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Food For Thought

If the seeds of true wisdom that I sow do not come up as good saplings and give good harvest, I too am affected. On the other hand, if they grow well and fructify into a harvest of Ananda, how happy I would be; that is My food. This is the Seva you should do to me. There is nothing higher than this.-Baba

Try as far as possible within your means to satisfy the needs of the poor, who are really Daridranarayana. Share with them whatever food you have and make them happy at least that moment. -Baba

Do not waste anything. Even while washing their hands; some people open the taps too much and in the process much water gets wasted. Wastage of water really pains Me. Don't waste water; don't waste food. Many people in the world are dying of hunger. Hence, instead of wasting food, give it to those who are in dire need of it. There are some who resort to escapist solohistry saying that the food they throw will not be wasted because dogs would feed on it. Even dogs would not touch such food because it would be in a completely spoiled state. In this modern age, not only human beings, but even animals are very intelligent. They decide to eat or not to eat it only after sniffing at it. Don't waste food, time, energy and water.-Baba

Taittiriya Upanishad proclaims: ‘Annam Anné pratishthitam’ and ‘Annam Brahma éva bhavati’. In other words, Annam is the basic principle that underlies the creation, sustenance and dissolution of the universe. Thus, from the individual to the cosmic realms Annam has its impact and influence. This has been the vision of the Great Seers of Bharath.

"Food is medicine; Medicine is food" said Hippocrates. "Food is Brahman. Food was verily born before all creatures: therefore it is called the medicine for all" declares the Upanishads. By stating that food is the root cause of all ills and illnesses Vedanta have formulated one of the foundational principles of holistic health. At least half the ailments of man can be traced directly or indirectly to the problems of food.-Holistic Philosophy

Regulation of food is not easy, because it is an addiction like alcohol. Problems like obesity, higher cholesterol level and irritable bowel syndrome crop up if food is not controlled. By controlling food, the whole body comes under control. "When taste is conquered everything is conquered" averrs Vedanta. What really matters is not how much we eat but how much of what we eat is transformed into bioenergy and the building materials of life. Sir William Osler pointed out many years ago "Only a small percentage of what we eat nourishes us; the balance goes to waste and loss of energy".-Holistic Philosophy

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