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Photos: July 23 -31 2008:  

1. Song & Music Program by Italian Devotees 23rd July
2. Musical offering to Bhagawan by devotees from the US (Region 10) 28th July
-    3. Musical programme by devotees from United Kingdom 31st July 2008


Italian Devotional Songs

Guitar and Piano Solo followed by Group Singing

July 23, 2008


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008  This evening, devotees from Italy presented a musical programme. Bhagawan came in His golden chair, reaching onstage at 5.25 pm to start the proceedings. After 45 minutes of traditional Italian music, Bhagawan asked them to sing Bhajans. At 6.30 pm, He accepted Arati and moved to the interview room. When He emerged a few minutes later, some students from the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School were waiting with a card and a tray of sweets, on the occasion of their Hostel anniversary. Swami asked the student with the tray of chocolates in the shape of gold coins to follow Him, and moving to the ladies' side, distributed the sweets to many devotees and even moved among the ladies on wheelchairs giving them the sweets personally. Then He returned to the centre of Sai Kulwant hall, had a set of photographs with the youngest member of their group who had recited Vedam and played a guitar solo, and asked the students to sing Bhajans. At a quarter past seven, Swami moved towards His residence, and the session concluded with Arati once again.


Devotees from the US (Region 10 – Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas) presented a musical offering to Bhagawan on Monday, July 28th in Sai Kulwant Hall.

Cultural Program by USA Devotees
Music Program and Skits
July 30, 2008

Devotees from the US (Region 10 – Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas) presented a musical offering to Bhagawan on Monday, July 28th in Sai Kulwant Hall.

The program depicted Bhagawan’s love for mankind throughout the ages. It showed scenes of His various incarnations and messengers to uplift man to enable him to realise his divinity. The entire group of 276 performed a medley of songs in 7 languages, woven together with narration. 57 Bal Vikas (SSE) children provided a dramatic portrayal through skits and dances.

The six episodes focused on the majesty of Rama, the mischief of Krishna, the serenity of the Buddha, the compassion of Jesus, the glory of Allah, and the grandeur of Bhagawan Baba
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The first scene was set to a backdrop of uplifting songs, which described the glory and might of the Lord, and illustrated the power of the vanaras’ devotion to Lord Rama as they built the bridge to Lanka. Our prayer is to be, likewise, humble instruments in Lord Sai Rama’s mission.

The second episode focused on the mischief of Krishna, who charmed Mother Yashoda and the Gopis as He stole yogurt and butter. His leelas, dramatized to a bhajan, inspire us to awaken the God within who will steal our butter-soft hearts. This scene was followed by a song that reminds us to remember Hari (Lord Krishna) in all that we think, say, and do.

Set to a traditional chant followed by a bhajan, the next scene depicted the Lord Buddha’s peaceful aura. His presence was enough to calm the restless minds of spiritual aspirants depicted by SSE students. By controlling the senses and purifying their intake, the heart shall become Prasanthi Nilayam and Sai will reside within.

The fourth episode showed Jesus showering His unconditional love and compassion on the blind, the hungry, the sick, and the needy. Seeing Jesus' loving service, others, who previously were unwilling to serve, follow suit and therefore are transformed themselves.

The fifth episode showed a traditional Sufi dance set to an uplifting Qawwali praising Allah. The songs of Allah demonstrated that Bhagawan (in all His forms) is the ultimate embodiment of All that Is as He is the One behind everyone and everything.

For the grand finale, the boys and girls created two hearts at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan Baba while the entire group sang “Hum Ko Tumse Pyar Kitna.” This represented that the whole world - all faiths, religions, castes, and sects - is arriving at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan to participate in His Divine Mission.

Swami responded to this outpouring of love by coming down into the group of children for a photograph. He granted padanamaskar to several of them, materialized a gold chain for one boy, and distributed prasadam to everyone.

Swami’s pleasure was evident as He invited the group to sing several bhajans in His Divine Presence. After accepting Arathi, Swami raised both hands in blessing to all.

- For the last few days, Bhagawan has been coming for darshan in His chair on most occasions, and going for a second round of the verandah, sitting onstage for a few minutes and then moving to the interview room. This evening, the group from the USA got a chance to present a musical programme with enactments by children in Sai Kulwant Hall. At 5.25 pm their programme got underway when Swami came onstage. Various religions were represented in the group songs for half an hour. Swami interacted with them, and after a few minutes, they began bhajans. Bhagawan accepted Arati and returned to His residence at 6.40 pm.


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31st July 2008 Musical programme by devotees from United Kingdom 

Thursday, July 31, 2008 Thursdays, of late have become days of great joy at Parthi , especially among the gents. With Swami frequently choosing to take a shortcut to the interview room just after the ladies side, the gents devotees are starved of close darshan. And so, Thursdays become so important. Not only because of the fact that Swami, since childhood, has assigned special importance to it, but also because the primary school children come for darshan! So?....So, the gap between the ladies and gents is filled up by the children and this seems to "force" Swami to make the complete darshan rounds! And when Swami came out at 4:15pm, He did exactly that as He took a complete round of the ladies and gents side on the chair and everyone were happy. Join group saibabaofindia - "SBOI" Be a part of a growing Sai online community

Very often, it is said, "God is everywhere. All we need is a pure heart and a clean mind to feel Him." Whatever be the statement or the Truth, ask anyone who has just had the privilege of seeing Swami from up close. The thrill that shoots through ones being at being so close to His Being is something out of the world! His darshan seems to fill the entire body-mind-soul apparatus with sublime joy and pure bliss. That effect seems more divine and profound especially when one has been starved of it for many days! It is not simply that the sages and saints, who were ever immersed in the divine, also got dumbed into ecstatic silence at the mere sight of that same Divine. When the Lord descends as an Avatar, His darshan is something that one must experience. And for those who swear by the "God is felt everywhere" philosophy, please, sit for a moment at a yard's distance from Him and feel the difference yourselves! Today, Swami was all "randomness" if we can give another name for His famed "uncertainty" ! He moved towards the interview room, but then moved along the upper portico and interacted with the devotees there.. He also materialised a gold chain for a devotee seated there.






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Moving down, He went towards the primary school block. He blessed chocolates to be distributed to all the children and this raised the excitement levels- slightly in the whole mandir and to extreme levels in the children's portion of it.. As the chocolates were distributed, another treat too was readied and choco-cream biscuits soon followed suit, only that this time the beneficiaries were everyone and not the children alone. Swami slowly travelled down the slope along the primary school students. He collected letters and blessed the kids as the Veda chanting among them reached "sonic boom" levels. He retraced the same path and granted the children a bonus 'double'. Through the veranda, He moved out to the gents side and this time gave the privileged 'double' to the Higher Secondary School and Institute students. As He neared the area where the birthday boys were seated, He told them in a joking- admonishing tone,"Ay I already blessed you all!" He moved to the interview room and then blessed the group from the United Kingdom to put up the musical programme they had prepared. Quickly, the marble block was cleared and the group to perform were seated. Hurriedly, a lamp for Swami to light was prepared. However, Swami came and straight sat facing the devotees and asked for the programme to begin.

A person went up to Swami and offered a rose to mark the beginning of the programme. Beginning with "Brahmaanandam Parama Sukhadam", the group sang five songs in different styles and different moods. The final song was a powerful one that had the catch phrase, "onward, forward, godward". As they completed their five songs, Swami told them to sing bhajans. The youth from the United Kingdom had come on this visit to Parthi as part of their sadhana camp! They began bhajans and five bhajans later, Swami had Aarthi and then retired to Yajur Mandir. click here to see photos- sai Baba Darshan July 2008


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