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Cultural Programs by the Delhi Youth
"Seva- A Precious Boon from Sai", a Dance-Drama and Music Program
January 27-28, 2008



Monday, January 28, 2008

The Delhi youth presented a musical programme this evening. Swami came onstage at 5.15 pm and the singing began. The concluding song was "Aana hi padega....", praying that Bhagawan visit Delhi. After Blessing the participants, Bhajans by the women members of the group began. Twenty minutes of their Bhajan was followed by twenty minutes of bhajans with alaps by students, and Arati was offered at around seven o'clock.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

This evening, the youth group from Delhi presented their drama. Depicting the various seva activities done by the youth like arranging for Blood Donation and so on, the 45 minute presentation got underway with Bhagawan coming onstage after His darshan round at 5.40 pm. After the drama, Swami asked for clothes to be distributed to them, and then Blessed them with group photographs. Ten minutes of Bhajans by the youth preceded Arati as Swami left for His residence just before seven o'clock.
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