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Food For Thought


Do not admit doubt into you.
Want of faith or steadiness is not as
destructive as the venom of doubt.

Sai Baba GV- p 97

Doubt grows wild in the absence of faith.
Faith can be established only when one grasps
 the inner significance of each incident and remark.

Sai Baba SSS.vol. IV P31

Have faith: faith will grant you all that you need.
How can you build your faith on a mound of sand?
The deeper you dig in sandy soil, the greater the risk of slides slipping
down and burying your faith in doubt and denial.
Listen to the call from within; believe that is the call
from Mathura. (Krishna’s birthplace)

Sai Baba- SSB 1973 p8


Faith is very breath of Seva; doubt is death.
Sai Baba SSV vol IX p 13


As the saying goes,’ Like the mole in the eye, the stone
in the shoe, the thorn in the foot, the faction in the home; is
 this doubt in the brain’. When such doubts assail Arjuna, who
is the representative Man, it means they are Humanity’s
own doubts. They can be solved only by Madhava
 who is beyond and above Humanity.-
Sai Baba GV-P61


This doubt is truly a
component of the Raakshasa (demonic) nature, for it eats into the
vitals of Bhakthi. It clips the wings of joy, it dampens enthusiasm, it
tarnishes hope. Such men cannot attain the goal even at the end of
a thousand births.
When doubt assails you, welcome the chance to see and
experience and clear the doubt. But do not later deny the very truth
of which you were once convinced and listen again to the voice of
hate or foolishness. Do not put faith in the words of men into whose
hands you will not entrust your purse; as a matter of fact, it is the
words of such men that are now leading many astray. Really, this is
a pitiable state of things, is it not?
Come to Me, eager to learn, to progress, to see Yourself in
Me, and I shall certainly welcome you and show you the way. You
will indeed be blessed. All scriptures, all texts, the Geetha which is
the milk of all the Upanishadhic Cows, are intended to instil this
thirst into you.
Do not vacillate and change Name and Form
The thirst has to be like that of the creeper for the tree-trunk,
of the magnet for the iron, of the bee for the flower, of the waters
for a fall, of the river for the sea. The pangs of separation must
gnaw the heart; the entire being must yearn for union. Do not
vacillate or change or try a series of Naama and Ruupa (Name and
Form). That will only fritter away time and energy. Ceaseless
contemplation of the Lord will give ceaseless taste of Amritha to
If you do not follow this path, you are doubly to blame; for
you have contacted Me. The Form usually creates doubts, for when
only the Name is there, you can build around it all your fancies, all
that you want, to complete the picture. Do not be misled by such
doubts when the Form has come before you; make the moment
useful, the life worthwhile.

28-12-1960 Chitravathi River Bed, Vaikuntha Ekaadhashi,
Source: SSSvol 3


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