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Divine Cure - Stranger than Fiction - Dr. K. Kanwar
Baba is the greatest healer who treads this earth. He can heal with His look or touch, a mere brush of His robe, and also when He ignores you. He is the Doctor of doctors.

As a Doctor, I have witnessed numerous patients suffering from very serious ailments who, despite treatment in the best hospitals of the world, could not be cured, but they were miraculously cured by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Towards the end of March 1995, it was my turn to be a patient of a fatal disease. I started feeling very weak and suffered from pain all over the body which remained throughout the day. I had much difficulty in micturition, and that too with frequency of burning sensation. Constant headache and drowsiness made my work in the consultation chamber a torture for me, and I had to rest for about half an hour before starting examining the patients. I consulted a number of specialists who advised me to undergo a battery of tests and ultrasound examination of the prostate gland.

Cancer of the Prostate Gland Diagnosed

The urologist whom I consulted examined my pathological reports and remarked that the results pointed to cancer of the prostate gland. The specialist advised me to undergo extensive open surgery as the disease by then may have spread to the surrounding area and elsewhere. In view of my handicaps of obesity, history of ischaemic heart disease for which I had balloon angioplasty done and the cancerous process, etc., he advised that "the cardio-thoracic surgical unit was to be kept ready for any emergencies" during operation. I was completely shocked and remembered Swami in this hour of crisis in my life. "Swami", I thought, "Whatever You do is for my good as You are my Divine Mother and Father. You only know what is best for me and I would gratefully accept Your verdict."

On my returning home after the consultation, my wife inquired about my diagnosis and the result of the investigations. When I told her what had transpired, she suggested that both of us should go to Whitefield (Bangalore) to have Swami's Darshan and guidance. On reaching Swami's Ashram at Whitefield, we found Sai Ramesh Hall jampacked with devotees, giving us little chance of attracting Swami's attention, particularly when it was difficult for me to sit on the ground. In case I sat on a bench, the possibility of Swami coming there was remote.

On the second day of our visit, Mrs. Safaya, wife of Dr. A.N.Safaya, Director, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, happened to be sitting next to Nimi, my wife. Nimi told her about my illness and our purpose of visiting Whitefield. Mrs. Safaya informed us that after Darshan, Dr. Safaya would be in his room for a few minutes when he could be consulted. When we met Dr. Safaya, he told us that he along with his wife was shortly proceeding to Delhi and as such he could be of little help. However, he said, before leaving he would speak to Swami about me. Later he spoke to Swami about my illness. Swami told him that I had cancer of the prostate gland for the last 10 years but He had checked its deterioration. Next day, during Darshan time, Swami spoke to, my wife, Nimi and told her to proceed to the interview room. Nimi tried to call me for interview but I could not see her calling me. However, later Swami asked me too to proceed for interview. In the interview room, first He spoke to a team of officers who were working on Sri Sathya Sai Water Supply Project, a huge multi-crore project for providing water to Rayalaseema region in Andhra Pradesh, which for centuries did not have enough drinking water and efforts by the British and Indian governments completely failed to yield any worthwhile results.

Operation with Divine Touch

After giving final instructions to the group, Swami looked at me and with His outstretched hand, fingers apart and palm directed to the ground, He waved His hand and materialised a beautiful ring on which AUM in Hindi was written. He pushed this ring on my right ring finger where it fitted perfectly. He then told me, "Doctor, you have had this cancer for 10 years". Again He waved His hand and materialised Vibhuti, gave some to me and the rest He distributed to the ladies sitting in the interview room. After this. He asked us to proceed to the inner interview room. The first question I asked Baba was: "Swami, how do You say that I had cancer for 10 years?" Baba looked into my eyes and I suddenly remembered that 10 years ago I had acute retention of urine and had to be kept in the Emergency Department of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New,Delhi overnight and the obstruction was relieved only the next morning. Following investigations, I was found to have adenoma of prostate, for which I had to undergo surgery by trans-urethral resection twice.

Swami lovingly looked at me and said, "Do not worry, I shall still look after you. But this time you require extensive surgery. I shall phone Dr. Bhat, the chief of Urology Department in Super Speciality Hospital at Puttaparthi. Dr. Bhat will look after you." Both Nimi and I hesitated for a moment as the weather was very hot, and so, we thought, that there was much risk for sepsis. Before we could say anything, Swami said, "Do not worry, I can make all arrangements in Bangalore also or wherever you like." I then realised my folly. It dawned on me that Swami's arrangements are always perfect and because He first mentioned Puttaparthi Hospital, why should I hesitate to go there? Moreover, it was more a temple of healing than a hospital where Swami had treated numerous cases and sanctified the entire environment. We both requested Swami to arrange surgery in the Super Speciality Hospital at Puttaparthi. Then Nimi spoke to Swami thus: "Swami, each year when we come to You, he develops a new problem. We feel very much ashamed of constantly begging boons from You". To this, Swami replied, "No, there is absolutely no shame in asking Me, because I am your Father and Mother and, in fact, everything". Nimi then prayed to Swami, "Swami, You please operate on him". Swami replied, "Do not worry; My blessings are with him. I will protect him". Swami then put His hand on my head lovingly. What a delightful experience it was! I felt very powerful as blissful vibrations passed throughout my entire body. It was a unique experience, something very difficult to describe. Next, Swami ordered me firmly, "Doctor, you go and sit on the chair outside - not on the ground". I obeyed His command, the meaning of which I understood later. When He came out of the inner interview room, He told me that He would call me again for interview. Next morning, He again called us for interview and we found that a chair had been kept next to Swami's. As we entered, Swami asked me to sit on the chair.

Miraculous Cure of Cancer

It was Tuesday. Swami told me that He had spoken to Dr. Bhat, a very famous urologist and nephrologist, who heads the team in Puttaparthi Super Speciality Hospital. He also told me that the surgery was fixed for Thursday, two days later. We were called for a thorough check-up the next morning. Next day, before leaving for the hospital check-up, we offered our Pranams to Swami. After receiving His blessings, we proceeded to the hospital for check-up. When we reached there, we found a team of doctors waiting for me. They conducted various tests. Dr. Bhat spent a good deal of time on my physical examination and reading the various reports. He then scanned through the ultrasound films very carefully. After thorough examination, he said, "Well, Dr. Kanwar, I find absolutely no abnormality in your prostate gland." I was completely surprised at this observation of Dr. Bhat and asked him in disbelief, "But doctor, what about all these reports? They are from the best specialists in Delhi." To this Dr. Bhat replied, "With all the years of experience that I have, I can very confidently reassure you that there is nothing wrong with your prostate gland. Baba must have cured you." Nimi, however, was far from satisfied and told him that we had come fully prepared for surgery from Delhi. "Moreover, why did Baba tell us that the operation would be done on Thursday - the next day?", she asked. Dr. Bhat replied, "Swami's very clear instructions to me were to operate, if necessary. I find no abnormality." To further satisfy us, he repeated uroflometery which showed excellent results. So, he asked us to return with confidence.

Baba: the Doctor of Doctors

Next morning, Swami came to me and asked, "Doctor, did you not go to Puttaparthi?" Before I could answer, He had walked across several Darshan lines. Next day, He said, "I shall telephone Dr. Bhat and inquire about the results" and walked away. I smiled to myself, for I was now absolutely sure that He had cured my cancer during the interview when He had put His hand on my head, and I had felt very powerful vibrations. It was only then that I realised why He had asked me to sit on the chair for two days - perhaps then after the divine operation, the wound was not healed. Afterwards, He never asked me to sit on the chair. He gave me Padanamaskar for five days consecutively, two times in the interview room and thrice afterwards. He not only blessed me with Divine Padanamaskars but gave me a new life also. On the following day, Baba told me, "Dr. Bhat says, operation is not indicated" and then He walked up to Nimi and told her that He had cured my cancer. I was convinced that once Swami said, He had cured the cancer, then it was not necessary to repeat the tests. But because of the insistence of my colleagues, I repeated the investigations seven times, but they were found alt normal.

Baba is the greatest healer who treads this earth. He can heal with His look or touch, a mere brush of His robe, and also when He ignores you. He is the Doctor of doctors. I offer my most humble obeisance at His Divine Lotus Feet. Swami explains the secret of the cure that many afflicted persons experience in His Presence. He says, "It is My experience that I am one with every sentient thing, every human being. My love flows out to everyone for I see everyone as Myself. If a person reciprocates My love from the depth and purity of his heart, My love and his meet in unison and he is cured of the affliction. Where there is no reciprocation, there is no cure."

Source: Sanathana Sarathi, March 2002 Issue