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Bhagawan came back to Prasanthi Nilayam to a devotional welcome...

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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba returns back to Prasanthi Nilayam...18 April 2010

After nine days of North Indian visit, to Delhi and Shimla, Bhagawan returned to Prasanthi Nilayam this evening at 1616 hrs. IST to a religious devotional welcome. Bhagawan was received with Poornakumbham and Veda chanting by the students from the University along with thousands of devotees in the Sai Kulwant Hall.


The Kingfisher VT-KFK Airbus 320 carrying the Lord landed at the tarmac at Sri Sathya Sai Airport at 1559 after 140 minutes onflight journey between Delhi - Puttaparthi. Bhagawan received at the Airport by Secretary, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Sri K. Chakravarthi and Airport Director, Capt. Sharma.

Enroute to Prasanthi, covering the three kilometer road stretch, it was celebration all over, with hundreds lined up at vantage points to have a glimpse of The Lord on His return journey. There were many a folded hand, there were flower showers with colourful petals strewn at the “Divine Chariot”, there were arathi offerings, there were coconut breakings and there were another hundreds silently glancing at Him, all in merriment of His return. .

The joyous ride took almost fifteen minutes with Bhagawan reaching the precincts of Prasanthi Nilayam just after 1616 hrs. for a traditional welcome with Poornakumbham and Veda chanting. Heaps of flowers strewn on the windshield was reminiscent of the merriment of the occasion and behind the beauty of these flowers was hiding the beautiful charming Lord of Puttaparthi.


Upon entering the hall, Bhagawan came for a half round through the gents' side to ascend the verandah, to stop for a while at the lower portico outside the interview room receiving Arathi. Upon Arathi, Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram at 1625 hrs.

Roads were yet again spruced up to welcome the Lord, with banners and flower decorations heralding the “Advent” of the Divine. Linking to Delhi news updates were pouring in hinting at the exact hour of Divine arrival. Entire Airport vicinity was spruced up to welcome the Divine and escort vehicles were set in position well in advance.

Earlier, back in Delhi, Bhagawan took off from Indira Gandhi International Airport at 1345. In the afternoon, Bhagawan left the Sri Sathya Sai International Centre at 12:20 heading towards the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Bhagawan was accompanied by his entourage of boys and senior officials including Mr. Jitendra Cheema, State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Delhi.

In the morning, Bhagawan blessed the Sevadals who had been on duty throughout His stay in Delhi. Blessing them profusely, hearing State President's prayers to visit Delhi every year, Bhagawan replied in Hindi: Zaroor Aaoonga, meaning will definitely come. Before leaving, Bhagawan spent ten minutes amidst devotees blessing them profusely. Arathis were offered at Bhagawan's residence, then onstage and the final arathi just before departing, near the car. The Lord whose maganimity and love encompassed Delhi and its envirosn for seven full days has been given an emotional farewell at the Centre. As the wheels rolled over carrying The Mighty Lord, the "Farewell Song" was still heard, mellifluously rendering the air, and many souls were trying to cover up their emotion with those beauteous momentous moments filling the vaccuum created with His departure.

Text & photo source: Prasanthi Diary, -  - Sri Sathya Sai Media Foundation -
************ & SBOI group.


April 19, 2010 – First Darshan after the Divine Delhi-Shimla Tour

April 19 and Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is back at home - in Puttaparthi. After a ten day long trip where His Love flowed North - to Delhi and Simla (the details of which will follow soon), Swami was received the previous day with great joy and celebration at the Prasanthi Nilayam airport. Even as His car which had been almost covered with flower petals drove into the Sai Kulwant Hall, a song of welcome filled the air and the students sang their hearts out.


Even in the middle of a hot summer, when it is vacation time, there were at least four to five thousand people welcoming Swami. The crew members of the Airbus A-320 that ferried Swami to Puttaparthi were so overwhelmed that they made it a point to rush to Sai Kulwant Hall for Darshan. Swami moved towards the interview room in the car and received aarthi. He gifted the roses that had been offered to Him to the pilots and the crew members who were standing nearby.


So April 19 was to be the first darshan after a long hiatus when He would be arriving again on the chair. Much to the delight of everyone present, Swami arrived for darshan in the morning as the bhajans were on. It was at about 10:15 a.m. and taking a detour after the ladies' side, He went into the interview room. After a while there was aarthi and He returned to His Residence.

The evening turned out to be a slightly different one. There are many countries in the world that follow a summer time and a winter time - daylight saving time as it is called. In Puttaparthi too, Swami does something similar. The hot sun makes it an ordeal for the devotees to sit in the hall and so Swami permits a delayed start for the bhajans. From that day onwards the Veda chanting was to begin at 4:30 p.m. and the bhajans at 5:30 p.m. Swami arrived shortly after 5:00 p.m. as the Veda chanting went on.


It was so beautiful to see the orange form once again, adorning the gigantic Sai Kulwant Hall. Swami passed through the ladies' side and continued what He has been doing for decades now - collecting letters and showering grace. As He arrived to the place where all the primary school kids were seated, He spoke to some of them. One of the kids told Him something and was rewarded with a loving pat on his cheeks. He moved through the gents' side and then through the students too.

Now, a research scholar got up on his knees to show Swami some pictures. Here we pause the narration and go to a flashback to garner some details that will make the current narrative interesting. It also gives a glimpse of the ways in which Swami works.


This research scholar had been to the Himalayas the previous year. There, when he visited the Vasisht Gufa (cave), he heard about an incident. Swami had posed for a picture with Swami Purushotamananda. The venerable saint had passed away and now his disciple is the caretaker of the cave there. The disciple told the research scholar as to how that picture had been lost.

Since the research scholar was planning another trip there this year too, he had procured that same photograph and got it laminated. Swami had blessed him and the photograph before the Delhi trip. And that day, he had got a picture of the disciple happily posing with the framed photo that had been restored to him.


Even as the research scholar rose, Swami said, "Purushotamanada's picture?" There was joy writ large on his face as he said, "Yes Swami! I gave it to the disciple as You directed. He was very happy." Swami blessed the research scholar with padanamaskar and moved on. He then moved to the stage. The Veda chanting was on and Swami sat listening to them.

Even as He sat, He began to participate in the chanting too. The Shivopasana mantra was on and as the chants of the Hiranaya Lingam came, Swami pointed towards the interview room saying, "There is a lingam there!" It was so thrilling for all to see. He continued to chant after that. He saw that there was a student holding a couple of pencil sketches of Him. Calling him, Swami saw the sketches and made a few observations too! Then blessing him with padanamaskar, He sent him back.

As it became 5:45 p.m., Swami asked for the priest. When he came, He told him,"Wait till 6:00 p.m. and then take aarthi." When the clock struck 6:00 p.m., Swami immediately looked at the priest and asked for aarthi! So, aarthi was taken and thus there were no bhajans that evening. Swami accepted the rose which an elder offered and then moved towards Yajur Mandir.


Text & photo source: Prasanthi Diary, -  - Sri Sathya Sai Media Foundation -
************ & SBOI group.




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Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,
Our beloved Lord after a memorable trip to Delhi and Shimla came back to the the divine abode Puttaparthi after a gap of ten days. Puttaparthi which was bit dull during His days of absence, became active right from the morning of 18th April after the news came that Swami would be coming to Parthi.
There was happiness, joy in every ones' face.

Swami's presence is a BIG thing for Puttaparthians. Every thing in this tiny spiritual hamlet revolves around Swami.
At 3:30 pm, bearing the scorching sun, women in particular started drawing colourful rangolis on the road. It only tells their love for Swami. Even though Swami was expected after 4pm, there were hundreds of devotees queuing up on either side of the road right from 2pm.
The divine flight which took off from Delhi was visible in the sky in Parthi around 3:45pm. The plane which was visible from the super speciality hospital area, took a full aerial round of Parthi town before landing in Puttaparthi airport..
watching from the plane our beloved Lord would be proud to have such a beautiful ambiance which is completely divine and His beautiful Puttaparthi which houses beautiful schools, hospitals, everything that a common man needs and most importantly it comes at no extra cost.

The students who were fortunate to accompany Swami would be watching at their beautiful college buildings which gave them that IMMORTAL education. After seeing those beautiful buildings that Swami built they would be praying to Swami to help them become humble instruments in His mission.

One would imagine the happiness every one in the flight would be experiencing for being the chosen ones to be on board the Divine Flight.
It took almost 20 minutes for Swami to reach Parthi. All the way through there were people waiting with joined hands, some were showering flowers on His car, some breaking coconuts, some doing the arathi. All the rituals were just out of love for Him.
Little Sathya Geetha was also waiting in the same place where her senior later Sai Geetha used to stand to welcome our Lord.

Swami's car slowed down a bit by her place and Swami glanced at her from the car and the car headed to the ashram.
As soon as Swami entered Sai Kulwanth Hall, Swami was given a Poornakumba welcome and arathi was given to Swami around 4:30pm.
As usual bhajans started at 5pm and all were assembled with a hope that Swami would bless with His divine darshan once again and Swami out of His immense grace blessed us with divine darshan at 5:15pm and Swami stayed on the dais for about 30 minutes after which arathi was offered to Swami thus ending a beautiful day.
With pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,...submitted to


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