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Food is essential for everyone in the world. Among the necessities of life
food comes first. But Man cannot be satisfied with food alone. A full
stomach does not fully satisfy the mind. He cannot merely rest on a
satisfied appetite.

- Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Discourse on (May 30, 1991)

The food that we eat contains many metals like gold, copper,
iron, etc. Iron content is more in leafy vegetables. Our food is
responsible for the formation of lakhs of cells which constitute
human body. So it is food that developes and strengths our body
Take care that the food you eat helps you to maintain good health.
Do not consume stale food. It is like poison.

- Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Discourse on (13th October 2002)



Since ancient times, Bharatiyas adhered to such sacred
traditions implicitly. People decorate their houses with
buntings of green leaves on festival days. Big pandals
of mango leaves and plantain leaves are erected at the time
of marriages. Green leaves are given place of prominence
in such decorations. What is so special about them?

Can’t we have a shamiana instead? No, that is not in
accordance with our ancient tradition. What is the logic
behind this tradition?

As you are aware, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide
which pollutes the atmosphere. At the time of marriages, many
people gather at one place. As a result, more and more carbon
dioxide is released into the air and the atmosphere gets polluted.
The green leaves of the pandal inhale the carbon dioxide and
release oxygen and thus purify the atmosphere. In this manner,
they bestow health and happiness on us. Thus, every tradition
of Bharat has a profound inner meaning.


In villages, people sprinkle cow dung mixed with water in front of
their homes. It is considered to be auspicious. What is the reason?
Cow dung destroys disease-causing germs and thus helps maintain
good health. It can cure many diseases. Today people of other countries
have recognised this truth and are taking full advantage of it. But the
Bharatiyas are not making efforts in this direction.

In earlier days, cow dung was used as a remedy for wounds. People used
to bandage the wound with cow dung. In modern times, people have a wrong
notion that the wound becomes septic if cow dung is bandaged over it. It may
become gangrain also, they argue. It is a baseless argument. If cow dung is applied,
the wound will be healed in three days. The cow dung has such sacred power.


Even the cow urine has medicinal properties. It is mixed in water and sprinkled on
people infected with the pox. But, the modern trend is against such natural remedies,
which are in fact, beneficial to one and all.


— Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Discourse on 15th April. 2003

Strive to attain purity of heart. Let this be your foremost endeavour.
With purity of heart, you can achieve anything.

In order to attain purity of heart, you have to partake of sacred food.
One who cooks food should have sacred feelings. In olden days,
orthodox Brahmins used to insist on partaking of food prepared by
their wives only. The reason being, housewives wish for the well-being
of the entire family and prepare food. On the other hand, if you employ
cooks, God knows with what feelings they prepare the food! The unsacred
thoughts of the cook enter the food, which in turn poisons your mind.
Annam Brahma (food is God). Hence, it should be prepared with sacred feelings.
Mere physical cleanliness will not suffice, the mind also should be pure.


You should see to it that the vegetables used for preparing food are procured
in a righteous manner. For example, husband brings vegetables from the market.
He might have misused his position of authority and brought them without making
payment or the vendors themselves might have procured the vegetables by unfair
means. When such vegetables are consumed, your mind gets polluted. You do not
realise that the food you eat is responsible for the actions you perform. Unsacred food
makes you do unsacred deeds.

A car needs petrol to run. In the same way, the body requires food to sustain it.
So, one has to eat something or the other to sustain the body. Sometimes, you
get bad dreams and bad visions during meditation. This is the result of unsacred
food. You have to enquire before cooking whether the provisions are got through
sacred means. Only then the food becomes fit for consumption.

Before partaking of food, you should pray,

Brahmarpanam Brahma Havir
Brahmagnou Brahmanahutam
Brahmaiva Thena Ganthavyam
Brahma Karma Samadhina.
If you pray with sacred feelings, the food gets sanctified.
Before partaking of food, chant the sacred Mantra. Then
no unsacredness would enter your heart.

— Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Discourse on 23rd Nov. 2002


Food Habits

On this day of Vinayaka Chaturthi, people make Kudumulu and Undrallu as special dishes and offer them to Vinayaka. They are special and unique in the sense that they are cooked on steam without any oil content. Til seeds, rice flour and jaggery are mixed, made into balls, cooked in steam and offered to Vinayaka. You should enquire into the purpose of making such an offering.

Till seeds are good for the eyes.
Steam-cooked preparations without any oil content are good for your digestive system.
One who partakes of such food will be free from blood pressure and blood sugar and will always enjoy sound health and happiness.
Food preparations, which are cooked on fire with oil content, are harmful to Jatharagni (digestive fire). Such food gives rise to various diseases.
One can lead a long, happy and healthy life, if one avoids food with oil content.
Vinayaka has a pot-belly but he has perfect health as he partakes of steam-cooked food without oil content.

— Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Source: From VINAYAKA CHATURTHI Discourse (12th September 2002)


Food Habits

Excessive intake of food results in obesity and, consequently,

Heart will be subjected to greater strain to pump blood.

Blood travels a distance of 12,000 miles in the body with each heartbeat

With increase in obesity, the circulation of blood and hence the functioning of heart will be impaired.

Hence, one should exercise control over one's food habits. In fact that is what Vinayaka does.

— Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Source: From VINAYAKA CHATURTHI Discourse (12th September 2002)

Today, a sixteen-year-old boy looks like a sixty-year-old man!
Bad habits are the main reason for this premature ageing.
- In the first instance, as soon as you arise form bed,
brush your teeth well and clean your tongue.
- The mouth is the main entry point to the entire body.
There is always the danger of germs entering the body
from an unclean mouth.


Maintaining such good health was common in ancient India.
Bheeshma was 115 years old when he assumed the command of the Kaurava army! Bheeshma, Arjuna, and Krishna all had healthy,
active and strong bodies and hence were always happy. They were those men and women who set ideals to the society. Their good
health was caused by correct diet and sleep at the right time
and in right quantity.


Some helpful hints to maintain good health would be:
- Wake up at the crack of dawn, when the cock crows;
- Finish your ablutions and bath;
- Never move about in slushy areas and places where garbage is dumped;
- Participate in games and sports with Joy.

Today, people get up at 8/9 AM! This is because the entire night is wasted away in watching TV or listening to the radio.

— Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Discourse on 27th May 2002


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