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An Offering Of Love

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A few years ago at the time when preparations were being made to the
construction of the Super-Specialties Hospital, Bhagawan Sri Sathya
Sai Baba seemingly had less time to devote to the students. Day and
night, He was busy with matters relating to the new hospital. Every
evening immediately after darshan Bhagawan would call a group of
doctors for an interview and He would discuss with them the matters
relating to the new hospital, even the minutest details, as this was
to be a model hospital.

Bhagawan would come out of the interview room only after the evening
Bhajans had commenced and so the students did not have much of an
opportunity to interact with Bhagawan during this period. Bhagawan
would come out, speak to the students, and guide them. But this was
not possible at that time, as Bhagawan was extremely busy.

One very young student of Bhagawan could no longer bear the pangs of
separation from his Mother Sai. He wrote a letter to Bhagawan one day
and took it during evening Darshan. However, unfortunately, he was
sitting a few rows back. When Bhagawan came to his side, this boy got
up and offered his letter. Bhagawan stopped, leaned over and made a
special effort to take this young boy's letter. To say the least,
this boy was ecstatic. Then the Darshan continued and as usual,
Bhagawan called a group of doctors for an interview.

All the students were depressed as they felt they had been deprived
of the love of their Mother Sai, yet another day. Then, after about
five minutes, to everyone's utter amazement, the interview door flew
open and Bhagawan emerged in all His glory, holding a small letter in
His hand, the letter of the young boy. Bhagawan called that young boy
to come near and asked him, "Boy! Should I read aloud what you have
written to me so that everyone may listen ?".

The innocent boy replied, "Whatever you wish, Bhagawan". Bhagawan
Himself read the letter aloud so that all could hear. That letter was
as follows:

"Dear Bhagawan!

You have given so much to me and to everyone here. You have provided
free education for all my brothers and me and now I hear that you are
constructing a BIG hospital that will provide the most modern
healthcare facilities to every section of the society, totally free
of cost. Bhagawan! I also want to be part of your glorious Mission,
but I am just a small boy and I do not know how I can contribute.
Bhagawan! My parents are extremely poor. In spite of that, they send
me a little extra pocket money every month. I know it is due to their
love and concern for me. Bhagawan! For the last three months, I have
not given my clothes to the dhobi (washer man). After all the other
boys had gone to bed in the night, I washed my clothes and thus
managed to save a little money. Bhagawan! I have also resisted the
temptation of toffees, chocolates and all other things and thus
managed to save a little money. Bhagawan! I offer this hundred-rupee
note to you. I feel so ashamed and small to give you so little.
However, even if this money can be used to buy a small brick for the
foundation of the new hospital, I will be the happiest child in the

Your Loving Son

Bhagawan's eye had that twinkle of a mother, when her little son does
something that makes her feel extremely proud. Holding the 100-rupee-
note in His hand, Bhagawan said to that young boy, "My dear son! This
is not hundred rupees for me. This note is worth millions and
millions of rupees for Me. "Only those who are immersed in the Divine
are dear to Me and are My dear friends. If you want to be dear
friends of Swami, conduct yourself in the Divine manner. In such a
case, you do not need to come here, I will come to you wherever you

`Just as the birds fly with the help of their two wings, so also man
should reach the goal of life quickly with the help of the two
wings, namely, love and service' -BABA

Submitted by Sidharth (
SBOI-Group member)

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