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Experience of Dr. Baronowski

Dr. Frank Baronowski, a Professor in Arizona State University in America, is an expert in this field. He not only photographs aura but is blessed with the rare gift of being able to see the aura directly with his eyes.

In 1979, he came to India to make a study of aura of holy men in the country. Inevitably, his travels brought him to Baba, who was then in Bangalore. At the time Baronowski reached Whitefield, a course arranged by Baba for school teachers was in progress. Baronowski heard about this and was naturally keen to speak in the conference, sharing his numerous experiences.

The Professor's first glimpse of Sai Baba was during the early morning Darshan. Baronowski was stunned by what he saw - Baba's aura was simply out of this world. He saw it again and again - saw how this extra-ordinary aura enveloped one and all, believers and non-believers alike, those who were directly looking at Him and those whose attention was wandering. Later, Baronowski was given the opportunity to speak during the conference proceedings, in the immediate presence of Bhagavan Baba.

Here is an extract of what he saw in his own words:

I have always been able to see the human aura, that is, the energy pattern which surrounds a person. The auras around average people extend as much as three to five feet. Auras are composed of every imaginable colour and these colours change as a person's emotional, physical and mental states change.

In general,

- the colour blue is evident in a person' s aura, it is an indication of deep spirituality;
- green is a healing color;
- yellow indicates high intelligence; and
- red means anger or frustration.
- The colour pink, which is rarely seen, typifies a person capable of self-less love.

I have met over a hundred holy men in India. Too many of these holy men are involved in their own personal egos. Their auras show mostly concern for themselves and their institutions. So, the auras are only about 25 cm. broad or perhaps 50 cm. I am not a devotee of Sai Baba. I have come here as a scientist, to see this man Sai Baba.

I saw Him on Sunday, on the balcony giving Darshan to devotees below. The aura that Baba projected was not that of a man. The white was more than twice the size of any man's, the blue was practically limitless, and there were gold and silver bands beyond even those, far beyond this building, right up to the horizon.

There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon

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