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            December 11th, 2005 - “Christmas 2005” - Part 1

OM…OM…OM…    Sai Ram,     With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The message of Christmas for Sai devotees

I apologise to you for my absence last week as I was out of town on personal business. Very glad to be here this morning amidst you! All over the world the Christmas season has started. The illuminations, decorations, sermons, speeches, new decisions, new approach, new ways of worship, new determination -- all these things happen in sequence. Christmas is a wonderful celebration of global importance. More than half the world’s population are Christians. Being a product of a Christian college myself, I have had an intimate association with Christianity for thirty long years. I carry with me the Christian message, the spirit of sacrifice, dedication, commitment, missionary zeal and the spirit of service.

I wonder how many of you are aware of another important event today? This day happens to be Bhagavad Gita Jayanthi or the anniversary of the Holy Scripture Bhagavad Gita. How do we celebrate the anniversary of the Bhagavad Gita? We celebrate by reading that scripture in depth, by understanding it and by following it strictly. This is the true celebration of Gita Jayanthi, the anniversary of the Holy Scripture, the day on which Bhagavan Krishna delivered the gospel to Arjuna. It is in this context we have some thoughts during the course of the talk this morning.

As I said, the Christmas celebrations have already started. The newspapers report that various people, pastors, priests, bishops of different denominations, have been planning the grand celebration. Sai devotees also have many things to learn from this festival of Christmas. I pray to spend next week also on the subject of Christmas, specifically from the point of view of the Sai gospel and what Christmas means to a Sai devotee.

Jesus came to help the poor in spirit

Jesus Christ is not merely a prophet. Jesus Christ is not merely limited to Christianity and Christians. Jesus Christ is not merely a holy personality or a messiah. Jesus Christ is radiant in Buddha. The radiance that we find in Buddha is that of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is glorified in the life and mission of Guru Nanak and Jesus Christ shines in Krishna. This is how I view Jesus Christ. I find the glory of Nanak, the brilliance of Krishna, and the radiance of Buddha, all three are in Jesus Christ. That’s what it means to a Sai devotee.

The second point, Krishna has a favourite title, a favourite name. What is it? Daridra Narayana, God of the poor. He is God of the poor. Yes, that’s what Krishna is extolled as. Jesus always loved to be called ‘the poor one’. Here we have to understand one important point. This poverty is not in terms of property or economic status. This is poverty of spirit and of awareness. We are poor in our alertness, in our experience, in our understanding of scriptures.

Jesus has come down to help all of us who are poor in spirit, such that we will enrich ourselves with the depth of understanding, with the depth of experience, with the profundity of knowledge. Jesus always lived amongst the poor, meaning he wanted to release the poor people not from their financial poverty, but from their spiritual poverty. This is what I understand as I look at Jesus Christ and His mission. Above all, Jesus never said, ‘condemn the poor people’ or ‘be away from the poor people.’

bhagavan’s concern is for the poor

Bhagavan loves to be among the poor. We may find some top people or VIPs being called for an interview; we may find some rich people around Him, but I am one hundred percent sure my friends, please believe me, that when He talks to officials, He wants them to serve the poor. When He grants rich people an interview, He wants them to sacrifice for the poor. When He is close to influential people, He wants them to be of some service to the poor people.

Baba’s concern is for the poor people. His talk, His conversation, His interviews with big wigs is only to reach out to the poor. The ignorant and the foolish do not understand that. When a top man is called for an interview and when Swami assigns him a certain project like providing water to people, thousands of poor people are benefited. When He asks someone to start a school or an orphanage, thousands of children are benefited. Therefore my friends, Baba’s concern is mainly for the poor. All these means are used towards the end of enriching the poor people.


In the second sense, all of us are poor. We are poor in the sense that we do not know that we are poor. (Laughter) At least one category of poverty is known. When the pocket is empty, I know that I am poor; when the brain is empty, I do not know that I am poor. (Laughter) That is worse than the life of a beggar. A beggar some day may become rich, but this poverty of the brain can never improve because it is not known.

So Bhagavan Baba wants to take this poverty, this lacuna, this emptiness, this void of ignorance out of our head, so that we have that awareness, so that we have that holistic totality of existence. That’s what Baba’s life and mission is. Actually, we should observe Swami’s expression and how He reacts when food and clothes are distributed to poor people. Please watch His face. We see that His eyes are filled with tears, we see His voice choking, and we see His body almost trembling. He is literally touched and moved at the sight of the poor people, because He has been among the poor people. He was born in a poor family.

Jesus was born in a manger. He was born in a hamlet, in a poor family. Similarly Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has taken birth in a poor family and spends all His time for poor people. Eighty years have passed by and He has not missed even a moment of thought or concern for poor people. The hospitals, colleges and all other projects He envisages are for the poor. He does not feel shy to explain His family background. There were moments when He didn’t have money to replace His shirt button. He had to put a thorn in the place of a button. He doesn’t feel shy to say that He didn’t have enough money to buy eatables. He had to go to another place as a volunteer and had to eat hard stuff made out of millet. It was so hard that He had to wet it by sprinkling some water. He ate portions of this for three to four days. How poor He was, literally speaking!

Jesus is the Lord of Lords; Jesus is King of Kings, yet He was born in a poor family, yet He moved among the poor. Bhagavan Baba is supreme today, known all over the world in at least, to our calculation, 145 countries. He said, “I am the richest man.”

“Baba, how are you richest?”

“My property is the love of my devotees. So I am the richest on earth”, declares Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Swami is rich in terms of love. But He is poor because He moves among the poor. He moves among those who are poor in their understanding and experience. He has come to help all the poor people to come out of that poverty, that lack of understanding of scriptures, that lack of conviction to follow and live up to the scripture. That’s what Bhagavan Baba is. Jesus said, “If you truly love me, love the poor.”


My friends, the Sathya Sai service organisation all over the world should work for the poor. The Sathya Sai organisation is not a status symbol. The Sathya Sai organisation is not a matter of dignity or prestige. The Sathya Sai organisation is an opportunity to serve the poor. The Sathya Sai organisation is a blessing to be among the poor. Sathya Sai organisation is a benediction to serve the poor. We must understand this. Jesus lived among the poor. Bhagavan Baba is amongst the poor and trying to help every one of us to come out of that poverty.

I should give you another instance. Jesus picked up some dust in both of His hands and opened them. In one hand He found the dust being transformed into gold; in the other hand it remained as dust, untransformed.

Jesus asked His disciples “Look here! Here you have gold and here you have dust. Which do you value more?”

Everybody said “My Lord! Gold! Gold!”

“To me, both are alike. To me, both are the same”, declared Jesus Christ.

Bhagavan Baba once granted an interview to a group of people, very poor people. On face value you will understand that they never had a bath in the recent past, and they were in rags and smelled foul. He granted them an interview. Well, I don’t know how my Lord Baba could take it. At the end of the interview, as Baba came out, I asked, “Swami, interview to this group, (Laughter) interview to this batch?!”

Baba immediately retorted “Why not?”

“Swami, to this group?” I didn’t add any adjective because I knew it would be risky.

Baba said, “That group is as good as this group. (Laughter) That group is as good as this group. That group has got as much love as this group. So why not?”

Then Baba smiled and said, “I don’t go by the dress and the status. I love poor people; I serve people.” That’s what Baba said. Those words are still ringing in my ears even to this day. Therefore the message of Jesus Christ, the message of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, is that we have to serve the poor.

service is the only key to the treasure of bliss

I met one gentleman a few days ago. He is quite aged. He has undergone training in the art of meditation and he has some disciples also.

Well, I met him and said, “Sir, what are you doing?”

He said, “I meditate.”

“Wonderful! What do you teach?”

“The art of meditation”

“Why do you meditate?”

He said, “I enjoy a special level of happiness.”

Then I said, “How long does it last?”

“As long as I meditate.” (Laughter)

“I see.”

If your experience of bliss and happiness lasts only for the period of meditation, then it is only temporary happiness like a morphine injection, or marijuana, or a bottle of scotch! (Laughter) If you experience the spirit of tranquillity, equanimity and bliss only during the period of meditation, how can that be true? We find some people in the bhajan hall who clap with enthusiasm, their body moving fast with the rhythm and the beat. (Laughter) The moment they come out of the bhajan hall, they scream at people, get angry, and become moody. You wonder what’s wrong with them.

My friends, all that is artificial. The only key to be happy and blissful over a prolonged period of time is not meditation; it is not sankirtan; it is not going through the scripture; it is not repeating the Lord’s name. Lasting bliss is obtained only by service. Service is the only key to the treasure of bliss. Unless you serve, you cannot establish the unity of spirit. Unless you serve, you cannot understand the oneness of spirit. Unless you serve, you cannot understand that God is the Father of all. Unless you serve, you cannot experience the brotherhood of man. Service is a beautiful opportunity to experience God. Service is a wonderful blessing to live in God, to talk to God. When you are talking to a person, understand that you are talking to God.

serving your fellow man is service to god

When you serve a poor man, you are serving God. Some people say, “I want to talk to God, I want to serve God.” Where is He? Is God available on the Himalayan tops? Is God available in New York near Kennedy Airport? Is God present in Argentina? Where is He? God is present in everyone. If you serve your fellow man, know that you are serving God. If you talk to a fellow man, a poor person, know that you are serving God. This is the message of Jesus Christ and Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Jesus never felt that He was the Lord of Lords; Jesus never felt that he was the King of Kings, though He is. Jesus loved to be called a servant. He never wished to be addressed as the Lord.

A team of people who came to Bhagavan said, “Swami, thank You for all the facilities You have provided, for all the things You have given us. We are grateful to you, Baba.”

His answer was, “No thanks; I thank you for giving Me an opportunity to serve you. I thank you.”

When someone says, “Thank you, Swami,” He says, “Why do you thank Me? I and you are one; I am not a third person.” When someone thanks Baba, He says, “Will you thank your mother? Will you thank your father? Why do you thank Me? Not necessary.”

I also remember another incident when someone said, “Swami, I want to serve You. Please let me know how to serve You.”

Baba said, “I don’t want your services; I am here to serve you. You don’t need to serve Me. I am serving you. I have come to serve you.” And He smiled and said, “If you serve anyone, be convinced that you are serving Me.” Whomsoever you serve amounts to service to God Himself. That’s what Jesus’ message is. That’s what Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s message is.

the kingdom of heaven is within you

I would also like to bring to your attention what Jesus stands for. Jesus stands for Love. Love is the synonym of Jesus. Baba said, “If you want to know Me, if you want to come closer to Me, if you want to be near and dear to Me, the only secret is Love and Love alone.” So, Jesus is Love; Baba is Love.

Jesus referred to the kingdom of heaven. Where is that kingdom of heaven? In the Lord’s Prayer, all Christians pray, “Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come.” Where is that kingdom? When is it going to come?

It is beautifully explained by Baba. My friends, you can understand Christianity much better after coming to Swami; you can understand your Bhagavad Gita thoroughly after coming to Swami, so that you can be a better Christian or a true Hindu. What does Baba say about kingdom of heaven? Where is the kingdom of heaven? When is it going to come?

Baba quoted the same Bible and said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you; you do not have to wait for the kingdom or pray for that kingdom. The kingdom of heaven is within you.” What does it mean? In spirit, we are bliss. We are the very heaven. The paradox of life is that we do not understand this.

The irony of life is that we do not realise this, which is ridiculous. The kingdom of heaven is within you. We say, ’I want liberation’, ‘I want peace’, ‘I want happiness’. Baba says, give up this ‘I’, and drop this ‘want’. Want is desire. ‘I’ is possessiveness. Once you give up this possessiveness or body identification, want or desire, that lack is already established in you, that bliss is ready for you.

bliss is hidden within you

The dust of desire and the moss of attachment cover the bliss within me. The bliss within me is totally covered by selfishness. The only sadhana, the only spiritual practice is to remove that debris, remove the moss, and wait for the clearance of the clouds so that you can see the sun clearly. The sun has not come anew; it was hidden because of the clouds. When the clouds disappear, you can see the sun clearly. Similarly, the bliss is within you; you are already liberated. Bliss is achieved when this attachment and selfishness are cleared. It is in this spirit we have to understand, that the kingdom of heaven is within you. That’s what Jesus said and that’s what Bhagavan tells us.

Swami, in His discourses repeatedly tells us, “You are the embodiment of Peace, Truth, and Bliss.” If I am so, why don’t I know about it? If I am the embodiment of Bliss, then how is it that there is no trace of bliss on my face? (Laughter) If I am the embodiment of Truth, then how there isn’t an iota of truth in what I speak? If I am the embodiment of Peace, then it is not telling on my face.

Why? It only means that the treasure is hidden within you. It is unfortunate that you don’t know about it. There is lot of money credited to my bank account, but I have forgotten about it. Therefore I am a beggar. I go on begging. Someone tells me, “Why do you beg like that? This is your bank account. Go there. You have so much money.” I am thrilled. I am excited, ecstatic because my friend reminded me about my forgotten money. He has not offered me any money out of charity. He has only told me about the money I had already deposited in the bank, which I had forgotten about.

Same analogy applies here. Since I have forgotten about this bliss, this joy and peace within me, I think I am chained; I think I am bonded. No! You are liberated; you are the very moksha. Moksha means liberation. Some people say, “I want moksha.”

Someone asked Ramana Maharshi, “Swami, I want liberation, moksha”, as if it is toothpaste to buy. (Laughter) Moksha is not toothpaste.

Ramana Maharshi laughed and said, “You are already liberated. Why do you say you want liberation? You are already liberated.”

You imagine that you are chained. This bondage is hypothetical, imaginative, and illusory. Once this illusory, imaginative, hallucinatory experience is gone, we know that we are all liberated. Therefore my friends, ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you’ means that you are free. You are bliss; you are peace. This is Baba’s message.

the kingdom of heaven is for the poor in spirit

Those of you who have gone through Baba’s discourses repeatedly may have noticed the resemblance to what Jesus has said. Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is not for wealthy people; it was not meant for those people who run after power, position and pelf.

The kingdom of heaven is not for shouts or slogans. The kingdom of heaven is not for power or prestige, authority or property, nor politics. That kingdom of heaven is for those who are poor in spirit. ‘Poor in spirit’ means those who understand that all that they see is not all, but there is something more they should experience; that life is not merely food, raiment and shelter.

We may have food, raiment and shelter, but we do not understand that there is something more, something special. Some nourishing and nurturing spiritual content is essential for our life. Those who really want, yearn and pine for that spiritual wealth are ‘poor in spirit’. They will have this kingdom of heaven.

Jesus is always associated with the cross. People wear a cross. Whether you wear a golden cross or a wooden cross, a silver cross or a platinum cross, a cross is a cross, which we have to go across. (Laughter) What does the cross stand for? You have to cut across the ego; you have to go across the family life; you have to travel across the river of attachment. The cross symbolises renunciation and suffering. Jesus said that you would have new life when you bear the cross of renunciation and suffering. This is the message of Jesus Christ.

What does it mean to me as a Sai devotee? Bhagavan tells us:

“Na karmana, (not by acts), na prajaya (not by progeny), na dhanena (nor by riches), thyagena ekena (only by renunciation) Amrithathwam anasuh (can Immortal Bliss be achieved)!”

No punishment, no power, no wealth, nothing whatsoever will confer liberation other than thyaga (sacrifice or renunciation). Baba gives another dimension. Really my friends, it is amazing as we think of Swami’s interpretations! Every literate will literally fall flat in front of that Divine interpretation, which is so noble, so unique.

renunciation of the ego is TRUE RENUNCIATION

The dictionary meaning of ‘renounce’ is ‘to give up’. Baba said “No, no, no!” It is easy to renounce wealth. I can give you some money, why not? It is easy to renounce family. If you are irresponsible, the family will renounce you! (Laughter) It is easy to renounce family or money, but what is to be renounced?

Your ego is to be renounced! What is ego? Let us not mistake ego for pride. Ego distilled, boiled, precipitated, is pride! Pride is much worse than ego. Let us not go that far. Pride is an advanced state of cancer, beyond cure. (Laughter) Try next life. So, this ego boiled, strengthened, solidified, and expressed or manifested is pride. I am not speaking of that. I am speaking of ego.

What do you mean by this ego? Ego means identification with the body.

“Who are you?”

“I am a postgraduate.” (Laughter) Oh I see! (Laughter

“I am an officer. Do you understand that?”

Aha! “I am a VIP.””

“I am…” That is ego. (Laughter) Everyone says that. No one is an exception.


Any simple thing will make us egoistic. When Swami asks, “How are you”, that’s it! I’ll stop the traffic! (Laughter)

“Do you know that Swami said, ‘How are you?’ Did you not see that?” (Laughter)

“When Swami asks you, why should I see?” (Laughter)

So my friends, ego is always there, it is only a question of difference in percentage. In some people, it is 100%. (Laughter) Very good! (Laughter) In some people, it is forty or fifty or some percentage. The ego is always there.

So what is to be renounced? It is the ego that should be renounced, not property, not family. So bear the cross of renunciation, bear the cross of surrender, bear the cross of Love, and bear the cross of commitment. This is the message of the cross of Jesus Christ.

How did Bhagavan bear the cross in His lifetime? Right from His childhood, He was put to the test. What is it that He has not faced! The problems that we are facing are negligible compared to Baba’s suffering. He was poisoned, and the hut where He was sleeping was set on fire. So many rumours have been spread against Him. So many nonsensical things have been written against Him. All the time He was put to the test. He was betrayed a number of times. Baba Himself said, “Jesus was betrayed only once by Judas Iscariot. Today, every alternate fellow is a Judas!” (Laughter)

jesus is the truth

There are many people who betray God and disappoint God today. Everyone who disappoints God, everyone who betrays God, is Judas Iscariot. Judas is a title, something like a PhD. (Laughter) That is the tragedy of life, my friends! Baba had to bear the cross of challenges, poverty, calumny, blasphemy, mudslinging, character assassination! Even today He faces all of these. That’s the truth.

All of Bethlehem, all of Jerusalem, and all the people said that Jesus was not the son of God. King Herod and his followers said that Jesus was a blatant liar. Even Jesus was put on the cross. The truth continues because Jesus is the truth. Jesus is Truth itself. No amount of torture, no amount of suffering changed His stand.

Baba gives an example of another great devotee by the name of Mansur. Mansur was a Muslim, a great devotee of the Islamic faith. Mansur used to say, “I am God, I am God, I am God.”

No, no, when the king is here, there cannot be another God here! There will be rivalry among gods, politics, Divine politics! (Laughter) Therefore everybody asked, “Are you God?”

"Yes, Anal huq, Anal huq, I am God.” Like that, he went on declaring.

The matter was reported to the king. “Oh king, we were under the impression that you are our God. But there seems to be another God now.” Unfortunately there were no elections in those days. (Laughter) “So, what shall we do now?”

The king summoned him to the court. “Mansur, who are you?”

“Anal huq, I am God.”

“Do you think so? Alright, I’ll put this God in prison now.” (Laughter)

He was kept behind bars, but he went on repeating, “I am God, Anal huq.”

‘Oh I see, so God has not understood. Let me teach this God a lesson,’ the king thought.

Mansur was brought in and his hands and legs were amputated.

“Oh God, how do you like it?”, the king asked. Mansur said. “Anal huq. I am God, I am God.”

“Oh I see! Come on, burn him. Put him on fire, let us see.”

Mansur was put on fire. The whole body was reduced to ashes. The ash started blowing due the wind. Blown by the wind, the ash kept repeating, “Anal huq, Anal huq, I am God, I am God.” That is the cross of life.

who is nearest to god?

‘I bear the cross’ means, ‘I stand witness to all that I speak about’. I stand a witness to all that I have experienced; I am the proof of everything I am declaring as of now. That’s what the cross means. Baba could bear the cross of suffering and renunciation, the same as Jesus Christ. The cross has a meaning for all of us, a lesson for all of us to learn and develop in the spiritual field.

A question was put to Jesus Christ, “Who is nearest to God?” Who is nearest to Baba - those who are sitting near the veranda, (Laughter) a very simple answer. (Laughter) Oh! Wrong answer, zero marks! (Laughter) The same question was put to Jesus Christ, “Who is nearest to God?”

Jesus said, “He whose silence is meditation.” Ah! A million dollar answer! That is why, in Prashanti Nilayam, silence is insisted upon. But we are interested in disregarding it.

Silence is insisted upon here and silence is a must for every spiritual seeker. I am no exception. I still find myself noisy (Laughter) and talkative. I find myself interested in sharing what I know. But true meditation is silence. ‘Oh I see, let me be silent this afternoon’; I go for meditation with my mouth shut. But keeping your mouth shut is not silence because the mind is a market. (Laughter)

The mind is a marketplace, because you are thinking of what happened thirty years ago, what happened twenty years ago, what happened yesterday, what should not have happened to our enemy. (Laughter) That fellow should not have been given an interview at all. That fellow should not have come up in life. That fellow should have gone by now. You are silent. What for?

So my friends, ‘silence is meditation’ means we must silence the mind. What do you mean by silencing the mind? Silencing the mind is withdrawal of thoughts, a thoughtless state. When thoughts are totally gone, that stage is silence. So who is near to God? He whose silence is meditation.

he whose speech is ever about god

The second requirement: Jesus said, “He whose speech is ever about God and the saints.” Our speech should ever be about God and the saints; but it is not so. What do we talk about? When are they going to open the stores? (Laughter) Is pizza available by any chance today? (Laughter) Do you know the timings of the museum? Do you know the price of the latest shipment of saris in town? (Laughter) This is what it is. So how can we be near God? How can we be close to Him?

Clearly, God said, “Those who think, who speak about Me and the saints, are closest to me.” Therefore to be near God, we should be thoughtless. If at all we have to speak, we should speak about God and the saints. That’s the second requirement.

he whose look is a tear is nearest to god

Finally, what is the third requirement? Jesus said, “Whose look is a tear”, meaning not having jealousy. ‘That person has come up in life; therefore let me cry.’ (Laughter) Anil Kumar said, ‘Whose look is a tear’, and so let me cry because that fellow is happy. No, it does not mean tears of jealousy or enmity. It refers to tears of gratitude, tears of thankfulness, tears of joy, and tears of ecstasy.

For instance, your son has been in the United States for the last ten years and you could not meet with him all these years because of visa problems. Now he makes a trip home after ten years. What is the first thing you say? You don’t say, “How are you this morning? Hope you had a nice sleep last night.” Do you say that? You don’t say that to your son. You meet your wife after a long gap. What is the immediate expression? Tears! A tear expresses the highest state of bliss, the highest state of happiness.

That’s why you find people coming out of the interview room wiping their tears. They could not control their joy; their heart is so small. It is like a gas cylinder; when Swami says, “How are you?” it just bursts! (Laughter) That’s all. We think that Swami must have hit him, therefore he is crying. Since you are full of mistakes, you think that he must have made some mistakes.

So, the highest state of ecstasy is a test, in the form of a tear: “Whose look is a tear”, says Jesus Christ. You also shed tears while watching the misery and suffering of poor people, needy and sick people. You shed tears for those who are less fortunate, those who are denied the precious gifts of life.

the message of Christmas

Therefore my friends, as we begin this Christmas season, let us understand that poverty is not financial; that poverty is a lack of spiritual understanding. It is true that God spends His time among poor people, that He cares for them, and that He wants us to bear the cross of renunciation and suffering.

Let us understand that we can be close to Him by observing silence of thoughts, which is true mediation; that we should constantly converse with each other about all that is Divine and godly, about all that is spiritual and not personal; that we should shed tears of joy, thanking God for everything He has given to us. We should go on thanking Him.

I also want to share with you another question put to Jesus: “By what sign may we know that we are from you, that I am from God.”

Baba always says, “God is in you, above you, below you, around you.” I have translated this statement any number of times without any experience. Baba always says that God is in us, above us, below us, around us, but do we see Him? (Laughter) Have we experienced Him? Nice to quote, difficult to translate, impossible to experience -- that is our present position.

This question was put to Jesus Christ, “My Lord, my Lord, how am I to know that I am from you?”

Do you know what Jesus said? “There is only one sign - that you love one another. If you love one another, you will know that you are from me.”

What does Baba say? “Love all, serve all. Start the day with Love, spend the day with Love, fill the day with Love, end the day with Love. This is the only way to God.” Bhagavan says that is the only way to God.

Therefore my friends, as Jesus said, “To know that you are from Me, the only sign is Love for one another.”

I thank you very much for your patient listening. We have next Sunday also to think about the message of Christmas, how it has to be viewed, experienced, celebrated, and understood by Sai devotees. Thank you very much. (Applause)

Anil Kumar finished his satsang by chanting “Sai Narayana Narayana.”


Asato Maa Sad Gamaya

Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya

Mrtyormaa Amrtam Gamaya

Om Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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