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A memorable Christmas morning darshan of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The Christians who gather see their Christ in Him

Christmas time in Prasanthi Nilayam, at the holy hamlet of Puttaparthi has always been one of great love, joy, brotherhood and peace. The specialty has been the fact that people from more than 150 countries gather at the feet of whom they consider as the ‘Father of Christ’, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, to offer prostrations and salutations to him. Many travel from halfway around the globe to be present at Prasanthi Nilayam. The crowd is such that movement inside the township in itself becomes an arduous task. And this has continued to be the feature even after the physical departure of Swami. Christmas 2011 saw a packed Prasanthi with thousands of Christians thronging in from all parts of the world, especially the south-eastern European nations. And as Father Charles Ogada, member of the congregation of the Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers, the Spiritans, revealed in the enlightening article ‘The Truth about the Father and His son’:


Yes, many Christian priests too are drawn to Swami’s teachings! They worship and adore Swami in secret - like Nicodemus in the Bible who goes to Jesus in the night. But this priest, Father Arazu who introduced me to Swami is no longer a secret devotee. Otherwise, I would not have mentioned his name. In fact he now conducts Satsangs in his residence where people come to learn about Sai Baba and the universality of religion. Once he told me that he has won his freedom because the Church does not know what to do with him. They just let him be.The point is that as long as you do not come public in any form to express your faith and devotion in Swami, the Church can do little or nothing to you. For example, look at the case of Father Don Mario Mazzoleni who was excommunicated. Until Mario wrote his book, ‘The Catholic Priest meets Sai Baba’ he was safe. Actually, it was the book that got him into “trouble”. The book became as it were, evidence against him in the Church’s Court that he had gone against the faith of the Church. There are so many priests who come to Puttaparthi here secretly - and after having Swami’s darshan, they return. It is not really allowed. It is not official. However, faith is something inside. It is beyond the reach of anyone. As long as that faith remains within, you are safe from the hands of the Church’s Hierarchy. But when you begin to write and preach it openly, then they have evidence to hold on you for excommunication or other punitive measures.

The specialty of Christmas at Prasanthi Nilayam:

Swami has been open in His objectives with the Christians - “To make them better Christians” - as has been His motive with the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews and people of any other religion.

“There is only one religion, the religion of Love. I have not come to establish any new religion. I have only come to repair the ancient highway that leads man to God.”

That has always been His refrain. It is thus, definitely, at the level of the spirit that thousands of Christians are finding fulfillment in Swami’s ever-growing umbrella of Love. However, those that reminisce the days when Swami was physically in form on the earth, always recollect the Christmas morning, balcony darshan with a sparkle of nostalgia in the eye and a dash of love in the heart.

In fact, the first Christmas I visited Puttaparthi, I was simply mesmerized by the silvery-white robe that Swami would wear as He appeared into the Prasanthi balcony, opening a silver door at 5:30 am! The devotees would have walked through the entire premises around the Prasanthi mandir singing carols, holding candles in hand. All eyes would be riveted on the balcony. Swami would have walked from His residence at the Poornachandra auditorium to the Prasanthi mandir at about 3:30 or 4:00 am! Just as the devotees would wait with bated breath for their Lord, He would wait with eagerness and joy for the devotees.

And then, the silver doors would open and out would walk the most breathtakingly beautiful form of Swami, dressed in a silver-white robe. He would bless the devotees singing bhajans. The whole atmosphere would be charged with love and devotion as the 5000-10,000 throats sang out in unison. Instead of committing the mistake of trying to describe the beauty of that darshan in the morning, I will let the pictures do the talking.


The balcony would be the most brightly lit area in the hall. And Swami was the cynosure of all eyes.
The dignity and divinity with Swami carried Himself in the balcony arouses gasps of joy and sighs of awe!
He would also walk the upper portico on the first floor to ensure that everyone had His darshan.
After that early morning darshan, the next session would be at about 7:30 am when the students of the Sri Sathya Sai University would sing carols in Swami’s presence. The whole dais would be decked with boughs of holly and the stars. Santa Claus too would make an appearance during the songs programme, to the tune of the popular refrain, Jingle Bells. He would get all the chocolates in his bag blessed by Swami and then would happily romp in the crowd throwing chocolates. Ah! The sight of smiles that would come on every face is one that should be seen to be believed. Giving a taste of that sweet Swami are a few pictures during the song’s programme.
The manger with Infant Jesus and the blessed parents. The second picture is that of the Christmas tree on dais.
Swami would arrive in orange for the morning programme constituted by the students' singing Christian songs and carols.
A special photograph during the songs' programme for in this, you can see the 'heart of God'! :)
When I went on shooting pictures rapidly, Swami looked at me, smiled and signaled, "Enough! How many do you want to shoot?"


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