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Playing for their dreams

String Orchestra by Sathya Sai School, Thailand

July 17, 2008

Nine young musicians from the Sathya Sai School String Orchestra, Thailand had their dreams fulfilled on the evening of July 17th by having the privilege of playing in the Divine Presence and being showered by Divine Grace. However, the circumstances under which they performed were very dream-like! 


The boys had been practicing very hard, but were uncertain as to when they would play or even play at all. In the evening of July 16th, Bhagawan confirmed with Dr. Art-ong Jumsai that the performance was to be the next day. The boys were ready in their orchestra dress and had all their instruments at the back of the Mandir; even a place was kept free in front of the Mandir where they could perform. Time passed and Bhagawan did not come. Bhajans started and it was presumed by most that the boys’ performance was postponed. Bhagawan came towards the end of the Bhajans and did not indicate anything to Dr. Art-ong or anyone else. However, nothing is impossible with the Avatar! Suddenly a message was conveyed and the area was cleared, chairs put up and the boys told to bring their instruments. It was already after half past six. 

The next surprise was that their teacher and conductor, Teacher Maren, could not be found anywhere! Another teacher, Teacher Loraine dashed out of the Kulwant Hall looking for her, but to no avail. Presuming that the performance was postponed, Teacher Maren had returned home to do her own practice as she was also to play with the Sai Symphony. Bhagawan was insisting that the performance should start, so taking courage into his hands, Dr. Art-ong got up to conduct the boys.

The young musicians were extremely nervous as they were used to playing only with their teacher and Dr. Art-ong also did not have the musical score in front of him, yet he did a marathon job with a big smile on his face. They all did their best, but it was not easy. After several pieces, Teacher Maren, having been informed, appeared in the Kulwant Hall. She was sure that Bhagawan would scold her for coming late and that they only had two more pieces to play. To her amazement and joy, Bhagawan smiled at her very sweetly and told her to commence, so the whole performance began again.

The boys, overjoyed to see their teacher, gained more confidence and played much better. Bhagawan was smiling and encouraging them the whole time. The entire crowd seemed to respond to the boys’ predicament and there was an extraordinary feeling of love and support.

After they had completed their repertoire which included five bhajans, Bhagawan handed the programme to the college boys and instructed them to sing each and every Bhajan that the Thai boys had played.  Adding to the unconventional atmosphere of the whole proceedings, the Ganesha bhajan “Ganesha Sharanam” was sung last! There was an extraordinary feeling of unity, as the Prashanthi brothers supported and instructed their younger Thai brothers through their singing. When this was completed, Bhagawan called Teacher Maren and gave her some instructions, which she conveyed to the boys, back and forth this interaction went, until the boys sung a bhajan together, which was totally unprepared and impromptu.

Finally Bhagawan called the boys up on to the stage. They went up on their knees (Thai-style) and surrounded their Divine Mother and Father. Here the grace and love flowed like nectar. Bhagawan materialized vibhuthi for each and every one of them and showered His love on them. He spoke to them and stroked their hair, He even called their teacher from the crowd to come up and join them. A very long photo-session took place with photos being taken from every angle and Bhagawan directing the whole show. He continued to talk to both students and teachers and pouring his love and grace on them all, giving them Padanamaskar and blessing whatever they held in their hands. After what seemed like a very long time, Bhagawan indicated for Arathi and the boys and teachers went back to their places, filled with Bhagawan’s bliss.

All in all it was a very special and unusual occasion. The entire gathering of devotees observed the love and attention Bhagawan poured on his boys. Another point that many commented on, was that is was a real life lesson showing the importance and significance of the teacher. How the boys reacted and blossomed once their teacher was amongst them again. This is indeed very appropriate for the World Education Conference.