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Muralidharan, Station Director of All India Radio, was with Baba during his tour of Kerala and tape recorded His speeches and Bhajans, without omitting a syllable or a note. From these tapes a newsreel programme was prepared depicting the ceremony when Baba laid the foundation stone for the Hospital for children, in my native village of Trippunittura, when the Health Minister, Wellington, presided.

He played that reel and felt happy, remembering that Baba, in his speech at the Town Hall, Ernakulam, had promised to tour Kerala again after Sivarathri. He had assured them that He would tour from Cannanore to Trivandrum and stay longer in each place. When a friend came to his office a week later, Muralidharan chanced to communicate to him the good news. Muralidharan said that if Baba would not fulfil his assurance, he would take the tape containing His promise to Puttaparthi, play it back to Baba, and 'challenge' Him.

The friend was thrilled by the confident tone of Muralidharan; he wanted to hear the assurance in Baba's own voice, and so the tape was replayed for his benefit. Wonder of wonders: those sentences were not recorded on that tape! The Telugu sentences spoken by Baba and the simultaneous Malayalam translations of the assurance spoken by me were not there! And to make the miracle complete, there was no gap either!
source: Sathyam Sivam Sundaram (The Life Story of Sathya Sai Baba)


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Embracing Sai words! selected quotes of Sathya Sai Baba

"Do not exude pride," He advised the workers. "Spiritual pride is the most poisonous variety of pride: it is the highest of hypocrisy. Fear too is spiritual poison, for, when you have in your heart the Person who declares that you need not fear, why should you fear? If you do, your lips belie your heart. An uneasy conscience is a torment."

"I eat as you do, move about as you do, I talk in your language, and behave as you can understand, for your sake, not for My sake. I direct you towards the Divine, winning your confidence, your love, your loyalty, by being among you, as one of you. My aim is to transmute you into spiritual aspirants so as to enable you to know your true being, becoming aware of the Truth of the Universe, which is but a projection of your own Truth. I am the inner spring in all that moves and exists. I am the energy, the power that propels and impels. I am the knower, the known and the knowledge. But, I do not display capriciously or confound you. I am an example, and inspiration, an instruction. My Life is a commentary on this message."

"I do not need any publicity. What are you daring to publicise? What do you know about Me, let Me ask you! You speak one thing about Me today, and another tomorrow! Your faith has not been rendered unshakeable. You praise Me when things go well, you blame Me when things go wrong. You flit from one refuge to another."

"If you accept Me and say, Yes, I too respond Yes, Yes, Yes. If you deny Me and say, No, I echo No. Come, experience, and have faith; that is the method of utilising Me."

"Compete with others in the quickness with which you march on the pilgrim road to God. Grow up, self-restrained and disciplined; the country needs such children, not well-read and ill-disciplined citizens who plunge society into disorder."

-to villagers against the temptation of the noise and glare of towns and cities-  "There man has become quarrelsome, greedy and cruel. The towns standardise the speech, the habits and the attitudes of man into a vulgar pattern. There man is an animal which is petted and humoured to turn wild. The Divinity of man is ignored in the rush and worry, in the struggle for possessions and pomp. Learn to be content and happy where you are. Do not run towards towns hoping to have happiness and contentment there. They are inner riches, not outer acquisitions".


"I do not accept from you flowers that fade, fruit that rots, coins that have no currency beyond the boundary; give Me the Lotus that blooms in your Manasa-sarovara, in the pure pellucid waters of your inner consciousness; give Me the fruit of your holiness and steady discipline"

"Disgust is not desirable towards anything in creation. Everything is God's handiwork, an example of His Glory, a glimpse of His majesty."

- eclipse of the sun-   "Do not worry when something happens in the outer skies! Worry when the shadow of some foul passion, some dark desire, some evil greed, some monstrous thought, casts its ominous gloom on your Mind! That is the inauspicious eclipse you have to avoid,"

"Embodiments of Love, cultivate love undimmed by selfish motives, and live up to your name and heritage. Learn the international language of the heart, and spell it out in action. Your neighbours too pray to the same God in anguish, for favours. They may be speaking in different languages, their pose at the hour of worship may vary as well; but their physical needs are the same as yours, and they are satisfied by the same type of food and drink. Try and sympathise with them when they are in great difficulty and feel happy when they are joyous. Share their joy; sharing transforms joy into bliss - Ananda. Let your love expand towards entire creation. Stagnant water becomes foul; so, let in flow. Love is joy, love is power, love is light, love is God."

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