Sathwic Food-Letters from Sathay Sai Baba-Food for thought     There is nothing more personal and touching as reading some of the letters

Sai Baba's letters to his devotees













An elderly woman



An elderly woman grieving her husband's passing, received a surprise letter of comfort from Bhagavan, expressing:

Wedding binds two persons together as husband and wife. What were they to each other minutes before? The one would not have worried for the other if the wedding had not happened!

Where were the son, and the brother before they were conceived and born? Life is an interlude between what was and what will be. This interlude should be used not to lament over what cannot be helped or set right, but to seek God, see Him and take refuge in Him. Your husband lived such a life in the light of Truth he had glimpsed. He did no wrong to anyone; he loved and served the suffering and the illiterate. He salvaged many families from penury and infamy. He helped many young people to go through college. Many sick persons were saved by his timely donations. He was ever cheerful and spread cheer wherever he went. And, at last, God willed that he cast away the body that limited him. Of what profit is it now to calculate what might have happened, had he not gone to Madras that day?

Your duty from now on is to sustain the fame he earned, to follow the ideals he had placed before himself. Your husband is here, in MY presence now, and he will be there forever as he had wished to be when alive. Swami will not allow him to be separated from the Presence. He is now free from bonds and boundaries.

You are indeed fortunate that destiny drew you to him and gave you so many years of loving companionship with such a fine person. His thoughts were pure; there was no blemish of envy, hatred, or greed in him. So his place is with Me, forever. I am writing this letter to you in order to shower on you the cool rain of love. That rain will scotch the flames of grief that are now raging in you. Your husband is at Prasanthi Nilayam, in the presence of Sairam, having attained that climax by his spiritual attainments.





Love has no distance:

During Bhagavan's absence from Prasanthi Nilayam in earlier years, He used to send letters to be read out loud for all the residents; to bring them joy and make them aware that He was thinking of them, and knew of their whereabouts—no matter the distance between:

Blessings to all at the Mandir!

Tell them to fulfill the duties assigned and carry out the responsibilities fixed. The daily schedule of puja, dhyana, bhajan, sankirtan and study should be followed punctually and with faithful devotion. People should move along with others with love and reverence. Of what benefit is sadhana if it is done without controlling jealousy, envy, pride, anger, and malice?

However long you may live in the Ashram, these vices will yet undermine whatever merit you acquire. The proof of the rain is the wetness of the ground. The proof of sadhana is the subjugation of the senses. Give up irrelevant and impertinent talks and activity; cultivate self-examination, self-discovery; develop the inner eye, the inner discipline. Make the best of this chance acquired as a result of the good done many previous lives. Of course, Swami's sadhana








Disclosing His Omniscience and Divine qualities:

Dear child Veerbhadram!

You are Badhram (meaning: happy, full of confidence and joy). Aren't you? You might answer, "What kind of bhadram is this?" Of course, that answer is natural.

When life flows clear and smooth with no hurdles to cross, to feel that it is all because of one's own choice and to forget God, and when that flow encounters obstacles and obstructions at every turn, to lament and lose heart—are these not signs of the intellectual frailty inherent in man? You, too, are human, dear Bhadram, therefore, it is no wonder that you are overcome by depression and despair when troubles bother you at every step.

Bangaroo! Man only is the target of trouble; trees are not. Even when they are, they have no capacity to express how deep they are hurt.

And though the life of man is basically a manifestation of Immortality and an unbroken stream of Ananda, he strays away from the awareness of the Atman, the spring of that Ananada, slavishly yielding to the ravishing tactics of the mind, the reason, and the vagaries of the ego. Sinking and floating, rising and falling on the turbid waves of the sea of delusion, he is tossed between anxiety and calm, grief and joy, pain and pleasure. He is afflicted with the evanescence of the world and the unreality of his plans and passions.

Why are you confound and confused by this false panorama? nemember, you are thereby despising and denying your own Atmic identity. You have stored in your brain the Vedas, the Sastras, the Puranas, the Ithihasas and the Upanishads, but you behave like dull boor; you bewail your lot and weep at your plight, as it is not worthy of the learning you have accumulated. You have to draw strength and courage therefrom and further the blossoming of holy, heartening thoughts.

Should this one single trouble—want of money—make you stoop in weakness and fear? You have with you, and you know its efficacy, the Name which is Dhanvanthari for the ills and anxieties of man. Instead of letting the name dance merrily on the tongue, why are you paying attention to what you call 'loss,' 'grief,' and 'worry'?

You are the repository of so many branches of scriptural scholarship; but you have neither realized their value nor attempted to experience the joy they can give you. This must be your goal. On the other hand, you are spending your days contentedly and with vast self-satisfaction, as if the biggest purpose to which you can devote your learning is exhibiting it in speech and demonstrating it in outer behavior. The result is, you are led into the baseless belief that you are being 'attacked' by anxieties and adversities.

Really speaking, these are all objective phenomena, passing clouds that are but a feature of the external nature. The Ananda that the Atma can confer on you cannot be lessened or hindered in the least. Have faith in this Truth. Don't you know, Bangaroo, the freedom, the delight and the peace that you can derive by the contemplation of the Ananada, that the unbroken awareness of the Atma can endow you with! Then, though mountains roll on your head, do not get attached with, or affected by, happenings in the objective world.

To preach to others is quite easy; but it is extremely difficult to put even a fraction of what is preached into actual practice and experience the felicity promised. You have been announcing in ringing tones that Swami knows everything; Swami is the Unitive Embodiment of all the names and forms by which man has adored God down the millennia. But you forget to establish its truth in your life, which problems overwhelm you.

Don't I know? The other day, when you were reduced to plead with your father for help and when you were about to proceed to where he resides, your wife suggested, "We shall write to Swami about our troubles and losses," let me ask, why you told her, "I won't allow this; you should not write." May I tell you the reason? You thought she might inform me various other details! Don't I know? Can I know if she writes to me? Foolish Bangaroo!

Don't I know that you went to Ramachandrapuram, proposing to give a series of talks on the [Bhagavad] Gita and returning with a minus balance? The 'Gita discourse' did not receive the response you expected, since your talk was pervaded and polluted by the Burrakatha style that has struck roots in you since long. It cannot easily be overcome. Bear with it patiently and by steady effort, get rid of this tendency. If you desire that your Gita talks should be appreciated, some improvements are called for. Without effecting them, why do you moan, be gloomy and dejected, blaming your scholarship and your experience as mere useless loads?

Well, for me, who is fostering all these worlds, fostering you and your family is no burden. I am giving you these series of troubles, in order to teach you some lessons. "Study is not all important. Practicing what you have learnt is very necessary." My purpose is to bring to your notice this facet of the process of learning.
Let me tell you this. He who but plants a sapling cannot but water it; if he had no will to water it, he wouldn't have planted it. This is the identifying principle of the Atma and the Jiva, the Universal and the Individual, God and man. You had written and published that the name of Swami is dancing in home after home, that Swami's Form is being adored in home after home. And for this little vision, you were filled with Ananda. No, it is not every home only; the Sai Name will arouse ecstatic delight filling the entire world, nay, every inch of it. People sing now, "All is Sai-full, this world is Baba-full." This fullness will be realized, without doubt. Be bold; be in bliss; take up the burden of the duties assigned to you. Seek the realization of the four goals of man-justice, prosperity, righteous desire, and liberation from bondage.

When you resolve to progress on these lines the Lord of Parthi (Sai Ram) will Himself be available to you as the God who will lift you and liberate you. Therefore, Bangaroo, seek and gain your own motivating principle, I will never give you up. I will not forget you, no never.

You have been maligning the rich; give up this erroneous habit. Not only the rich; you should not dishonor anyone in any manner in any measure. Remember, Sai resides in all men; so maligning any person involves the maligning of Sai Himself. If they are bloated in their ego, they will suffer. How can it affect you? Convey my blessings to your wife and children.

I have written this long letter out of the compassion and love I bear towards you. I have not written this out of anger or a sense of hurt. Be ever in joy; be ever intent on practice and experience.

The Resident of your Heart,









selections from letters written to students of the Brindavan Campus:

1 December 1971

I suppose all the hostel boys are happy? Is the discipline being properly maintained? Exercise some control in regard to your thoughts, words and actions and understand and carry out SAI's command, work hard and study with interest. Do not let down your parents and their hopes and expectations but strive to make them happy. Studying in SAI's college, staying in SAI's nilayam and being frequently in SAI's company, you should feel SAI's presence everywhere. It is only when you understand and assimilate SAI's ideals of living that SAI's Grace is showered on you.

In my presence you display utmost obedience and reverence, but in my physical absence, you indulge in careless and vulgar actions. You may think that they are for your good but the truth is not hidden from Me. Understand that SAI is present (resides) in your heart, it is SAI's wishes and not yours. That should be materialized in your actions, it is understood that you don't believe that SAI resides in your heart.

SAI is your Thaai, Maai, Aayi. So, do not give place to any ill feelings but conduct yourselves towards one another as brothers do.

Convey my blessings to ... ... ... ...


The secret of perfect health lies in keeping the mind always cheerful, never worried and never hurried.










January 1972


Dear Boys,

How are you all? Are you pursuing the same old habits or has there been any change? Has there been any acquisition of noble ideas and ideals? In winnowing, the dry outer coverings are removed from the grain. Similarly, you should also separate and isolate the seeds of bad thoughts and emotions from the good and healthy ones. Let not the seeds of bad thought sprout anywhere near you. At least from this Sankranthi day onwards, live up to the word you've given to Swami and walk along the flowery path shown by SAI. Receive in full SAI's Grace and Love. Lead your life with good thoughts, good inclinations and good ideals. Strive to attain the fruits of your studies. SAI is your 'Hridayasthaayi'. SAI is the One who grants your wishes. It is this SAI, who is your Thaai: SAI MOTHER.

Blessings to All,







11 July 1972

To All Hostel Boys!

How are you? You are very happy because I am not there. No, no, I am here, there and everywhere. Swami is Love. Love is Swamiji. Therefore, Love is there. There are two kinds of love. One is called Personal love and the other is called Impersonal. Personal love relates to the physical part of the being and Impersonal to the spiritual part. Life is intended to practice Impersonal love, because this Love is revealed in your heart and then you realize wonderful universal truth, spirit or existence which is called God.

To devote yourself to Swamiji in order to realize Him means shedding your individual sense and knowing that you are Universal Truth and spirit. This is possible only when you transcend the individual sense or the ego sense in you. The ego sense is the cause of your unhappiness, bondage and misery in the world.

'SAI KRISHNA' through Geetha has asked you to surrender yourself to the Divine completely and be free from the ego sense. When the ego sense is eliminated you shall have the universal vision and based upon that vision you love all alike. God is love and He dwells in love. In one who dwells in God, God dwells in him. God as love is dwelling in your hearts and therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. When you realize this truth in the freshness and beauty of the Immortal Spirit. Let thy life sing with the music of love.

With Blessings,







17 July 1972


Little knowledge is a dangerous thing making one conceited, it causes his downfall. Ego is the root cause of all troubles.

Realizing is resting. Laziness is rusting. Is it not the truth? Surrender of the disciple and blessings of the Swamiji (God) smoothens the path of self-realization. Life without Swamiji is like a boat without a rudder. Churning the mind with self-inquiry gives the cream of Knowledge. Love is the manifestation of self-illumined. Like water in a reversed pot, the spiritual knowledge does not enter the mind pot. Man's heart is the temple of the Divine. Don't inflame it with ideas of mine and thine.

"Time lost is life lost". Doing one's duty however small, in an unattached manner gives rise to the awakening of self-awareness. Ego is limiting and pushing one into darkness. Truth is a flame of life, trying to reach the peak of attainment! The angry do not go to hell but inflame hell fire wherever they are. Water does not stay in the basket. Wisdom does not stay in the mind passionate. Mind is like a dog, wanders without any objective...

This is My Love

With Blessings,







Letter written to a devotee from the U.S.A.:

You as body, mind or soul are a dream but what you really are is Existence, Knowledge, Bliss. You are the God of the Universe. You are creating the whole universe and drawing it in. To gain the infinite universal individuality, the miserable little prison individuality must go. Bhakthi is no crying or any negative condition. It is the seeing of all in all we see.

It is the heart that reaches the goal, follow the heart.

A pure heart seeks beyond the intellect. It gets inspired. Whatever we do reacts upon us, if we do good, we shall have happiness and if evil, unhappiness. Within you is the mighty ocean of nectar divine. Seek it within you, feel it, free it, it is here the Self, it is not the body, the mind, the intellect, the brain, it is not the desire of the desiring, it is not the object of desire.

Above all, there you are. All these are simply manifestations. You appear as the smiling flower, as the twinkling star. What is there in the world which make you desire anything?

With Blessings and Love,

Sri Sathya Sai Baba








1 January 1974

Dear Boys!

Wish you a happy and peaceful New Year. What is the happiest day in your life? All are happy days to a person of true knowledge. Happiness is an internal conscious experience which comes as an effect of the extinction of mental or physical desire. The lesser the desire, the greater is the happiness, so that perfect happiness consists in the destruction or satisfaction of all desires in the Absolute Being. Life is an experience meant to train the individual for a higher, deeper and more expanded state of existence through the experience of the results of action. The aim of everybody's life is the attainment of complete perfection in the spiritual absolute.

Prema is not an illusion. It is a reality and actuality for those who have realized oneness in life.

What is man's dearest possession apart from his life; one's dearest possession is one's own true Self and there is no permanently dear thing apart from that.

God is great, all others are mere dusts.

God only is real and great. Everything else is unreal and valueless. I go further and say that God only exists and there is nothing second to SAI (God).

With Blessings,








Dear Boys,

Let every human being remake himself. Let us understand that we live not for money making, not for fulfilling our wants, not for scholarly and intellectual pursuits, but for spiritual development. Effects of karma's of the past have to be effaced with karma's backed by PREMA. Every karma must have a background of PREMA.

It is only in this world that spiritual progress can be made. Annihilation of ego and dissolution of desires can be made here and now. Conquer desires, the little 'I' feeling, vasanas, vikaras, raga and dwesha. All these have built this world of appearances and illusions.

Fill the heart with the LIGHT of PREMA so that the evil qualities of hate, greed and conceit find no place therein.

In winnowing, the dry outer coverings are separated from the grain. So too, you should separate the bad thoughts and emotions from the good and healthy ones. From this Sankraanthi Day onwards, walk along the FLOWERY PATH shown by SAI.

Receive in full SAI's Grace and Love. SAI is your Hridaya Sthaayi. SAI is the ONE who BLESSES your life with PEACE. SAI is the ONE who grants your wishes.


With Blessings and Love,







5 August 1974


Dear Boys!

Accept My Blessings and Love. In the world today so full of people who are selfish, unloving and unloved, this brand, this kind of atheism is almost a religion.

What is the SELF? It is the Self that says 'Not I' for if it says so, then it is unreal self, since the real Self has no thought of itself. The real Self is the selfless self, the self that has no thought either of or for itself.

It is the Self that has forgotten itself because somehow it remembers itself only in others. It is the Self that seeks the truth without a thought of self because truth is selfless wisdom. It is the Self that is quiet because quietness is the cessation of self through the wordlessness of the mind. It is the Self in wordless meditation, because wordless meditation is the stopping of the mind through union with the Divine. It is the Self that does not judge, does not evaluate, does not compare, does not condemn, does not separate, does not seek security of any kind, does not seek even itself.

It is the Self that has completely abolished itself and yet in a strange and mystical fashion is never more complete, never more real, never more itself than it has ever been. This is the real Self.

God is Love, Love is Selflessness. Selflessness is the abolition of all sense of selfhood and separativeness, all thoughts of you, all identification with the isolative life of the counterfeit being called self. Self is separativeness. Separativeness is the denial of wholeness. Wholeness is God. The denial of God is Godlessness, God privation, atheism. Atheism therefore as now understood, is not the denial of this or that religion, or the denial of this or that concept of God. It is rather the denial of a life of love which is the nature of God. It is the assertion of the life of self which is negation of the being of God. In short, real atheism is the denial of love, the assertion of selfishness.

The process of God-ward called self-sacrifice is in its most real essence, love. For, God is love and love alone can lead to Him. As the most God-full act is the act of love, so the most God-less act is the act of non-love or hate. But hate, which is separativeness, can arise only when there is selfishness or self-fullness. Thus it comes to pass that the most Godless, loveless act is the act of selfishness or self-fullness.

Love must be completely selfless to be God-ward, to be Divine. Its creation must be the beloved first, its technique must be your happiness not mine. This way to happiness is the forgetting of oneself and the remembering of God (Sai Krishna).

Whatever we do reacts upon us. If we do good, we shall have happiness and if evil, unhappiness. Within you is the real happiness, within you is the mighty ocean of the nectar Divine. Seek it within you, feel it, feel it. It is here, the Self; it is not the body, the mind, the intellect, the brain. iI is not the desire nor the desiring. It is not the object of the desire. Above all, these you are. All these are simply manifestations. You appear as the smiling flower, as the twinkling stars. What is there in this world which can make you desire anything?

It is the pure heart that reaches the goal. Follow the heart. A pure heart seeks beyond the intellect. It gets inspired.

With Blessings,

Sri Sathya Sai Baba










Through the awareness of the Divine alone can we really bring true peace to the world. There is no doubt that considerable effort is being made by great leaders of the world in the material plane to bring about peace and harmony. But Sai does not see any sign of their success.

The only way left is for us to turn our mind within ourselves and find out the true and everlasting basis, the supreme source, from which alone can we get true happiness and peace in the world. The basis is GOD, who is in fact dwelling in the hearts of everyone of us. He is the Universal Spirit.

Everyone of us is the very embodiment of Divinity. Your true being is Sath-Chit-Ananda, representing Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. You have forgotten this truth. Remember it now, and take the holy and powerful name of the Reality until your mind disappears and you stand revealed as Truth itself, and enjoy, as Sai has been enjoying, the Eternal Bliss which never exhausts itself.

With Blessings,
Baba .









My Dears!

The time will come when the whole of this dream will vanish. To everyone of us there must come a time when the whole universe will be found to have been a mere dream, when we shall find that the soul is infinitely better than its surroundings. In this struggle through we call environments, there will come a time when we shall find that these environment were almost zero in comparison with the power of the soul. It is only a question of time, and time is nothing in the infinite. It is a drop in the ocean. We can afford to wait and be calm.

With Blessings,
(Baba ) Sri Sathya Sai Baba.









The bird with you, the wings with Me;
The foot with you, the way with Me;
The eye with you, the form with Me;
The thing with you, the dream with Me;
The world with you, the heaven with Me;
So are we free, so are we bound;
So we begin and so we end;
You in Me and I in you.










My Dear Boys!

Accept my Love and Blessing. I received all your letters. Give all that is yours to Sai Krishna lovingly. Like the fool who squanders his life’s boon, you, too, can receive Bliss from above and still look for the sun at high noon. Give all yours to Sai and merge with Him, just like a moth that flies into the flame. Then you will surmount all problems. He is reality. Life is a false game. My Boys! Be Happy and study well. Your Sai is always with you and around you.










Convey My New Year Blessing to all boys. Tell them that they should study well and pass their examinations in the First Class. They also lead an ideal and worthy life by implicitly following Swami’s Commands and cultivating high and noble thoughts. They should shape themselves into boys having good qualities, good behaviour and a pure mind.

If they nurture such sacred ideas at a young age they will stand in good stead both in youth and in old age. Such sacred ideas will remain with them throughout their lives and express themselves in all actions. Also tell them that they should avoid excessive talk and should give no opportunity to go out of their way to establish unnecessary contacts with each other. Instead, they should fulfil the purpose for which they have come and follow the ideals of Sai.

Ultimately, this is what will remain. This alone will take them to the goal and shower Grace. No one is related or attached to the other.

The only true and permanent relationship is with Sai and all other attachment is merely worldly and false. This truth must fill their heart to the brim and continue to ring within for ever.

New Year Message.










Tell the boys to study hard and write the exams well. The opportunity which they are getting is indeed a great boon which even Devas aspire for. Once this great opportunity slips away, it is lost forever and this atmosphere can never be regained. The Avatar will soon be recognised by one and all and the entire world will come to His feet and turn towards the spiritual path. Make the best use of your time now so that you do not repent unnecessarily later. What is the use of all your studies if you cannot grasp the real Vidya.

Convey My Love and Blessings to all the boys and tell them to be disciplined. This opportunity would never come again and ask them to make best use of it. Even countless births would not get them back this opportunity.








Accept my Love and Blessings. What is morality in the hands of a philosopher? A good deal depends on the definition of the morality especially in the hands of a philosopher. If he looks upon morality as only a convenience imposed by common consent by the people on themselves, the philosopher would presumably attach very little importance to moral issues arising in that connection. If on the other hand, his views lead him to look upon morality as something more than a convenience of life, as having a basis more fundamental and rooted in eternal verities, then naturally the importance of morality to him would be very great. It is purely a question of definition and attitude. My Love and Blessings to all.











How are all of you? Truth is that which does not hold anyone in dissatisfaction but elevates one to more genuine form of happiness, until its Absolute state is reached. It is not contradicted by any other experience and does not point to the existence of any thing better or higher than it. That which never changes and is unrestricted by anything is Truth.

Physical Science is objective and cannot lead to the Absolute Truth, but Spiritual Science or Brahma Vidya can lead to the Absolute Truth. GOD alone is Truth, all others are mere dust. Do you agree? Yes, GOD alone is real and great, everything else is unreal and valueless. There is nothing second to GOD . live in GOD.

My Love to all.











Love and Blessings to all. Tell the boys to maintain silence, be disciplined and study hard and do well in the exams to please Swami.

in this age of Kali, when the evil force are rampant and destroying all good people, when even the devotees of GOD are going down to these bad evils, the name of GOD alone can save anyone. Tell everyone to take this “Sai” Manthra and live with it throughout their lives. It is the name that will guide and save.

Many devotees have come here and I am busy with the constructions going on; hence I could not write anything to the boys. Give them My Love and Blessings.
















These days we are unfortunately witnessing before our own eyes all the evils of the Kali age being very freely practised by men and women everywhere, thus inviting the consequent inevitable sufferings upon themselves and others. To counteract the evil forces that are gaining ground, the only way prescribed is the chanting of Sai’s name, the glory of which has been extolled again and again. All devotees and well wishers of humanity should now wholeheartedly take to the chanting of the name of Sai( their Manthra) for longer hours daily with faith and devotion and thus contribute their mite towards bringing in peace and happiness, in this present day world of strife, turmoil and unhappiness.

My Blessings to all.

With love,















Accept My Blessings. On this 1st day of January, Blessings to you for a long, healthy, happy, peaceful, comfortable life with the experience of spiritual bliss. All of you should grow into ideal persons. New Year Blessings and drops of Love. all the boys must study well and cultivate discipline, humility and obedience. A life devoid of Divine Grace is verily no life at all.

A birth wherein the Love of GOD is not secured is really no birth at all. Therefore, take to the path of spirituality, undertake the necessary sadhana and become worthy recipients of Sai’s Love and Grace. Education merely for living is like chaff without the grain. This is also not education in the true sense of the term. Practise Sai’s ideals and experience Atmananda. Love and Blessings to all.

With Love,













My beloved teachers and boys!

Accept My Love and Blessings. In this world of change, we meet with various vicissitudes of life, both pleasant and unpleasant. We are afflicted with disease, both mental and physical. The body is stricken with diseases and the mind with worries. In this state of our unhappiness, turmoil and misery, there is only one way and that is to take refuge in Sai.

Sai alone can remove these difficulties and disease and bring us to health, peace and prosperity. He who has got Sai’s name on his lip is a Jeevan Muktha, because continuous remembrance of Sai eliminates the ego sense and grants him the realisation of his immortal, changeless Self. The name is a link between the devotee and Sai. It brings the devotee face to face with Sai enables him to attain knowledge of his oneness with Sai.

With love,

your Sai, your Own Sai,(Sri Sathya Sai ).
29.3.1981 (Telugu New Year Blessings)














Accept My Blessings. Because I am now immersed in activities that do not allow a moment’s break, I do not have the opportunity to talk to you all directly.

Sai is always with each of you wherever you are. Be assured. The problems of the country can be solved only when the special role of education is recognised and efforts made to realise it. On you, the students, and efforts made to realise it. On you, the students, depends the progress or decline of the country. You are the builders of future India. You are the roots of the tree, the basement of the building. You have to journey longer than the others. So it is not enough if you pour over plenty of books. You must equip yourselves to be the guardians of the society and the pillars of the nation. You must fill your consciousness with a sense of responsibility. You have to revive the culture of Bharath.

Discipline and sense of duty has to bloom in you. do not struggle only for “Marks” but try to avoid “Remark” on your conduct. You must act as a supports of peace in the country and must not, like the uneducated, lose control of yourselves and take part in anti-social activities and destructive incidents. You must shape yourselves as Divine Messengers of the ideals of intelligent service that is the hallmark of a good citizen. For, the purpose of education is the transformation of all aspects of life into full strength and joy.

It is not the provision of begging bowls to the youth, and calling them degrees. Jobs are not so fundamental; inner joy is the important gain. Suyoga is more important than udyoga ( Employment). From the menial to the minister, the current cry is for jobs. Udyoga really means ‘ Higher Yoga’ and it is available to everyone at all times. Education must confer humility; it must transform, moral, mental and spiritual fields and purify thought, word and deed. The educated must gladden the heart of the parents; when that is done, it bears fruit.

Education is fir life; not for earning a living, remember. May you all be earnest and skilled builders of a happy and prosperous country. May all of you contribute to the establishment of Ananda in all hearts.

Sai is always with you. Be Happy with Sai’s Love.

with Love and Blessings














I am not the body-
a mass of flesh, bones and blood.
I am not the mind-
a bundle of wasteful desires, manifest and unmanifest.
I am not the feeling-
of infatuation that obstructs the way to liberation;
I am that Eternal Paramathman,
who is aware of the power that I Am.


Accept My Blessings. Received your letters full of fragrant flower of information and prayerful salutations. They have caused this nice letter to be sent to you. this letter is giving joy to Sai and bringing Sai to you.

the need of the hour is not to picture life as garden of happiness and romantic love, but to hold it out as a battlefield meant to be lived as an ideal of heroism and courage. In the present circumstances, a play with words would be of no use at all. By obtaining mere degrees, we can make neither your motherland glow with glory nor can you blossom forth yourselves.

Seeking Truth, you should transform yourselves into great devotees, lovers of GOD and be ready for any supreme sacrifice including laying down life itself. Bidding goodbye to all selfishness and Self-interest, making Divine Love as the bow and Wisdom as the arrow, you should forth as heroic students, placing your faith in the transcendental Truth and GOD.

You should know that you are born to achieve great and stupendous tasks in life. You are the children of GOD. Heroes in action , great soldiers in the age of Kali, full of compassion and Divine Love and resolved to make Divinity resound with success in the world.

This is not the time for rest and sleep. The future emergence of a glorious new Bharath is dependent upon you. the mother is awaiting your arrival on the scene. If the morality of Bharath is destroyed, the world will sink into utter ruin. If the spirituality of a Bharath suffers and setback, it will be to the determent to the rest of the world. The unity and the integrity of the nation would suffer a setback. The morality of Bharath is its sweet experience of Divine Love. the love for GOD should saturate and flow as the very life-blood.

Hearts should fill and overflow with waves of idealism. Do not become slaves of external life and education and destroy the small saplings of spirituality in your heart light the lamps of Truth and dispel all weakness in your heart. you are messengers of GOD and not servants of the Lord of Death. Establish the Kingdom of devotion. Earn the love of GOD. Develop spiritual knowledge along with worldly education. Love based on gunas suffers modifications. Make that transcendental Love as your own goal in the life.

Do not become slaves of low desires and feelings. Make spirituality as your dwelling place. Every object in creation is transient. It is only the Bliss of Atma which is inexhaustible. Strive to attain it. Only through Love of GOD can you attain such bliss and develop it into full fruition. The inner significance of ‘Krishna Tulaa Bhaara’ is to show that all the wealth of the world, with all its gold and diamonds, cannot match GOD.

It is only Divine Love which is equal to Him. Foster such devotion in your hearts. Most of you have not understood the principles that Swami embodies, nor can you comprehend. Understand Sai’s Love. you cannot trace any selfishness in any corner of Sai. Whatever He does, is for your sake. There is nothing in the world which Sai needs.

Camphor is white as also the celestial cow,
Stars are white and also the wings of a swan,
And so is the sweet smile of beautiful Sai,
Sweeter than sweet juice of sugarcane or
even the wine, is the love of Sai.

The Love of Sai is more soothing and comforting than the sight of a beautiful flower or the sweet smile of an innocent child.

Sai’s word can confer all joy, happiness
and prosperity on the world
Sai’s look can shower the delight of the
rain of the paarijaatha flower
Sai’s Hand can confer the comfort of
a loving mother’s hand.
This alone is for your joy and welfare-
the conferer of Love.

I expect from you only one thing, that you should transform yourselves into ideal children full of Bliss, the very embodiments of Atma, proving all this to the world by your behaviour and conduct in life. That alone is True Education. All other types of education are only its limbs and parts.

What happiness did the Demon Somakasura enjoy, stealing the sacred scriptures and abusing Hari? What did the ten-headed Ravana carry with him, seeking the wife of another person? By how much did Duryodana gain by denying even an inch of space to Pandavas? Could Kamsa, who vengefully and watchfully killed the innocent children of his sister, save himself from death?

Even today that would be the fate of people, who are opposed to Dharma. What more can I convey to you? recognising his Truth, carefully follow the proper path and conduct yourselves accordingly.


the Resident of your heart.