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Tuesday, Aug 25 , 2009 - Ganesha Immersion Puttaparthi

Today was the day designated for the immersion ceremony after Ganesha Chaturthi. The Ganesha idols worshipped over the last three days in the various institutions at Prasanthi Nilayam were brought in richly decorated imaginatively designed "chariots" to the Sai Kulwant Hall in a procession at 4.15 pm. Bhagavan arrived half an hour later in the special white chair, escorted from His residence by a procession of students chanting Vedic hymns led by the "Poorna Kumbham". Swami went around all the Ganesha chariots arrayed along His darshan route, pausing in front of each one. When He came onstage, the students presented a couple of short group dances paying obeisance to Ganeshji and then brought up their chariots to Bhagavan one by one before leaving the Hall for immersing the idols in a nearby lake. Swami asked for bhajans to begin after the procession left the Mandir at 5.45. He accepted Arati at seven o'clock after receiving the news of the completion of the immersion ceremony after prasadam was distributed. Blessing the congregation with both hands, He left for His residence in the car.


Immersion Ceremony marked with devotional and religious fervour

Posted at 10:00 hrs. on 26th Aug 2009

Quite distinct from the world outside, clearly distinctive, Prasanthi often brings a pristine touch of character, discipline, dedication and devotion in all that she presents to the world outside. Where His word is received and implicitly obeyed as Veda Vakya, Prasanthi bid farewell to Ganeshas which were taken out for immersion in a grand procession held on the 25th August evening in the Divine Presence.

Heaven’s raindrops in the afternoon followed by intermittent drizzle throughout the evening did not deter the religious fervour and enthusiasm for the scheduled immersion ceremony on the eventful evening.

On the scheduled evening, as early as 1600 hrs., the spacious Sai Kulwant Hall was literally taken over by a fleet of Ganeshas, numbering over twenty main structures followed by scores of mini Ganeshas, occupying the centre pathway anticipating the Over Lord for blessings…and throughout the entire stretch of the pathway, one could see scores of students and staff sitting with ritual offerings for His sanctifying touch…

Each one distinct from the rest, showcasing artistry, aesthetic sense that include skill touch in diverse areas, was a masterpiece by itself, skillfully crafted, demanding applause and appreciation, considering the strenuous, meticulous and devoted effort gone behind, all with one intention, to present the same to the Over Lord to make Him feel happy.

Bhagawan came just after 1700 hrs. blessing each of the twenty two Chariot Ganeshas, representing various institutions arrayed in a fleet covering the entire length of the spacious Sai Kulwant Hall. …And He was welcomed and escorted in a grand procession consisting of tiny Ganeshas, followed by Poornakumbham and Vedic Chanting by boys from the Primary School and University.

The first programme for the evening was an entertaining dance by the University students. Starting off in Carnatic style, “Maha Ganapathim Manasa Smarami…” a high beat dance song different from the traditional style with the accompaniment of base beat music score, shifting over to Hindustani in the middle, synchronized with steps that resembled more of modern style, but all alloyed well forming a scintillating dance was an apt depiction of Ganesha as a dearest friend and Lord. This was followed by another dance presentation by the Higher Secondary Wing depicting their devotion to Lord Ganesha.

What followed next was the procession of twenty two chariots, one after one, coming fore to receive the blessing before ‘beating the retreat’ to the immersion ghat. The variety of Ganeshas ranging from Airborne Palanquin to Airbus A380, Ganesha mounted on the Lotus to Ganesha on the bullock cart, Ganesh housed in Oriental Chinese Pagoda to Ganesh in Khajuraho Temple, all were distinctive in style making it a colourful parade bidding farewell to the dearest Lord. These twenty two Ganeshas were taken out to the Chitravathi River stretch, bypass Enumanapalli Cross for immersion.

Youthful exuberance and devotional fervour marked the immersion ceremony that was attended by scores of students who were well assisted by enthusiastic children from the nearby villages. Amidst the chants of “Ganapathi Bappa Moriya…” each of the twenty two idols were taken into the river stretch and immersed symbolizing transition from Form to the formless state.

Back in the mandir Bhagawan sat onstage, as Bhajans were on and arathi was offered only after 19 Hrs. when all the students went out for procession reported back to the Mandir. Prasadam was distributed before Arathi and Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram blessing the vast concourse of devotees.



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