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Festivals and Events

 * Note: Festival dates given below are only indicative and are subject to change.

Events Calendar 2007

Month Festivals and Events
January January 1
New Year's Day


January 12

 Annual Sports meet
 ( Sports day)

January 15
Makara Sankranti & More..
February February 16 -  Maha Shivarathri
March March 20


March 27
Sri Rama Navami

April April 14 -
Vishu & Tamil New Year
May 18

Photos & eye witness account:

THE 'RETURN' OF THE LORD - Bhagwan returns to Prasanthi Nilayam to a joyous welcome…

May 22

Photos: Over 30 new pictures of Buddha poornima
&  a detailed official report of Buddha poornima is online now


Photos:  Buddha Poornima Photos ( 21st May)

May 6

Photos & report from Kodaikanal - Easwaramma Day


 Divine Mother Easwaramma : "Easwaramma was the chosen one. I chose her to be My mother. That is the intimate relationship between Mother Easwaramma and Myself."

May 25

Sunday Special:
A Forgotten Anniversary
"Friday, 25th May, 2007 was the sixtieth anniversary on an important event. We wonder how many remembered this Golden Jubilee. For the benefit of those who might wonder..."
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May 22


1st June
Heart 2 Heart June issue, selected articles.
Courtesy radiosai:

- Photo Gallery: Glimpses of Kodaikanal 2007
- Prashanthi Diary [May 18th To May 22nd 07]
- He is my swami part - II
- My Sai - The Source, Sweetness and Sustenance of My life
- The bliss of His presence
- The Sathya Sai School in Toronto

July July 26
Ashadi Ekadasi
July 29

Photos & report:
August August 27

Onam updates from Puttaparthi:  ".The moment Swami entered the verandah,
one elderly devotee, aged about 75,...  ...collapsed on the floor no one knew what was going on or what would happen except Swami..."
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September September 4
Sri Krishna Janmastami
September 15

Ganesha Chaturthi Celebrations , 15-17 Sep 2007, Images

more Photos added

October 15 - 21

  Dasara Report & Photos : 15th Oct - 21st Oct -

24th Oct: Dasara Discourse
Bhagawan’s Vijayadasami Discourse in Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam on 21st October 2007 

October 20
Avatharhood Declaration Day

November November 9
Diwali: Sai theme Diwali Greeting cards -
Sai Baba On Diwali & Introduction to Diwali

November 10 - 11
Akhanda Bhajan
November 18
Photos: Rathoutsavam
(Chariot Festival 18th Nov. 2007)
November 19

Photos:  ladies day - homage to the women of the world
 Nov. 19, 2007
November 22

Photos 22nd Nov.: Sri Sathya Sai University's 26th Convocation
November 23

Eye witness account of Sai Baba's 82nd Birthday darshan & Photos
 Morning - " suddenly the music started and there He comes.. It took almost 10 minutes for Swami to enter the hall as all the students lead the darshan.. Surprising every one, and just as He said, love my uncertainty, some thing very certain on this day (birthday) was not seen today.." 
December December 25
Photos & Report:  2007 Christmas Celebrations - Prasanthi Nilayam 23rd-25th Dec.


* Note: Dates given above are only indicative and are subject to change.

It is a remarkable feature of festival celebrations in Bhagawan’s presence that they are not confined to any particular religion or deity. They are universal in character emphasizing the underlying unity of all religions and the fundamental message of love and peace. Indeed, Bhagawan had declared in a discourse delivered on the occasion of the First World Conference of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations at Mumbai in July 1968: “This is a human form in which every Divine entity, every Divine Principle, that is to say, all Names and Forms ascribed by man to God, are manifest”. Thus, we see today, devotees professing different faiths being drawn to Bhagawan from all over the world, seeing in Him the Name and Form that is most dear to them, and also deriving the bliss of celebrating their religious festivities in His Divine presence. Typically, the programme consists of speeches by students, functionaries of Bhagawan’s Institutions and devotees, where they share their thoughts and recount their experiences and lessons learnt at the Divine Lotus Feet. This is usually followed by Bhagawan’s discourse and cultural programmes. At the conclusion of the programme, Prasadam (sacramental food) is distributed to everyone.

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Archive:  Events Calendar 2006 - 05 -04