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Living In The Presence of God (Vol 1)
Chapter 1


When He begins to speak, the words that are of the
wise, let your ears deafen to all other voices that
surround you. When He begins to reveal Himself in His
true glory, let your eyes close, be asleep to the
world, and awaken to His form only. Respond, for you
are the child of God! Recognize His call - the
beating of His drums of love. The closer you get, the
more intense and insane will be this dance, the rhythm
and movement of His love and yours. All that you
love, does not know how to love. His love, is what
your love looks for today. Love must give the joy of
love to all, yet it must take the refusal of its
acceptance, with no complaints. Your love demands and
expects, but His love only accepts and blesses. Leave
all that you love to live today. Come to Me, and
learn that you live only to love. This love does not
want, it only wants to give. This is the love that
will, one day, find Me.

Love, I say, must be your only language of
communication. Which other language can reach out
more effectively, and complete every task with
success? Only Love!! Love bears on its shoulders the
burdens of patience and tolerance to all under any
circumstances. Love is that sacrifice that feels the
pain of another’s wounds, yet heals his own wounds
with the giving of more of his love. In giving love,
there must be no limits - in time or quantity. Your
weakness lies in your hesitation to give, in your fear
of giving, in your expectations of receiving, and most
of all, in your pride that keeps you as a bud,
preventing you from blooming, to share the beauty and
fragrance of your divine riches. Strengthen your
fears with faith - in My showing you the way. I
respond to all with love, I change and transform only
with love, and I break the chains of your passions and
form the ties with your God within with My love. Love
can and will change anything and anyone, but you must
endure all with patience, tolerate all with humility,
and sacrifice all that will hinder your sadhana to

When your journey of life becomes the mission to seek
God, then love must become your life’s companion.
Without love, God cannot be found and without God,
there will be no true love. Love will find its way
into your minds, leaving it calm and peaceful and then
will travel to you heart, lighting it with its warmth
and changing all your "no’s" to a "yes", all your
"cant’s" to a "will". Your determination to love, is
your serious commitment to enter your lives as God.
Love is as dependent upon you as you are upon love,
for you become the empty page upon which God writes
His language. Depending upon the love of others, only
binds you to several other attachments, but giving and
forgetting love, will only set you free. When love
hurts, know that there is the impurity of ego in it,
for the love that emanates from the self, never hurts.

Let love be the one that praises, let love be the one
that takes all the blames, and let love be your hope
to live this life and end its last breath in giving
away the "you" and taking only the "self" back. Play
and be happy in your love for all, but do not
"display". Love is your experience to truth and
peace. Love has no complexities, it is the simple
face of the Lord with the eyes of a mother that only
gives and smiles. Love cannot be learnt to give, it
automatically flows, once your heart beats for others.

Yes! Within each of you, lies a power, latent - a
power to live beyond the life in this world, and be
encircled in the embrace of love. Discover this new
life to cover the life you live today. Change from
your old habits of begging worldly wants, for they
only dim and eventually fade away. Beg from Me the
gift of love, that will only brighten and shine your
life and on all the lives that this love falls upon.


From the time of birth unto death, you experience
different forms of love. I call these your
‘addictions’ and dependencies more than love itself.
From birth you feel instantaneous love for the mother
that delivered you in this world and the father that
protected you from discomfort and stresses. You grew
to love your siblings who shared your childhood with
you. You grew attached to your surroundings and
friends that spent time with you in the course of your
studies. Then you gave your heart to the one person
you committed to spend your lifetime with. This union
brought your children into this world for whom you
sacrificed your entire life for.

But in each of these kinds of love, is a ‘selfishness’
hidden. Even after experiencing all this love, you
remain restless, unhappy and in search of something
new. In each of these stages of love, you will find
your eye looks for a love that is sweeter and more
complete. A love that completely accepts you with no

When the love of God walks into your life, His
strength of goodness becomes your ideal. His power to
change you is your only obsession. His shadow of
protection is your motivation to move forward! I urge
you to walk your first steps towards this stream of
love. Push yourselves, slowly, from these strings of
confinements, and arrive at My doorstep. Give up the
name that is attached to this body and call upon Mine.
These doors of My love will stay open for you always,
anytime, anywhere and whenever you are ready for Me.
It is only your readiness to walk Godward, that will
one day, make you the divine being you pray to be




Recognize My mission and make it your own. When you
are no different from Me, then why should your tasks
be different from Mine? To be able to love all, you
must be able to see all as yourselves. Do not limit
your love to only the family you are born in. Your
heart must broaden to encompass all in your family.

Your feelings of superiority over others must go.
Step over all your likes and hatred, and reign the
superiority over your senses. Do not be fickle to
love Him now, and spite Him in your very next moment.
The love in God, the love of God, and the love for God
must be the guidelines of your life. Love must never
be publicized. It must be done in a sweet silence,
only in the watchful presence of the divinity that
lies within. The reward of your love is the presence
of the Lord with you always. What more can you ask,
when God Himself, becomes your companion in this walk
of life, and when this journey of life ends, your life
merges and ends into Him.

Divine love cannot be limited by any laziness. Love
will make time always for others and never for your
ownselves. Love suffocates on terms and conditions.
Where there is an "if" and a "but", true love does not
exist there. Your ideal that makes you love will let
you pass through all the trials of love and will
successfully elevate you to the level of divine love -
a love that justifies no reason, a love that fears
only God's approval.

Be confident, and know that love is your way to
liberate. Love can free you from the bondages of
dislikes and hatred, breaking the wall of differences
that you create to destroy the self. Love bears the
sweetness and innocence of a child that will melt any
heart. Love is as brave as a warrior that can walk at
the edge of a razor blade, without the fear of the
wounds it will bear. Sacrifice holds the hands of
love, and together, they conquer and win, to be less
handicapped to their own desires, and in the process,
they learn that "giving" is "loving" and "loving" is

Do not mistake your passion to be love, for that is
only temporarily rising to heights and then falling,
due to your selfish motives that are involved. You
must be unaffected to give love under any
circumstances and not waver with personal prejudices.
For being loved, no one is too small or too big, for
we all need to be loved, and we all need someone to

To give love, you must respond with all sincerity that
comes from the depth of your heart and with no
judgements. Love cannot be judged or measured, it is
only felt. Thoughts of love must be followed by words
of kindness and acts of selflessness, or else love
becomes meaningless.

Just as giving love is your nature, accepting
another's love with sincere acceptance and no
criticism is also love itself. Love must be given
with pleasure and accepted with gracefulness too.
Love that is given must not be remembered, but love
must be accepted with a profuse feeling of
thankfulness. An act of love received from another is
His grace to you, for it is only His love that lives
in all of us. Do not attach a value to any act of
love. Money can buy you a gift that can give you
momentary pleasure, but the love behind the act cannot
be bought. Love, My dears, and learn to look beyond
yourselves. Each one of you can change to be God.
Rise above the pride of your limited knowledge, and
learn to live by all with love.

Aspire to be divine, and inspire by being divine.
Love can mingle with any race, any religion, and it
can embrace a saint to a sinner. Experience divine
love, and I promise you that you will smile with tears
of divine bliss. Love nourishes your spiritual wants,
just as your blood nourishes the body.


When you look into the sea from the shores, the sea
appears to have a limited boundary. Travel across the
sea, and you will see that the ocean goes far beyond
the boundary that appeared from the shore. Such is
the case of love. You seem to think that you have
reached the limits of love, but to your surprise, you
will find that you can love even more. Love grows to
infinity. The limits of love are the limits you place
on it. The more love you experience, the more love
will grow and give. Fly, and spread the wings of
love, and set yourselves free.

Your attachments will fail in the test of love.
Attachments identify your limitation to the body with
no recognition of the self. This love is your own
dependency till this body remains. Divine love,
recognizes the body as only an instrument of the Lord
and knows, that the self is only a part of Him that
serves through this body.

Be simplistic in your ways of life. Your obsessions
of your possessions supercedes your love for your own
selves. Your temporary contentment in your houses,
cars, and bank balances prevent you to even know who
God really is. Your "wants" today dominate your
"needs", and in this race to want more, your need for
God has diminished and even disappeared. Wake up, and
see that these worldly riches have made you the poor
human you are today. All your desires of comforts may
be at your feet, yet your mind is diseased, and your
heart experiences pain to detach and to give. When
your love for the world takes the place to love God,
your pains, my child, are inevitable. Ask yourselves,
how much are you able to give of yourselves to the
people you love. You will be amazed as to how much
your love actually demands than gives. How much of it
do you think is real love, or is it simply using their
love to your advantage?

Evaluate yourselves and your lives, and realize the
vacuum of emptiness you are enclosed in. Change, be
softer and more compassionate to the needs of others,
and stop your complaints of them. Change, be quiet to
be able to hear the pain of others, and stop living
for yourselves. Your expectations of others is only
your own ego, your acceptance of them is divine. You
can change the world in the way you perceive it. I
can motivate and inspire you to love, but it is still
you that has to take the step to love. I can show you
the benefits of your change, but it is you that must
be determined to change. Make your efforts and earn
the blessing of eternal bliss.

Do not consider it your defeat of your weakness when
you do not retaliate to others' attacks on you. Stay
quiet, for your reply and defense humiliates the God
within both of you. The resistance to reply to each
harsh word depicts your strength to endure. Your
reaction must always reflect the God within you. In
fact, it is only your pride, and the lack of belief of
the God in all, that allows you to reply with a harsh
word. Love can face the bullet and ignore and forget
the pain. Firing the bullet back, will only cause a
painful war, innocent deaths, and the spread of more

If one is not able to accept your love in a civil
manner, then you must stay away but not resent. If
the person comes back to you to accept your love once
again, you must welcome him, with no complaints of the
past. The grudges you hold will only make you
miserable, cutting the cables of communication with Me
and the world.

When you do not clean your house for a few days, you
accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and garbage that makes
your home foul smelling and unlivable. The house must
be cleaned everyday, so that you can rest in a clean
and a pure, peaceful environment. In the same way,
you must make an attempt to purify your inner selves
each and every moment you live. When you allow the
evils to develop within you, your mind gets restless,
your words become sour, your heart hardens, and your
acts revolve around the "I", making you a very
unpleasant person to be with. Love, my sweet, is the
purifier that cleanses your inner homes where I
reside. Practise love, and remove all this dirt and
garbage that has made you immune.

You have found the heavens, when you have found and
believed in your own divinity. Hell exists, only when
the self is denied. Do not settle for any less than
perfection in your love. You must not and will not
lose when I accompany you in this journey. My love
will give you the strength and motivation to love
others. Once you have tasted the sweetness of the
love of the Lord, sugar will lose its sweetness on
you. When the God within awakens, His love flows, and
guides your thoughts, words and actions. Living in
the comfort of love, is more desirable than any other
worldly possession. The confidence of love is your
biggest security and your most powerful weapon.

Light a flame of love in your hearts and burn in it
all your hatred into ashes. Let this flame be your
light and guide to move forward into a life of
enlightenment. Be sure of refueling, so that the lamp
remains alight, and you are never lost again in the
dark superiority of your egos. The burning of the ego
is the emergence of the divine within.

Take every opportunity to love, and be thankful to
those who give you this opportunity. The need of love
of another from you, is simply your own purification
process in your path to reach Me. No superiority or
inferiority exists in this relationship as both need
each other; for one confirms his faith in God in his
time of need, and the other completes his given task
and realizes his own oneness with God. Both, the
acceptance, and the giving of love with humility and
surrender, are the acts of God. When superiority of
one over the other comes in, then love walks away and
the "pride of pity" comes in. Take whatever you get
as His blessings with thankfullness, and give without
the pain of pride or attachments - the only thing that
belongs to you is God, His love, and His presence in
you, at all times.

You cannot compete or compare love, for then the love
is only a measurement of your egos. Each one's story
of love says its own verse of sacrifice and must not
under any circumstance, be belittled. Praise the love
of others and keep yours a silent secret. In the
silence itself, lies the applause of the Lord.


Till you do not accept My existence is within you, until then, your search for
Me will be futile
and non-rewarding. Recognize that your ability to love is the God you search
for. If you want to
find true love, begin the journey of life at My feet and end it at My feet. Pay
full attention to
follow these feet, at all times, for any distraction that will pull you away,
will lose Me for a
while, leaving you rooted to the ground, breaking your journey, to come back
home with Me.

The fear that lives within you distorts your vision of God. One will naturally
begin to
experience fear when he does not remember his own name, has no recognition of
his own mother, and
has totally forgotten his way to reach his home. In this confusion, how can you
give divine love
to all? To be able to love all, you must know who you really are, and what
really lies behind
this world and beyond this life. I am here to answer all your questions, but
your faith in my
answers must be unshakable.

Avoid participating in discussions that only end in meaningless arguments. Be
understanding and
open to each one's opinion. Each individual shares his love in his own unique
way. The
differences lie in your mind and not in them. A man educated in God's ways
practices to be that
God all his life. God takes any form that love takes. Know, realize and
believe that! When you
become love, you are God! Look around, and see the various forms of love that
walk around you.
Yes! They are all God, they come from Him, they live for Him, and go back only
to Him. Your
doubts and disbelief make you only a stubborn loser. Your doubts are the lack
of confidence in
your own divinity, and your disbelief is the barrier of your own ego that blocks
the vision of the
indwelling God. Talking less and appropriately is also a virtue. Do not talk
or babble to empty
your chaotic minds. Unnecessary talk may sometimes hurt another. Remember,
once the words leave
your tongue, they cannot be amended or taken back. Do not use the tongue as a
weapon to hurt
others. A true devotee will swear only to silence at all times, and when he
speaks, it will only
be His praise. Language must be used to only convey your kindness and love.
Words that criticize
and attack are the language of the demon.

Each sense has been given to either convey or receive love. Your eyes speak the
words of the
heart and reflect your state of mind. Your eyes can show your contentment, they
can smile with
the peace you hold within. The look that is filled with sincere love needs no
words. A loving
glance can sometimes speak more and be more expressive than language itself.
When your eyes
behold the Lord, they will reflect Him and His radiance, to further spread His
joy of love to all
that look and gaze.

Your tongue can be deceitful, but your eyes cannot mask your true feelings. The
eyes are a mirror
that reflect your inner self. Remember, each thing I discuss with you, is
experienced by you,
known to you, and at a certain level, even realized by you, but I will still, at
every moment,
make an attempt to remind you. If the perfect picture lies before you all the
time, you are bound
to make an attempt to capture the picture. I will remind you of your duty to
love constantly so
that you can rise above your inhibitions of laziness to pursue God. I will
point out to you, your
wrong conceptions of love that you seem to live in today, and create a disgust
of your own habits
of which you have become a victim. I will drag and pull you out of this puddle
of dirt, and
purify you with the power of My words and example. I will shake the fear out of
you, and make you
realize that God Himself can never fear. I will melt you in the warmth of My
love, and I will not
leave you, My dear, till you learn to love back.

My words will surround you and haunt you, until you pick up yourselves and act
upon them. Your
love lies to be an unhappy untruth. Your insincerity in your love lacks all
commitment and duty.
You experience love of passions on a physical level with hollow, empty words in
a heart that is
dead. What has your life become, My child, What has become of Me??? It is
time, My child, to
awaken and hear His voice in the silence of your egos. The time has come to
yourselves, and follow the teacher. The time is right to swallow the poisons of
your pride, and
kill it forever. Do not let time run out on you, run and make an attempt to go
beyond time,
beyond the body and mind, and reach Me. Go beyond the complexities of your
human mind and reach
the simplicity of the divine. Your claims of your possessions are the reasons
for your spiritual
poverty. There is nothing to claim when all is to give.



Love not the beauty of the body, for its beauty is like that of
a flower, a beauty that is short lived. Work hard instead, to
emit the beauties that lie in the self, for the beauty of the
self can change you and touch the lives of several others.
Know, that beauty lies in a simple truth, beauty shines in an
act of sacrifice, beauty awakens in the one that is patient, and
the beauty of love, is love like that of God.

Consider Me to be your doctor, and love your medicine. The
doctor may perform procedures that may be unpleasant and
painful, but your faith in him allows him to do his work that is
needful, without any complaints. The medicine itself is
sometimes bitter and sometimes sweet, but you know that the cure
for your illness lies in it.

In the same way, you may undergo circumstances in life that
inflict pain and suffering, but this is just My procedure to
correct your imperfections. My love, which is the cure for your
mental illnesses, may sometimes be sweet and calming, and at
other times, be strict with discipline. Accept all with love,
My love for you.

Let your love for God be most intense, the intensity of this
love can moderate all other forms of love and eliminate your
passions. If your love is intense for something or someone in
this world, then that love turns into a jealous obsession, and
the presence of God gets masked in your insanity.

You ask Me several times as to "how do I love all?" My answer
to you is practice of love. Practice love, delibrately and
intentionally at first. Continual practice in My presence, with
no need of praise, will allow your attempts of love to grow into
a love that one day will flow automatically, without even any
effort. Put love into your routines, and your everyday will
become a refreshing change. Shut your ego with the love of God,
and let the fountain of love from within flow. Do not let the
failure in your practice discourage you. Love can face all
failures, and turn each of them into a divine, miraculous
success. Your success to Me, is to pick yourselves up after
every attempt, and pursue your goal to love. You must walk
every step in the confidence of the self. Your determination to
find the truth of God in love must compel you to think like God,
speak like God, and act like God, too!

God's love has no limitations, thus your love, too, must extend
itself to the fullest of its ability. Love will only have
limitations, when your expectations to receive love back begins
to rise, and you begin to envision the rewards of what you have
given in love to others. Let Me tell you, that each of you is
capable of giving this divine love. Your excuse of being only
"human" makes you lazy, and lets you look for an easy way out to
support your imperfect ways of life. Within every human lies
the virtues of the divine. However much you may stray today,
each one of you, will one day, come back to Me. Even when you
are lost, you are still within My reach. All will leave one
day, but God stays! You can never leave Me, and I, My child,
will never leave you.

The beauty of love lies in your humility to serve. Serve
without a question, serve to fill in the need to help the cause.
Work hard to uplift the distressed, help to heal the diseased
with the cure of compassion, and share your worldly riches with
the poor. Let your shoulders support the burdens of the
elderly, let your spirit of selfless love encourage the youth to
work with you in your project of love, and let the child born
today grow in the warmth and security of a loving and caring
family. I want you today to be leaders of love, models of
compassion and to be the ideals of the future to come.

Your mind is a fickle companion that shifts its loyalties
continuously. It may prompt you to act in one way now, but the
next moment it may degrade you and make you repent for the act
that it prompted. The judgements of the mind are rash and
sometimes unforgiving. Your mind is heartless and does not know
compassion and love.

Your heart, on the other hand, does not have a mind. It does
not think, evaluate and judge. It acts promptly where the truth
of love exists. The mind and the heart, both, belong to you.
For you to learn the language of the divine, your minds, My
dears, must go; your hearts must awaken. Follow the heart, and
leave your mind behind. The heart will always speak My voice,
and the mind will only doubt. Your heart beats with a strong
will to find love, your mind will only fear the losses involved
in finding this love. The heart serves with no purpose, it
gives to gain pleasure from the act of giving. Your mind serves
with the purpose of gain, it will give, only to receive at least
the same value of the gift, if not more, and it suffers severe
disappointments upon not receiving. Your goal is to train the
mind to be devoid of thoughts. Let your thoughts become fewer
and purer. The fewer your thoughts, the lesser your worries and
fears. Your mind needs a focus. Whatever your mind focuses on,
those are your thoughts, your desires, and it is this focus,
that gives you the instant need to act and react. The mind is
like a machine that needs to be fed with data all the time. It
takes strict discipline and strong will power to keep the mind
empty and pure.



Meditation is one of the practices that allows you to control
the mind. Meditation will not help if it is done only for a few
minutes a day, for when you get back to your normal routines,
your mind goes back to play. You must practise to be meditative
at all times. Your mind must be controlled constantly, in all
your battles throughout the day.

For your mind to stay in the "stop" mode, you must focus all
your energies on God, in the powers of your own divinity, and
must surround yourselves with the spirits and angels of
goodness. Only when the mind is at rest and pure, will the
heart learn to love. A restless mind will only give you a
heartache. The self will control only when you believe in the
self. The God within each one of you lives, directs, and loves.
No one is good and no one is bad, it is only the temporary
insanity of your minds, it is only a sick and diseased heart,
and a soul that stands behind the curtain of the ego. All is
God, and all is love, but that you must find yourselves, and I,
My sweet, will just stand back and wait!

Loving a person, even though he may resent or dislike you, is an
accomplishment, but to love this person and not feel hurt at his
resentment towards you, not to expect him to acknowledge your
love, to help him in spite of his spite for you, and to continue
to wish him well with your sincere prayers for him, is a sure
sign of divinity.

Love must be universal. Love cannot be "mine" or "yours". Such
love results only into hate, envy or jealousy. Now you ask Me,
why must you love? What will motivate you to love? My answer
to this is, to make 'peace' with your "self", to be born only
once and have no deaths, to end the war between your mind and
God, to recognize your origin, to know your true name -, and to
learn that your dependence on your ego's has become your own
prison. End your fears of life, for when love enters, fear
dies, and life will live for love. The experience of pure love
will only remove the separation of "I" from God. Love has the
power that will kill in you all that must not live, and free you
into living a life without the "you" and only the "self". Yes,
it comes in a storm, where the lightening of truth flashes, the
thundering voice of your conscience deafens you with its
warnings, and the rain pours with love, awakening spiritual life
to grow. Grow with love, to love all, in love with God, to know



Behind every virtue, lies the backbone of love. Truth is
important in a relationship of love. You cannot lie or be
deceitful, for your love also becomes a lie. Behind patience,
also, lies the foundation of love. Why else would you bear or
endure, if there is no love? You forgive the faults of someone
close, only because of love. You are humble, because you want
to please the one you love. You will want to give away the best
you have, only out of love. Even if one hurts you, you will not
hurt back and you will swallow the anger and pride, only out of
love. Try to love, want to love, for love will make you a
better person. Your virtues are the compartments that follow
the engine of love.

Wake up each morning with a prayer that asks the Lord to give
you His strength to be able to love all during that day. A
mountain of divine strength lays latent within you that awakens
only with His grace. Believe with certainty, that behind every
act are the hands of God. He acts, He receives, He wins, He are only the pen with which He writes your life.

Devotion to God is not only for Him, but love accompanied with
the will of strong faith and sweet patience. This kind of
devotion leads to the ultimate surrender that liberates you to
become God. For true devotion to arise, your love for God must
climb over all desires, your faith must not speculate gains, and
your patience must seek no compensations for your wait. Love
for God sprouts when your eyes will clearly see His purity and
your own impurities. Devotion does not count the time spent
with God. Time must become God, or time spent is time wasted.
Life comes in the form of a human, only to give you the
opportunity to know Him, love Him, and realize Him. You are
fortunate to have this birth, to realize one day that the master
exists in the servant, and the servant serves only to become the
master one day.

I will repeat Myself until all your doubts are erased, until all
your hesitations are removed, and until your faith in God,
becomes the power of your will. Use this power of your will to
transform yourselves, using love as a tool, good character as
your discipline, divine virtues as your education, and surrender
to God as faith in your mission. Believe, that in every
failure, there is a strength that lies to succeed ahead, and
behind each success, lies the smile of the Lord. Win the "Me"
in all successfully, and thus, succeed to win "Me".

God's expectations of you are not high, it is only that the
standards of God that you have maintained within your "self", is
too low. You have allowed yourselves to become what you are,
and you have justified within your minds that God is a far purer
entity than your "self". Then tell Me, what is your
understanding of God? Why is God important in your life? Why
must you pray? Why are you here? Who are you, and who am I?
None of these questions can be answered by your justifications.

When you understand God, you understand the self. Without God,
your life loses meaning, and without prayer, your life loses
God. You are here to know God, to know that you are God, and
that I am the God in you. Then tell Me what can separate you
and Me? Only you! - For I see you in Me and Me in you. You,
too, must see the Me in you and know that that Me is actually
you. So when you try, I try; when you fail, I fail; when you
succeed, I succeed; and when you are impure, I become impure
too. You say God cannot be impure, then I say, you too, cannot
"stay" impure. Let me give you an example. The subject of
Mathematics appears difficult to comprehend, abstract to apply,
and in your fear and your lack of understanding, you dislike the
subject, and to mask this lack of confidence, you begin to
ignore the subject, justifying in your mind that the need of
mathematics in your life is unnecessary and unhelpful. But is
this really true? By simply ignoring the subject, it does not
disappear. Its applications in your day to day life are
necessary and so is your understanding. If your basics in the
subject are strong, then even the most difficult part of the
subject gets easier to solve. But it is not that the subject
will always remain easy. Even the master of mathematics will
have to tackle tough problems with a steady mind, have
confidence in his learning and have faith in the love of his

Similarly, if God appears abstract to you, you cannot ignore His
presence in your life. Your mind can live without God, but in
your heart of hearts, lives God. If you have grown with God,
then it becomes easier to understand Him and His ways. But He
will remain to stay a challenge even to His biggest devotee. It
is only a man that has conquered his mind, lived up to his faith
in God, accepted and surrendered all to His will and has
transformed his heart into the home of the Lord, such a man,
will master his subject to become Him.



On this earth is an Avatar, He walks will all the divine
energies of the universe within Him, His name is truth, His form
is love, His mission is to be only on the right path, and His
promise to us, is peace at all times. This is a mother who has
come to take Her children back home with Her. A mother who
never sleeps and will tirelessly work to awaken Her children
from their deep slumber of ignorance. A mother who never
complains, but who patiently listens to Her child's complaints,
even complaints of Her. A mother who is perfect Herself, yet is
grateful to you for your efforts to transform. A mother who
will worry, when you do not give her your worries. A mother who
will cushion your fall with Her own hands and who will grace
your success with rewards of Her love and protection forever.
The mother in Me, looks for the child in you to respond and
recognize My call of love, to work with Me in My task to
spiritually elevate with you all your brothers and sisters of
this world, so that none of you can ever be an orphan again, and
with My light of truth and warmth of love, this mother will
carry each one of Her children to the home of divine peace. The
nature of your existence is to give love and seek peace. So I
say,"Let the fires in your heart burn with love, and let this
fire burn into ashes your thoughts and desires and empty your
mind, only to fill it with peace." My mission is to transform
the bitter to sweet, to melt the stone to butter, to remove the
impurities and polish the jewel of virtues, and your mission, My
dears, is to live My mission from the beginning of your journey
till the end. The Guru can teach, but it is the devotee that
must learn. The Guru can save, but it is the devotee that must
allow Him to save. My mission and your mission, both depend
upon you, for my mission will succeed, only, if your mission
wins. Today, I plead to you as a mother to listen, I instruct
you as your teacher to pass your test, and I bless you with the
divine energies to succeed in your task and to give purpose to
the cause for which this has come. Change to love all, and you
will love the change it will bring in yourselves.

When you begin to experience the beauty of love with the efforts
you make in your spiritual sadhana, and you begin to share this
experience with others, so they too, can feel this wave of
peace, you have become a part of My "team". You have become one
of My hands to complete My task, you have become the hope in My
eyes, you have brought truth to My teachings, you have begun the
process of eliminating the "I" and opening the spiritual eye to
see the Lord yourselves, and you have begun to share the way
with others. If you help one, and the one helps another, then
the truth is not far away, and in the circle of love, we will
find God.

When you have shared love, you have not shared your wealth of
this life, but your wealth of several lives, only to see it grow
to become your treasure. This treasure of love makes you the
owner of this world, without the desire or obsession to own.
You will realize, that the rest of the world is your want "to
need", but love is all you really need. Your urge to share this
love is the divine energy within you that goes beyond the need
of your "self" to the needs of all the "selves" that surround
you. Each of us is a part of this whole, and love is the magnet
that attracts us to each other to come together and become one
spirit, "the spirit of God". The difference lies only in the
body, for the inner beings of each one of us come and go back to
the same Source. Close your eyes, and shut off to the external
physical differences. When you pray, you close your eyes to the
external distractions, so that you can concentrate on looking
inward. In the same way, your relation with others must go
beyond the body. The eyes of your "self" will recognize the
bond in the "self" of another. Then tell Me, who can you hate,
who can you envy, and who is really the target of your anger?
Your own self! You cannot make anyone suffer, for the one who
suffers is you, and the one who inflicts the suffering is also
you. I know this may be hard to understand, for you are reeled
into this wheel of superficiality, but I am the truth, and I
have come to reveal it to you. "God is true love and love is
the true self." All else experienced or known, is unreal.

To live amongst the defects of this world, to overcome all your
faults and ignore them in others, and to live your life in
perfect purity, seems to be only a wishful thought to you. Do
not blindfold yourselves with the idea that all this is
impossible and difficult to accomplish. To Me, most of your
difficulties lie in your disbelief of God, in your fears of
handling the reins over to Him, in the mountain of pride that
stops you to love, and in the lack of confidence in your own
self. Believe Me, you live in a very difficult situation today,
and My path for you is less crooked and very simple. When the
Lord walks in your life with you, the strength of His purity
will compel you to wash away your impurities. His feet, you
will follow, all through your ups and downs, the warmth of His
smile, and the sweet voice of His encouraging words will take
away all your pains, His hands you will hold to overcome the
blinding spells of your chaotic senses, His eyes will be your
guide to help you reach home, and your eyes will find
contentment in only seeing Him. The bliss you can find in your
journey of life with Him is not comparable to your journeys that
leave you alone and lost.

When a person in jail suffers long-term imprisonment, he begins
to adapt to the ways in the prison and begins to find security
in his cell. He fears to be released into the real world
outside, due to his lack of self-confidence. He becomes afraid
of rejection and failure.

You, too, have been locked into several bodies and have begun to
find comfort and security in this unreal world. Your fears of
the unknown, and of your fears of change have limited you in
your inquiries of the self. You are imprisoned by choice and
not by force. Come, open the doors, and breathe the fresh air
of freedom! Come, untie the chains that lock your feet, and
learn to walk again! Come, unfold your blindfold, and in the
brightness of the sunlight, enjoy the true vision and see again!
In such confinement, divine love suffocates and dies.


All your worldly possessions and attitudes have to be given up
to bring in divine love. As you begin to lose the world, you
will begin to find God. Your worldly possessions will possess
you and make you insane. Divine love can make you obsess to
reach the sanity of the Lord Himself. You may appear insane to
the one who is worldly, but do not let the fears of that stop
you from imitating Me.

Bring the change in you slowly, gradually, and yet
intentionally. The change that comes in you must stay to
remain. Too many quick steps confuse the mind and subject you
to disappointing failures. You must be determined to bring
about the transformation, but you must not be impatient.
Remember, all through this process, you are never alone, for I
witness each step; I walk each step with you, and I reward and
bless you for each step of your courage. Transformation of the
soul involves the control over your mind, intellect and senses,
purification of the heart, and instilling within you, a love for
all forms that are the different faces of the Creator.

"Rely" on My name in your minds, "recite" My name on your lips,
and "reside" My name in your hearts, and let the name become the
cure to transform. "Rely", "Recite", and "Reside", let this
human go, let us become divine! When love becomes your thought
and love walks into your heart, then I have given you My name,
"Prema". I have considered you to be My form - "Premaswarupa".
Sai Baba is the name that is given by you, but in the truth of
God, I am the form of love, My name is the truth of love, I have
taken this body to love, to teach you to love, to transform you
to the soul of love, and with love as your path, you will, one
day, reach the heavens - the merging of you in Me forever.
Leave this hell, where the mind speaks and God is silent. Leave
this hell, where the "I" resides and the "Lord" is homeless.
Leave this hell, where the heart is black and the purity of love
is just a fiction. Leave this hell, and walk on this new path
that I have paved with My hands. Reach Me, My child, before you
lose yourself, forever!

Each one of you walks alone on this spiritual journey, so your
experiences must be first hand, for the words of another may be
empty, hollow, and meaningless. Let the faith not waver
anymore, let your fears not consume you anymore, let your
strength to reach Me overpower your weakness of laziness, and
let your love for Me believe in My truth itself! You feel the
pain, for you believe in the separation of Me and you. I, too,
feel the pain, the pain of your ignorance, the pain of your
stubbornness, and the pain to be unable to give you my love

You say that your wounds bleed, that the pain is unbearable and
that has made you a weak human. But yet, your faith in My
remedy to heal your wound and to take your pain is even weaker.
You say that you pray to change, but that God stays deaf, and
your prayers are unanswered. How will I answer, when even you
disbelieve the sincerity of your own efforts? You say, to love
all is hard, and to accept life as is, is even harder. But
truly, you have not learnt to even love your selves. Once the
self is loved, to love all becomes natural. When you cannot
accept your "self" as is, then how can you accept life? When
all becomes true surrender to God's will, then life will
automatically be accepted, too. Do not delude yourselves to
believe that you are the victim to the injustices of the world.
The injustice lies in you letting your mind to win, the
injustice lies in you letting your ego gone to rule, and the
injustice lies in your blame of God Himself, and in all whom He
lives in. Yes, you want "just is" and I want "just you", you
want the "world", and I want to be the world in you. You want
"God", and I want you to find God in you. You want love, and I,
My dear, want you to be love! God will only be found, when the
storm within you breaks, and when you will experience the
monsoons of love.


Love can never belong and in love you can never go wrong. When
love belongs, your search for God will "be long". So make God
your beloved and "be loved" by Him forever. Today, your love
for God is "benign". It has not spread to the rest of you.
Love must overcome each part of you. Yes, make this love from
"benign" to "be nine!" Give Me, today, all the nine forms of
your devotion, and learn to love God. When the love for the
Lord becomes "boundless", all in the world will be forgotten,
and I promise that you will be "bound less". God is ever ready
to bless you with this loan of love, and believe Me, this loan
is the best to own. There is no interest on this loan - His
only interest is you. You can default as many times in your
payment - He will forgive! There is no time period to pay it
off - He will wait patiently, forever. The only collateral you
provide for this loan is your love for Him, and maybe one day,
your acceptance of Him.

Tell Me, will this attitude help you in your change Godward? If
one's action to you is distasteful, then tell Me, is your action
of idle gossip and heartless judgements on this person in any
better taste? If you are not able to help another with his
weakness and faults, then you must rise above your judgement and
criticisms to ignore them and accept them. What right do you
have to belittle another when a whole army of faults lies within
you? Remember, the biggest fault of all is to criticize a fault
of another. It is only a coward that will mask his face with a
weakness of another.

I say, turn the spotlight on yourselves, and bare your own
faults. Acceptance of your weaknesses is your first step in
extending your hand towards Me for help. When honesty comes,
truth will awaken, and God will arrive. Believe Me, no one but
Me is there with you - today, tomorrow, and always. You can
impress all, but if you have not impressed Me, you still are
living life in untruth and unreality.

The play will end, My dears, your act will be over, the applause
will die, all will disperse, and you will stand in the middle of
this stage to face reality all alone. But if you know it to be
a play, you will play the act according to the director, you
will know that the applause lies for His work and not yours, and
you will be ready to go back home, knowing that you played your
part to the best of your ability. Let the truth be known now,
so that I can save you from your biggest fall later. Let Me see
your efforts now, so that I can save you with My grace later.
Prepare yourselves for your end with Me, for, with Me your end
will just begin your eternal life with Me.

How can I explain that it is only My love for you that makes Me
speak these harsh words to you. I want you to face the reality
without fears, to have faith that you all are the little Gods
that live today. A mother must be honest, or the child that is
brought up within the walls of false security and deception,
will one day, rebel to face the real world. My truth may hurt
you today, but it is this pain that will strengthen you
tomorrow. My demands of you may be unfair to you today, but
your giving in with your efforts will be only your victory
tomorrow. Do not judge Me and put limitations on our own
efforts to love. Believe Me, the soul can give and never tire,
the soul can love and rise higher, higher than the mind, your
senses, and all your desires. My words may sound empty and
monotonous to you today, but when the truth will flash in front
of you one day, these words will be your breath, these words
will be your only bread, and these words will be your bliss. So
today, let Me talk, and you shall listen, and tomorrow you will
act, and I will pray for the spiritual success of each one of

Where duty goes you do what you must and not what you can. The
word "can" is a freeway that lets you walk off easily from all
responsibilities. In duty, nothing must remain incomplete.
Your duties in your life must be your priorities, for when duty
stays undone, all other work in the eyes of the Lord are
meaningless. Your sense of duty must be accomplished with pure
selfless love, for that duty takes My form, that duty completes
My tasks, and that duty speaks of your own divinity. The tests
of duty lies in your strength to withstand its monotony, its
lack of gratitude, and the pleasure time it may take away from
you. These tests can be easily passed if duty becomes the God
you pray. Yes! Each one of you work for the Lord everyday, for
your are only His instrument used to complete His duty - the
well being, welfare, protection and love of all.

You stand today amidst confusion, trying to prioritize your
duties. Does your duty lie in family, friends, work, or
country? In all lies your duty, wherever there is God. How do
you prioritize this duty? I say, wherever the need is the
highest, there is where you first belong. Wherever is the love
that is closest to God, there is where you first belong.
Wherever your commitment or promise will lay until your last
breath in this body, there is where you first belong. Wherever
you will obey the rules of dharma, there is where you first
belong. Where God, Himself, will have to take your place in
your absence to perform your unfinished duty, then there is
where you first belong.

I want each one of you to go back in the years of your life and
think. Think, My sweet one, of your life's circumstances at
different stages, think of all the things that have gone wrong.
Yes! They went wrong. You felt pain and then in time, it was
healed. Calamities fall, the storms with their dark clouds
threaten, but then the skies clear; the sun comes out, and its
light and warmth awakens the song of love, again, in all living
beings. Think, My dears, why these circumstances? Why the
pain? What heals these pain? Who, My child, has saved you each
time and made you walk again?

Your previous karmas have determined your life in this current
body. Thus, circumstances are predetermined too. The pain you
suffer is due to your lack of understanding of this cycle. You
think yourself to be this body, the body is very fragile, and
thus, you break at every point when you face physical
discomforts. The body and mind feel every jolt; the mind
weakens and begins to fear every fall. The fear in the mind
will only cause pain in your hearts, for in fear, the heart
feels no love. With no love, the self begins to die, and you
live in this shadow of death. This is when the mother of this
universe will walk in. She comes, in one of Her forms, to give
you the love you have lost. I know, you say, you have not seen
Her, but how can you? Your eyes are as clouded as your minds
and your hearts. Can the mother ever see Her own child lost?
The mother cannot walk for you and she cannot speak your words.
The mother comes to love and teach Her child, but she cannot
live your life. No one can live your life, not even God! The
law of karma must return all your favours. So the Mother, after
every fall, makes you walk again, but then, She too, has to
leave to come back to save you, once again, in another fall on
another day!



The evil in the world will continue as long as separation from
the Lord exists. Let each one of you live by the expectation
that you are a part of Him and have come with a mission to be
the messenger of His love. You have not accepted Me truly as
your Mother, for if you really had, then you would know that the
child of God cannot falter, cannot weaken, and cannot fear for
he, too, is God! You call me your Mother, but truly in your
heart of hearts you have no faith in Her protection, you have no
trust in Her wisdom, you have no concept of Her love, and you
have no gratitude for all the service she renders to you.
Gather the strength to break this wall, the wall of your
differences between God and you, and end this evil that is
spreading like cancer, and consuming the self, - the God, - you!
Know that the body is human, you, My dears, are not! Know that
the mind is blind, - you, My dears, are not! Know that the ego
is evil, - you, My dears, are not! Know that your hearts today
are small and narrow, filled with impurities, - you, My dears,
are not! You are born today to rise above the weaknesses of the
human body, to remove this monkey that swings your mind like the
pendulum in a clock, to crush the evil of your ego's with the
new strength of your divine identities, and to purify and
enlarge your hearts to welcome all forms that live. You think
you live in this universe, but the universe, O child, lives
within you. When the Lord is enthroned in the hearts, then the
heart is larger than any planet or universe. Pure love in the
heart is bigger and mightier than any strength you have
envisioned today. Love will bend for all and will still remain
king, for only the ruler will know that as long as he will serve
his subjects, he will wear the crown.

You are born with the power to discriminate and with a sense to
recognize God in every situation you face. This sense will
shine and direct you, only if your soul is in continuous contact
with My spirit. I will never drag you or force you towards Me.
Your will from within must arise to choose Me. Until then, you
will live under the terror of your ego and the unjust ruling of
your mind. It is only when you will experience the fears of
travelling in the jungles of life alone, will you look for a
guide to make the journey short and successful. It is only when
you experience the fears of darkness, will you appreciate the
brightness of light. Yes, to experience the bliss of life with
God, you too, must experience the misery of life without Him.
Let this sense to recognize God become your power to reach Him.
In each act or doing, there will be one way in which God will
live and then there will be the other in which God will die
several times to live again and again. Choose to die only once,
and then live to become Him forever. Remember, the more times I
die, the more painful lives you will be born in. Let your
thoughts become My companion, let your words become the message
of My love, and let your acts become the service I render. Then
you will live your lives with God, and life will live to become
God. This journey from being human to God will be successful,
only if you will to choose the sense to recognize the Lord, only
if you will to allow the Lord within to show you the way, and
only when you have the faith in the power of the divine will
that lives in us all. All in you, and all around you will be
God, when you shall be "the wise" to know that "your will" is
"My will".



Your minds are clouded with all kinds of misconceptions of God
and yourselves. I hear you say, "God will punish", "God will
curse him", "God will be angry", "God is more with him than with
me", "The evil eyes of some are on me", and so many more.
Listen to yourselves intently, and you will find that you have
made God the form of your own egos.

Tell me, will a mother punish a child that is already very sick?

She will ignore all your faults with a smile, she will be
patient with your carelessness, and with her medicine of love
and care, she will one day bring you back to your feet. You
have lost your name, and lost your mother. This is your own
punishment, My sweet, then what can I do to punish you more?

You blame your doings and your karmas to be My curses upon you.
Grow up, My child, and begin to see where the blame truly lies.
A mother will never curse her own child, however much she may
not approve of his ways.

A mother may show that she is angry, only for you to realize the
depth of your wrongdoing. But is she really angry? In the very
next moment of her anger, if something were to happen to you,
she would jump to save and rescue you. Then tell Me, is that
her anger, or is she expressing her simple frustration that it
is time for her child to improve and change for his own good.

A mother will not and cannot love one child more than the other.
She will carry the one that needs her the most. She will feed
the one that is most hungry. She will attend to the one that is
the sickest, but her love for all remains equally sacrificial.
It is only your eyes that hold the conceit and selfishness that
will make you jealous of your own brothers and sisters. The
love of the mother is always pure and takes no sides.

You doubt My ability to protect you, and in the divinity that
lies in you and all around. For how can another's evil eye
affect your life, when in reality, My dears, there is no evil.
The envy of others cannot ever take away from you that which God
has blessed you with. Will the mother allow her one child to
cast evil on her other child, and stay quiet? When you do not
even have the powers to stop your own evils entering in you,
then how can you have the power to inflict evil upon another?

Your mind is filled with thoughts that have no logic, yet you
search for the Lord with this intellect and logic, and fail
several times. Your failures are justified with your feelings
of supremacy of your own intellects. With such intellects,
minds and impurities, you will never know God, you will never
find God, and a mind, as sick will never understand God.

To travel from place A to place C, you have to pass through
place B. Such, is also the case in your spiritual travel. Some
stops, which you may think are unnecessary, are in reality,
essential for you to complete your journey. Do not let your
impatience to take a direct route, be the reason for your waste
of time, for it will end in simple frustration, rooting you to
place A forever. When traveling in a train, you sit back and
look outside the window, occasionally enjoying the beauty of
nature that passes you by. If you are restless to reach your
destination, the train will not move any faster, for the engine
driver has already set its speed. He has already determined the
shortest course, he knows when it needs fueling and a check, and
he is aware of all the stops he must make to reach the final
destination. So why worry, place your complete faith in Him,
and know that once you have paid all your dues, you become the
ticket owner, and your place is reserved with His confirmation
of love, and you will reach the end - the end of you in Me.

This Avatar has come with a mission - A mission in which the
change will occur, He will transform you with His love, to teach
you of divine love. The Lord, Himself, has taken the body, to
show you that the body can crack, but the "self" will not. He
has come to fulfill all your desires, to teach you that you will
lack peace, even after all your material wants are fulfilled.
He has come to prove that His name is enough to numb your mind,
the way He lives His life is enough to trample and uproot your
pride; the words of sweetness that He utters is enough for the
stone to melt in your hearts and cry aloud with every beat, "I
want to be You, I will become You! I am You!"

Body consciousness must go! You have come with a body, but the
body is not you! You have come with a mind to destroy, let the
mind not destroy you. You have come with a heart to love, do
not begin to love to hate only. You have come with a mission to
seek the truth, do not let the truth become your fear to fail.
Yes, I am the truth, and I have taken this body to reveal it to
you. This is a game of hide and seek, once you have sought Me,
the hiding of the "self" is over. Good times will end, and
times that are bad will also end. The chapter must close each
time, and a new one will open. Do not attach yourselves only to
the good memories, and do not resent your falls and failings.
At all times, you must concentrate to keep your head above the
water. Be happy, but do not be attached to being happy.
Attachments to happiness, will one day, make you face and climb
the ladder of disappointments. In times that are trying, know
that the pain is only the result of your own doings, and realize
that the remedy to this pain lies in the strength of your own
divine energies to sustain them. Look beyond the pain, look
beyond the darkness, rise and walk through the tunnel of karma.
With burning repentance and sincere efforts of change, the
tunnel will pass, and you will come upon the light - The pain
will be gone, and the attachments will be no more. It will just
be the Me in you and Me.


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