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New Year in Prasanthi Nilayam - 1 Jan 2010
Posted at 02:15:34 Hrs. IST on 02 Jan 2010 - Source: 

The Story of “The Eternal Bond of Love” that was on display on the New Year eve crossed over to the next day with the privileged folks, Alumni of Sri Sathya Sai University, continued their Saga of Love on the auspicious New Year Day in Prasanthi Nilayam in the immediate Divine Presence.

Singing for the Lord is altogether a different game and none else could excel in this art than His chosen students who are adept in reading the pulse of Divinity in physical frame.

As if carrying forward from the glorious tales from the New Year Eve, the New Year evening witnessed yet another chapter of this Divine Saga wherein the Alumni, in united voice, made their explicit love for their Beloved Mother Sai.

Being the 25th year of the Brass Band of Sri Sathya Sai University, the Alumni Brass Band comprising former students from various batches belonging to yester years made a scintillating thematic Band display. This was interspersed with musings of interesting anecdotes from the inspiring tale of the Band Troupe, highlighting the Master Beloved as the "Doer" behind their success.

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Band Master of excellence from the previous years, Dr. Dibya Jyothi Das had a tale narrated by his senior, a tale that had happened twenty five years ago, during the60th Birthday occasion.

Convocation was fast approaching and the band was unable to play to precision and finally they sought Bhagawan’s permission to permit the Police Band to play during the occasion. But, Bhagawan was not relenting; instead He had encouraging words for the folks, asking them to just do their duty, to practise vigorously, and a promise that rest would be taken care of.

…And the former Band Master exclaimed that this has been the tale of love between Swami and His students that made their saga a grandt success over the years. “…for boys just put their hard work and music comes from the Divine…for boys who have not touched musical instruments, for boys who have not got introduced to western music got to play is nothing short of a miracle” quipped the previous Band Master dedicating the evening with gratitude to their Master Beloved, their guiding force, Beloved Swami.

The troupe played four numbers, the first one, “The One”, an offering to The One who has been their guiding force and spirit. The first piece was followed by “Dharma”, with “Power D”, the third piece, an offering attributed to the Divine Power followed by the final piece, “Jai Ho”, a piece attributed to the real maestro behind their success story.

On the spirited evening the folks, by now over 1300 in number, had gathered in full force to make it an eventful evening of their own and Bhagawan was more than willing to make Himself available for them.

Earlier, Bhagawan was given a traditional welcome, as Divinity richly ‘deserves’. Coming out precisely at 5 pm, Bhagawan was escorted by a caravan comprising of flag bearing University Students along with Vedic Procession to lead from the front and behind Him was a student carrying a traditional parasol followed by two students fanning from both ends with customary yak tail fans.

There was a flurry of group of students onto the dais, carrying various things, right from various projects to the evening’s presentations followed by cakes for the occasion, for the sanctifying touch of the Lord.

Upon the completion of the Band Display, the alumni website was dedicated at His Divine Lotus Feet through a presentation that had been going on, projecting on the LED screen fixed in the centre hall. This was followed by the release of Volumer 15 and 16 of Bridge Across Time, the Alumni Bhajan Volume Series. The Volumes contain bhajans sung by students ranging from 1970 to 2009 batches of the University. After the presentation the Alumni music group had two special songs upon which they were asked to continue with group bhajan singing.

And in the morning the tale was not different. Privileged folks, as you call them, these grateful students are undoubtedly the excellent bunch of His creation, the crème de la crème of the fraternity, who are privileged to hold the designation of “Sathya Sai Students”. …And the folks are aware of the “Burden of the Badge” and the rarity of the good great fortune, a special boon to entertain the Divinity in physical frame. Echoing this spirit they sang “Entha Bhagyamu Enthadi Soubhagyamu…”.

Earlier, Bhagawan came out at 10:13 am in sparkling yellow, cooling minds, lighting up hearts and elevating souls to greater realms of joy on the auspicious New Year morning.

First, it was the turn of the University Brass Band which played four scintillating numbers, “Ganga Jadadhara…”, symbolizing the joy of celebration from the peaks of Mount Kailasha, “Gopala Radhalola…”, a number depicting the greater love of Gopas and Gopikas for Lord Krishna.

These two pieces were followed by another piece attributing Mother Divine with “grace” period granted by Bhagawan and the last piece came as Bhagawan graciously permitted the troupe to complete their scheduled quota of four; the final piece was to the tune of “Murali Krishna Mukunda Krishna…”.

This was followed by the Music Troupe of the University that sang some brilliant Carnatic pieces including “Vatapi Ganapatim Bhajeham…” in Adi Talam, Hamsadhwani Ragam, followed by one Hindustani to end with a dazzling final piece of Thillana. Singing with precision within the frame work of perfect Sruti, Raga and Tala, this grateful talented bunch of students raised the benchmark of the expectations. Bhagawan was engrossed in musical rhapsody while the capacity crowd gave round of applause every time these students came up with some scintillating, tongue twisting and breathtaking alap.

Indeed Bridge Across Time was built with bricks of Eternal Bond of Love between Beloved Swami and His grateful students. And Prasanthi has been thrilled witnessing this Divine Romance between the Creator and His creation.





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Alumni Home Coming - Poornachandra Session -

2 Jan 2010

Posted at 13:00:00 Hrs. IST on 03 Jan 2010

The Mother of all mothers with His unconditional love willed to bless His wards, this time He willed to bless them all with their escorts. As the “Love Story” between Swami and His students, “Alumni Home Coming”, extended to the third day on 2 Dec 2009, the spacious Poornachandra Auditorium witnessed unending excitement and greater merriment. The Lord chose to spend two precious hours with His former students inducing greater awareness about the Mission in hand, as designated senior spokespersons addressed the Alumni.

Bhagawan accompanied by seniors was ushered in to an eagerly awaiting Poornachandra at 4:37 pm to the chants of the Vedas. The Alumni Vedam Group escorted the Lord unto a specially erected dais in front of the stage before the commencement of the evening’s proceedings.

At the outset, Mr. K. Chakravarthi, Secretary, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust introduced the two speakers for the session. The speakers were Prof. G.Venkataraman, formerly Vice Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai University and Mr. V. Srinivasan, President, All India Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations.

Expressing gratitude to Bhagawan and calling the occasion an unusual honour, Prof. Venkataraman, referring to the students’ initiative for their “coming together”, felt privileged to see the entire University unfolding in His Divine Presence.

Focusing on the driving force behind the big Mission ahead, the speaker unfolded the story of the inception of Super Speciality Hospital in 1990, the Orissa housing project commissioned couple of months ago etc. with the help of slide shows and video presentations driving home the point that everything happens at His Will, Bhagawan’s Vajra Sankalp, which brings to pass everything that He Wills, despite adverse situations where man tend to face and fail.

Referring to the Super Speciality Hospital that has gone on record for its mammoth service activities free of any charge, the speaker said, it is not a stagnant hospital but a poignant one.

The recent WorldSpace fiasco that led to confusion and ‘panic’ among Radio Sai listeners in India and around the world for fear of shutting down of the service also came in for reference. In the wake of the news that WorldSpace has gone bankrupt and was on the block, The Radio Sai Team was getting flurry of mails showing greater concern about the continuation of the services and before even the Professor could send his prayers to Bhagawan, the WorldSpace announced shutting down Indian operations. All fingers were crossed as to whether the services would be anymore available beyond 31 Dec midnight. “Believe it or not, from 31st December onwards the only channel that was made available on Asia Star was Radio Sai…”, said a beaming Prof. GV to rounds of applause from the audience. “…before even we could pray, Bhagawan has done it” added the Professor with an apparent reference to Bhagawan’s indulgence in the matter.

“Wherever you are you have to live the life that Bhagawan wants you to live”, exhorted Sri V. Srinivasan talking about the expectations Bhagawan has on His students adding that “It is for others to say that by your behavior, by your speech, by your love that you must be a Sai devotee”. Whether you left the University 25 years ago or I day ago, all that is important is whether you carry Bhagawan with you in your heart. If so, you are the real Alumni; you must be the people who reflect the glory of Bhagawn, said the President reminding the former students of the tag they are holding as Sai Students.

Many of the former students have taken up responsible positions as office bearers in the organization. “It is my earnest prayer that soon, a former student of Bhagawan should take over as All India President of Sathya Sai Seva Organisation”, said Sri V.Srinivasan reposing greater faith in the fraternity.

Expressing gratitude to Bhagawan for the opportunity and blessing bestowed upon Him, Mr. Srinivasan said, eleven years of his tenure as head of All India organisation has been a rebirth for him. We need to make our lives His message.

An interesting episode at the time of inception of Super Speciality Hospital, wherein eighteen containers of highly fragile, sensitive and hi-tech equipments, heart-lung machines and other equipments for the Cath Lab of the hospital, valued in crores of rupees, had come from abroad to be transported to Parthi. As the road condition at that point of time was not conducive enough to encourage to take the big risk of transporting without insurance, he had to approach the Insurance Company which claimed a whopping 56 lacs at that point of time, eighteen years ago. He sought Bhagawan’s guidance and pat came His Divine reply, “When life itself is not sure why to insure”. Before unpacking, engineers from Phillips were pessimistic, almost certain of the damage as never such things would transport without damage. …And Lo! when the containers were opened not a single piece was broken as willed by Bhagawan, said Sri Srinivasan to a round of continuous applause. Dr. Safaya whom the engineers would address with “sir” until then started getting “Sai Ram” from the engineers, ever since this nearly impossible ‘miracle’ happened.

Another awe-inspiring story happened in China where the son of the President of Sathya Sai Organisation - Gujarat was working as an engineer. Coming from a Sai background he wanted to do Narayana Seva in an orphanage. He approached the warden of the orphanage to do the service on a sunday, introducing Swami as his mentor and guide under whose inspiration the service was undertaken. The warden of the orphanage upon seeing the picture of Bhagawan was as cool customer as he is while telling that the same gentleman in the picture had come to the orphanage a week ago offering to send food to the inmates. …And now every household in this small village in China has a picture of Bhagawan whom they worship as “The Big Chi” – The Supreme Lord!, though they have not heard about Sathya Sai Baba!

There are 2500 samithis, 5700 bhajan mandalis, 16000 balvikas centres, 12600 study circles, 2100 adopted villages, 1200 SSSVIP villages and 75000 registered youth members, said Mr. Srinivasan divulging some of the salient projects taken up by the Organisation recently. Some of the projects on hand include a National Archival System for archiving all beautiful things done by Bhagawan, Sri Sathya Sai Narayana Seva Project which is already operational from 23 Nov 2009, being done based on Swami’s teachings sixty years ago. Grains from each household suffused with feelings for another member would be brought to Samithis/Mandalis and Mahilas (Ladies) would prepare food to serve beggars and homeless people; in the villages the sanctified food would be served at every doorstep. A National Awareness Programme on Bhagawan and His Teachings was kicked off with the first hoarding was erected on the New Year day at the busiest location in Indore. Such hoardings with His Messages would be erected country-wide at all important places, with prior approval from Bhagawan.

The Technology Group of the Organisation is making remarkable progress in the areas of water purification and sanitation, organic agriculture, non-conventional energy system, low-cost buildings, micro-power power stations etc. A Power Station built by the Organisation is able to serve 90 households with electricity in the state of Uttaranchal, said Mr. Srinivasan detailing the yeomen service activities undertaken by the Organisation. Tele-Medicine service being done through the centres at Calcutta and Orissa tying up Super Speciality Hospitals in Prasantigram and Whitefield and Organisational ventures for 85th Birthday Celebrations were also came in for brief reference. Decorations as “Divinity Deserves” representing national character and culture would be done from Kothacheruvu to Prasanthi Nilayam, one- of-its kind never witnessed in Prasanthi, during the occasion.

A national exhibition on the unfolding mission of Bhagawan, symposium on the life and mission of Bhagawan etc. are also in the offing aiming the birthday occasion. National Newspaper Supplement highlighting all that Bhagawan has done for humanity would be initiated with the help of major national newspapers, said Mr. Srinivasan.

As many groups ventured onto the dais, turn by turn, seeking blessings, Bhagawan spent next half an hour interacting with them, going through the proposals and blessing all of them. As He asked for the bhajans to start, Bhagawan moved through the lanes of students blessing many, before returning to Sai Kulwant 10 minutes to seven.

At the Sai Kulwant, Bhajan session had been on awaiting the Lord and Arathi was offered at 7:10 pm before Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram.

For the old folks, it is a refreshing exercise, savouring their sepia-tinted memories of the past, refreshing the same with the exuberance of the current lot, while rejuvenating themselves with the current of Love That Conquers, emanating from Beloved Mother Sai!

For three full days Prasanthi relived those olden yet golden moments of her dearest children and in those three days she was again to hear those golden voices of the past, of many of the erstwhile singers, whose passion for singing, disciplined practice and devotion for Bhagawan were undoubtedly the set benchmark for the current generation and the generations to come.

Appreciating the overall show, rejoicing the events held for three full days, someone remarked:”It is a big mystery, the love between Swami and His students”. Mystery may remain to be a mystery but, the privileged folks affirm in united voice that “He touched their hearts”.

Sunday Special - Doctors' Parthi Yatra:
Posted at 13:00:00 Hrs. IST on 03 Jan 2010
An Inner Journey 20 Dec 2009

As the second batch of the doctors from the Bangalore hospitals completed ‘their’ Parthi Yatra in the third week of December, there were fresh lessons, fresh insights, fresh feelings and fresh perceptions to treating patients. He spoke about the do’s and donot’s to be practised while rendering better service. Dr. Vikram Prabhu, Consultant Psychiatrist at SSSIHMS and SSSGH, Whitefield writes all about the rejuvenating experience for the folks.

Undoubtedly, God is omnipresent. However, there are some hallowed places which get sanctified as divinity chooses to manifest itself more prominently eg: Ayodhya, Mathura, Shirdi, Tirupathi, etc., People belonging to different faiths have such places, the world over. Puttaparthi is one such place and many people from different countries have come here during the past few decades.

Puttaparthi is more than a pilgrim centre. This is a place that doctors of several countries vie to come and serve at the two hospitals. To the suffering patients, this is a place they come to, seeking to be relieved off their maladies through world-class treatment, all for free. For those seeking an education right from the primary school level to a doctorate or Masters in different subjects, there is excellent free education (educare). It is a wellspring for spiritual aspirants and all those who want to see God in flesh and blood. Thus it can be truly said that all roads lead to Puttaparthi.

On the tenth of November 2009, the Medical Director of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences (SSSIHMS), Whitefield, Dr. A.S.Hegde mentioned to me that the doctors of the hospital would soon go to Puttaparthi to have darshan of Bhagawan Baba. This was most thrilling to know as the only other time we had made a similar trip was in December 2001, the year the hospital had begun.

As a prelude, let me mention that I was one amongst the doctors for whom Bhagawan had materialized a ring during the trip of December 2001. I most gratefully wore it until January 2009 when one day while at home the stone came off and fell on the carpet. I had carefully kept the ring and the stone wondering what to do next.

Subsequently, Bhagawan instructed that doctors of both the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital and Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Whitefield come together along with their families on the 19th December for a two day visit. To be invited by the Lord Himself was a rare privilege. Sri Aurobindo once remarked “He who chooses the divine has been chosen by the divine”. This was His munificence towards the doctors working at his hospitals.

When we reached Prashanti Nilayam, we realized what it meant to be invited by Bhagawan. Many in the entourage had made previous trips to Puttaparthi but then this time we were in for royal treatment.

We donned scarves which mentioned that we were staff of the hospitals of the medical trust. We were given free accommodation and food. The menu was elaborate for each meal. The food simply delicious and the servings were multiple and generous. Mata Sai Annapurneshwari had some delicacies made for us. Mysore pak made out of pure ghee and crisp Jalebis. I for one, overate during those two days.

Though I had made several visits to Puttaparthi, never had I visited the Planetarium. I had attended one show at a planetarium elsewhere many years ago, but this experience was truly celestial. India had produced great astronomers such as Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya and others. We have our own nomenclature for the Zodiac signs eg: Mesha, Vrishaba etc., and also names for the Asterisms eg: Ashwini, Bharani, Krithika etc., what was remarkable about the show was the fact that not only were modern (western) names mentioned for the bodies but also the Indian ones. It has thus a synthesis. One could only marvel at the expanse of Bhagawan’s creation, which was highlighted by the show.

We were given a conducted tour of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Prashanthigram and the welcome and introduction was by none other than its Medical Director, Dr. A.N.Safaya. Standing in the central dome area (Prayer hall) of the hospital and gazing around was an exhilarating experience.

On the nineteenth evening, we had Bhagawan’s darshan at the Sai Kulwant Hall. Beholding His physical form is the most joyous experience. But I must confess that, that day Bhagawan appeared frail to me. Now, I had carried the ring and the stone with me and if afforded a chance, wanted to ask Bhagawan what to do next. However, I resolved not to do so and only have a prayerful attitude during the darshans.

After the dinner on the nineteenth, we had the privilege of listening to a talk cum PowerPoint presentation by Prof. G.Venkataraman, an eminent Physicist and former Vice-chancellor of the Sri Sathya Sai University. It was most inspiring. He drove home the point that Bhagawan’s will is a Vajra Sankalpa, what He wills is bound to happen whatever be the odds and circumstances.

On the twentieth morning, we were all afforded a chance to sit inside the prayer hall for the omkar chanting and suprabhatam. We then participated in the nagar-sankirtan. The Brahma Muhurtha period was well utilized.

A visit to the Chaitaneya Jyothi museum was arranged for us. Children and adults, both alike found the experience most enjoyable and enriching.

On the twentieth evening came the piece de resistance. Word was sent by Bhagawan that we were to be seated in the prayer hall; Bhagawan came and spent over an hour with us.

Bhagawan gave us ample darshan, sparshan, and sambhashan. As I had resolved not to bring up the matter concerning the ring it stayed inside the pocket of my trousers. However, Bhagawan beckoned me towards Him and the first thing He asked was “Where is the ring?” I had no option but to take it out from my pocket. He held it in His hand and returned it to me. But then I was in for a delight. He simply blew at His fingers and materialized a new ring and slid it into my finger saying that He could be seen in it. I then realized the futility of my myopic vision. I perceived Him to be frail when in fact He was none other than the Almighty. He wanted me to “see” Him everywhere. His majesty, power, glory, omnipotence and omnipresence were more to be focused upon and grasped. He knew what was there in my mind (thoughts), my heart (feelings) and in my pockets too! He is the Sarva-antarayamin (the indweller of all beings). I needed to recognize these deeper truths.

Bhagawan displayed His boundless compassion and simplicity when He interacted with the tiny tots who were probably giving trying moments to their mothers in the prayer hall. He materialized a gold chain for an infant. With all, He enquired, answered, comforted and reassured.
Bhagawan then gave a few aphorisms.

“You should not only treat patients well but also identify the reason for their illness. You should also investigate as to how, where and why they got the ailment?”

“Speak to them (patients) with love and compassion. Eyes should radiate love. Never get angry with them. Speak softly and sweetly to all patients. A doctor should develop such noble qualities but now-a-days they crave only for money”.

“There should not be minor bickering amongst you”

“There is only one God. Call him Allah, Jesus, Rama , Krishna or Ishwar”

“Love for God. Morality for society and fear of sin are necessary”

“Pray for the well being of all patients”

“When you give medicines (treatment) to patients render it with love”

Bhagawan finally asked us “Are you all happy today?” He then added “Very happy”!

I must mention at this juncture that Bhagawan’s interaction with all of us was mostly in Kannada. Finally He most graciously acceded to our request for a photo session with Him. What a blissful experience it was! What a joy it is to visit Puttaparthi. How sweet is the Lord, Parthivasa. How all knowing is Lord Sainath. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the one who cuts asunder the veil of Maya. He shows us the meaning of “Neti, Neti” (Not this not this) and sets us on the inward journey and then guides on to the final destination that is He Himself. Let us tune ourselves to Him.


1st January 2010 -

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,
The energy, in fact the divine energy was carried forward on the new year's day.. All the faces were brightly lit..New year's day is the only day when ,even people with CASTOR OIL faces prefer to smile. At the entrance of the mandir it was our beloved Lord Ganesha who was most busiest God accepting prayers, coconuts from various people.
There were also some people making pradikshanas aroud Ganesha few very interestingly with a pen and paper to note the number of rounds.. 
In the Sai Kulwanth hall it was a very different scene.. The hall was beautifully decorated with roses above the dais and the stage was beautifully decorated. The former students of Swami were seated along with thousands of devotees this morning waiting for a glimpse of Swami on the first day of 2010..
The wait was pretty long. The bhajans started at 9am. The first  bhajan of this year in Prasanthi was Lambodara... The bhajan session went on and on.
Swami was teaching us the lesson of PATIENCE on the very first day and the students now started pleading for darshan with their bhajans..

Finally at 10:15am the long wait fructified when our most compassionate Lord blessed us with His first darshan of 2010. Another hopeful year.. Seated in His mobile throne, clad in yellow robe He entered the SaiKulwanth hall very lovingly looking at every one. Every one's face lit up the moment Swami entered in the hall..
All the students were with letters, requests, some with beautifully decorated cakes, some with little designer greeting cards.. The two police men first offered flower at His residence and took Padanamaskar and Swami slowly came in. Swami was looking so vibrant with the most familiar charm on His face a rose flower some how got  stuck in between His padam making the holy feet more and more beautiful and it was also a divine chance to assume a flower being offered at thy Lotus Feet, a flower of love, a flower of Surrender, a Flower from His own beautiful Garden... Swami took a full round in Sai Kulwanth hall, continuing  to maintain His  most familiar SAIlence of the recent past, slowly glancing at every one of us. Many students, Alumini in particular reached out to Him, with prayers, requests and Swami very quietly listened to them again in SAIlence. All the replies came heart to heart.
Swami came on to the dais. Maharashtra chief minister Sri.Ashok Chavan who is here since two days took Swami's blessings. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, the legendry Santoor artist was also on the dais. Swami smiled at every one as bhajans were sung..
The university brass band was ready to perform before Swami and Swami signalled for the bhajans to stop and then started this mesmerising music played by the students who stole every one's hearts.
They first started with Omkar and a Ganesha prayer and the first number was Ganga jatadhara ....the next song was dedicated to Krishna's cowherders and Gopis singing Gopala Radha lola. Swami was immensely happy when this particular song was played, and why not He is Sai Krishna of Dwapara Yuga. The next song was Durge Durge dedicated to the MOther. Brother who was leading the brass band gave an excellent talk in between the songs and after the third song, sort Swami's permission and signalled one more Swami? to which our beloved Lord, noded very gently after which came the most rhythemic Murali Krishna, Mukanda Krishna... to which the whole gathering clapped.
The brass band played the most divine music, very accurate, and I was keenly watching Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma's emotions and he was all praise for the quality standards..

After which started the most beautiful and scintillating performance of the morning, a musical presentation by the students of Sri sathya Sai University.the musical offering started with Vatapi Ganapatim...  and the thillana song was the BEST of all.This time I was watching Santoor maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma even more keenly as the
students were singing holding their own breath and also the listeners felt as if we are gasping for breath. Panditji, was totally immersed in the music and he was seen shaking head, moving his hands and looking at them with a smile appreciating their talent. It is a rare honour for any singer to  be apraised by Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and our students of Swami deserve the most.. All along, our Lord was watching HIs children's performance like a proud Father..
It was almost getting closer to 12pm and Swami signalled for arathi. The preist who was also wearing a yellow dress matching with that of Swami's offered arathi to Swami as specially designed packets which read happy new year 2010 with a photo of the university building was distributed to all. Swami sat on the dais, even after arathi as prasadam distributing boys were still doing their job. .. about ten minutes after arathi Swami once again asked for Arathi and every one though bit surprised sang the arathi for our Lord with utmost devotion.
I was wondering how come two arathis in a row, then I thought of this little 2 years old girl Veda from South Africa, whom I met recently.She is very very fond of arathi and that is the best SONG she likes in the bhajans and apparently that is the first thing she does after waking up, do arathi to Swami and I thought probably our Swami made this arathi as a dedication to little Veda
Thus ended the first day of 2010 darshan.The evening programme also had some musical presentations from Sri Sathya Sai Alumuni ..This year also coincides with the 85 birthday celebrations. This year it will be a very hectic schedule for Swami and for the ashram in Parthi. Lets hope by Swami's grace many good changes will happen, many good changes can only happen when our MONKEY MIND changes.. This year more and more number of devotees will be coming here as part of their Parthi yatra..Lets pray to Swami, to let Him introduce, Himself, to the whole world starting from this year. As once we are in Sai fold,
we think twice before doing any nasty thing, we will love our fellow beings, we will think of service to the society and we will atleast know that we got a MONKEY MIND which needs to be mastered...
Let us also pray that the political confusion in the state of Andhra Pradesh will be sorted out at the earliest... Swami in the year 2007 when He went to Chennai for the Yagna, even though He doesn't speak politics in public, said very clearly not to separate the Telangana region from Andhra Pradesh.. Very ironically, some ministers who turn up for every big occassion in Parthi, are demanding for a separate Telangana state completely ignoring Swami's views. Everyone in Parthi are bit surprised about this.. Lets pray to Swami to bless us with good governance, good leaders, and some smart minds who will think of ONE NESS and not BIFURCATION...

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January 3, 2010 – Special Blessing for Sai University Alumni

This day was the official “final” day for the alumni who had gathered at Prashanti Nilayam. Emotions had run very high the previous day evening to the extent that discipline gave front seat to pining devotion. On Jan 3rd, that seemed to have calmed a bit and though many alumni had already left Puttaparthi, quite a few were still staying on for a final darshan. It was at about 4:50 p.m. that Swami arrived for darshan. He moved through the ladies’ side and when He came in between the students, He asked for a path to be made. He cut through between the students and moved to the front. Turning then towards the Primary School block, Swami moved to the interview room.


He called one member of the alumni for an interview along with his wife. The interview lasted about ten minutes and in the meanwhile bhajans had begun. Swami arrived on the stage and sat for the bhajans. He kept looking to His far right where the alumni were seated. Then, calling a student by His side He told him to call all the “old boys” to join the students for bhajans! A tidal wave of devotion and energy seemed to sweep the hall as they arrived and quickly sat along with the students. Next, Swami told them to sing bhajans!


This was a bonus! The singers and instrumentalists from among them quickly got up and came forward to occupy the privileged positions. Then the first bhajan was sung by the alumnus Ajnish whose popular album "O Sai Maa" is present in almost every devotee's music collection. It had been years since he had darshan and the pining to see the Lord and the joy of seeing Him were both echoed in his soulful bhajan.


As he sang, Swami kept seeing him. Even as he completed singing, Swami called him and spoke to him. What was once a regular routine was on that day for him the opportunity of a lifetime. He had no words to say and Swami further struck him dumb as He began to wave His palm in circles. He materialized a beautiful golden chain with a pendant and Ajnish broke down, unable to bear the gush of joy that was surging from within. 


Swami lovingly put the chain around his neck and sent him back. The blessed singer continued to sob in joy and the bhajans went on. Now Swami told one of the students to sing the Aalaap bhajan, "Sri Raghavam…". That was done as per His command. Swami seemed a little dissatisfied and after the bhajan called the singer and told him something.

The same bhajan was sung once more! An encore! Only that, it appeared as if Swami wanted an encore not because it was superlative but because some corrections had to be incorporated. Whatever be the reason, everyone enjoyed this divine play. After that bhajan, Swami asked two more singers to sing Aalaap bhajans and it was a delight to hear so many special bhajans rendered at the same time in the Divine Presence. 


In the meanwhile, Swami called two school students who were holding a huge card to invite Him to the practise sessions for the Sports Meet. Swami saw through the card in full detail. It had small dolls representing various items that the Prashanti Nilayam campus had planned to put up. Soon the bhajans concluded and Swami was given aarthi. After the aarthi, Swami raised both His hands in abhayahastha to everyone and then retired.



Sathya Sai Baba - New Year Benediction


Sathya Sai Speaks



2010 has arrived! This surely is a landmark year as it marks the 85th year of the Advent of the Sri Sathya Sai Avatar. We can be assured that we are going to witness events and divinely spectacular occasions that have never before been seen on this planet in this New Year. And what should we do so that we too can play a role, however small it may be, in His divine mission? How can we be an instrument in His hands? Read this excerpt from Bhagavan’s Divine Discourse delivered on the New Year Day in 2000.


It is a rare privilege to be born as a human. Time is precious. The heart is gentle. The mind is sweet. Such is the nature of humanness, but it is unfortunate that man is unable to recognize his true nature.

Understanding True Humanness


Humanness does not exist in the mere form of the human body. Humanness is actually the very form of the Virata Swarupa (The Cosmic Person). All the powers pervasive in the cosmos reside also inside the human.

Man is unable to recognize his own capabilities and does not use even a small fraction of them. Man is devoid of peace and happiness. Why is it so?

How is it that man, endowed with a precious and rare life, a soft heart, and a sweet mind, is unable to reap the benefits of these valuable possessions and enjoy peace?

Unaware of his innate potential and forgetting his nature, man becomes narrow-minded and selfish and suffers from lack of mental peace.

Ancient men led a very peaceful life. Restlessness of the mind and misery were alien to them. By adhering to sathya and dharma, they were able to live in peace and happiness. Why does man today lack peace of mind?


Even the habits of eating and drinking of men today are not proper.

Man’s Priceless Ornament

Man does not realize the purpose for which he was created by God. In creation, several truths, mysteries, and ideals were endowed by God. Man is missing those ideals. He is totally unable to appreciate the significance of his endowments. Of all the powers in the world, the power of humanity is the greatest.

What is the true ornament for man? Lotuses are the ornaments for lakes. Houses and buildings are the ornaments of villages and towns. The waves of the ocean are its ornaments. The moon beautifies the sky. For man, character is the ornament. The loss of this ornament is the source of all misery and tribulation of man.

Man does not realize the purpose for which he was created by God. In creation, several truths, mysteries, and ideals were endowed by God. Man is missing those ideals. He is totally unable to appreciate the significance of his endowments. Of all the powers in the world, the power of humanity is the greatest. In fact, all materials in the earth are evaluated only by man. Who gives value to a diamond, or, for that matter, to gold? Who attaches value to land? Is it not man? Man evaluates everything in this world, but he is unable to recognize his own value. Then how can he ever understand the value of Divinity!


Comprehending the Latent Divinity

You need to make an effort to understand humanness. In fact, there is no Divinity other than that present in humanity. Thus, first it is necessary to recognize humanness before you can even attempt to understand Divinity. There is only a difference of perception. You see the universe as universe and do not recognize the Divinity therein. You have to make an effort to turn your thought from the outward world into the inner world to perceive this Divinity.

Take a rose. From the worldly view it is just a rose flower. But, from a divine point of view, it is the flower of the heart. Wherefrom do you have this capacity to perceive the shape and smell of a rose? It is from the Divine. The inability of yours to perceive the omnipresent Divinity is the main cause for all the pains and miseries you suffer in this physical world.


Just as without cotton there can be no cloth; without silver, there can be no tumbler, and the world itself cannot exist without God. Do not mistake this transient body (deha) as real. It is the indwelling divinity (Dehi) that is the true reality. This Divinity is beyond birth and death; the one without an origin. This Birthless, Deathless, and Eternal God is the Eternal Witness for the entire Cosmos. Recognize this truth.

Just as without cotton there can be no cloth; without silver, there can be no tumbler, and the world itself cannot exist without God.

The Most Important Principle for the New Year


You are celebrating today as the beginning of the New Year. Let us not allow any narrow distinctions in our minds. The heart must be soft and the mind must be sweet. Do not poison you nectarine mind by directing it on external objects. Do not waste time. Time is the very form of God.

The one principle that you have to hold and develop is that of love. When love dominates, there is no room for hatred. You must sow the seed of love in loveless hearts. Water it with love. Let love flow in a flood and reach all.

You have to cultivate this pure, firm, and unselfish love. This is the practice that you have to cultivate in this New Year.

Modern man directs his love toward worldly objects and gets entangled in several complications. Love lives by giving and forgetting. Selfish love can be compared to the foul smell of a fish. Cultivate selfless love. Love all. No need to fear anyone. Keep your love pure.

What is the ideal that you have to show? You must help all to your utmost capacity. The best way to love God is to Love All Serve All. Adopting service and love as your ideals, you must commence your new life from this moment - this is My blessing and benediction to you.

- Divine Discourse, Jan 1, 2000