful lesson for the thousands assembled in Sai Kulwant Hall to imbibe Him following His precept, Love All Serve All, Help Ever, Hurt Never…

Latest photos June 4, 2009 of Bhagawan's visit to the Sri Sathya Sai University,
Prasanthi Nilayam and Sri Sathya Sai Senior Hostel for Boys.

June 4, 2009

Everything Bhagawan does is a treat to watch if one has the eyes to observe and the heart to follow; and once you are tuned there comes lessons galore to imbibe and practise. Perfect master that He is, He never leaves any stone unturned to mould the students into future citizens of a promising era. Read more



Monday, June 1, 2009
New Academic Year begins in Prasanthi...

From The Prasanthi Reporter

Posted at 19:30 Hrs. June 1, 2009, Prasanthi Nilayam:

Marking the advent of the month and the pleasant climatic transition there was slight drizzle in the previous night and the day has been cooler. Bhagawan came out in the morning at 9:15 a.m. for a complete round of darshan. Two of the outgoing students were called in for a private audience along with their family members.

The day that marked the first day of the academic year also witnessed the solemnizing of the appointment of two of the senior students from the University, Dr. Narain Ramji and Sri G.S.Srirangarajan, both from the School of Business Management and Finance, as the Registrar and Controller of Examinations of the University respectively.

Karnataka Chief Minister Sri Yeddiyurappa with Bhagawan

With the beginning of the academic year, evening session became doubly alive as students came out in full attendance; and there was a dignitary move as the Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. B.S. Yeddiyurappa along with two of his ministers paid a visit to Prasanthi Nilayam. The Chief Minister was closeted with Bhagawan for almost forty minutes for a special audience. After the Interview the Chief Minister and his entourage left Prasanthi Nilayam. After half an hour bhajans, Bhagawan called for Arathi before retiring to Yajur Mandiram.
Biding Adieu to the Summer Months…Welcome June- From The Prasanthi Reporter

Posted at 19:30 Hrs. May 31, 2009, Prasanthi Nilayam:

With the last week of summer month passing by, heralding the advent of another “New Year” in Prasanthi, June brings a fresh and colourful Prasanthi Calendar with greater hopes and enthusiasm. The commencement of the new academic year is apparently the “New Year” of Prasanthi, when students, fresh from the vacation join back the hallowed portals bringing colour and lustre to the spiritually charged up Prasanthi ambience.

The week that is passing by has been a quite normal one with Bhagawan granting regular evening darshans. Setting an upbeat mood for the ensuing academic year, teaching and non-teaching staff from the Brindavan campus was blessed with Paadanamaskaar just a day before their departure to the campus in Whitefield, Bangalore, on the 27th evening. Similar story repeated when the whole group of teaching and non-teaching staff from the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus sought Divine Blessings on the evening of 29th May.

Addressing the group, especially to the newly designate warden of the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus, Dr. Pallav Kumar Barua, Bhagawan said: The children must be properly cared for and disciplined. What is most important is Daiva Preeti (love for God), Paapa Bheethi (fear of sin) and Sangha Neethi (morality in society). These values have to be cultivated in every individual. Discipline is a must and must be strictly enforced; discipline brings fear of sin. However, the first and foremost is Daiva Preeti. If one inculcates Love for God, the other two will automatically follow.

After their brilliant performance in the CBSE 12th standard examinations bringing laurels to the Institution, this week witnessed another brilliant performance by the students of the 10th standard in the recently announced CBSE 10th standard examination results. Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School scored cent per cent success with 86 percentage achieving distinction, and 99 percentage passing in first division. Sai Aditya Nagaratnam who scored 97.6 per cent stood first in the school, followed by the trio, Rohit Kumar Chawla, Debadrita Saha and Preksha with 97 per cent coming second, and R. Ashwin with 96.2 per cent coming third.

The last (set of results), but not the least, the results for the first standard entrance examination was announced this week. 90 tiny tots, 60 boys and 30 girls got selected, who would be privileged and blessed to start their education at the Sri Sathya Sai Primary School, Prasanthi Nilayam.

Dr. (Mrs.) J. Geeta Reddy, an ardent long time devotee of Bhagawan paid a thanksgiving trip to Prasanthi during the week, after getting elected to the Andhra Pradesh assembly in the recent elections. Dr. (Mrs.) Geeta Reddy has assumed the office of Minister for Information, Public Relations and Tourism in the newly formed government. She was blessed with an audience by Bhagawan.

31st May, the last day of the summer month of the Prasanthi Calendar had an added lustre with most of the students returning from vacation. A new Academic Year, a new Prasanthi Calendar and with the Master gracefully moving among, students and staff and the whole lot of devotees are looking forward to the “New Year” with greater hope and added enthusiasm. …And blessing the vast conclave of devotees assembled in the Sai Kulwant Hall, Bhagawan sat through for almost an hour on the penultimate evening, giving a fillip for the ensuing season.

Welcome June 2009 and with an early monsoon and a wonderful “New Year”.


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