Paper Dinner

"A man once gave a speech in which he said, 'We are all Brahman, aren't we? So there's no need for spiritual practice.' After the discourse he was served dinner. The waiter put a plate in front of him on which there were only pieces of paper with the words 'rice,' 'sambar' [vegetable broth] and 'payasam' [sweet rice pudding] written on them.

"The speaker became angry. 'What do you think you are doing! Are you trying to insult me?' he asked. The waiter said, 'I was listening to your speech earlier this evening. I heard you declare that you are Brahman, and that just this thought is enough, that there is no need for spiritual practice. So I thought you would surely agree that it is enough for you to just think about food to appease your hunger! There is obviously no need to eat!'

"It isn't enough to just talk,  We have to act. Only through practice can we realise the Truth.'"