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Sathya Sai Baba - 16 attributes of Avatar

1. KAMA AAKARSHANA- the desire fulfilling power: Swami - Himself free from all desires - is like the KAMA DHENU or the proverbial Celestial Wish-fulfilling Cow, ever ready to fulfill the Wishes of God-loving, Sin-fearing devotees. Artha and Kaama wealth and desire fulfillment should be used in the development of the yearning for liberation from worldly attachments, i.e. attainment of MOKSHA. Moksha is MOHA KSHAYA - the destruction of all worldly infatuations, says Baba.


2. BUDDHYAAKARSHANA - the power to activate, stimulate and fulfill our intellectual capacities. He is the bestower of the power of reasoning, power of discrimination and power of renunciation of worldly attachments. He sets us on the path of inquiry KOHAM "Who am I?" Naham Dheham; Naaham Manah, I am not the mind or senses - I am not a mere body. SOHAM - I am the very Divinity.


- the  transformation of our Ego sense. Swami Himself free from the coils of the ego (Aham-Kaara Varjitha., He sometimes inflates our big ego before deflating it and destroying our false ego, which is the greatest obstacle to Spirituality


4. SHABDHA AAKARSHANA -the power of sound/words. Baba - primal power of pure sound consciousness - Shabdha-Brahma-Mayee. Shabda also connotes the Vedas containing the most ancient but ever new or fresh eternal wisdom. Baba is therefore called Veda Purusha, the embodiment of Vedhik Wisdom


5. SPARSHA AAKARSHANA - the power of divine touch; it is healing touch. His is a sin-erasing touch; It is a purifying sacred and holy touch. By our touching His lotus feet or His touching us with his open palm on the top of our head, there is a descent of divine energy or Shakthi Paatha. This is called Hastha Masthaka Samyogam by which the thousand petaled lotus blooms; His touch of the space between our eye
brows awakens the Aajnaa Chakra; His touch of the heart centre (Anaahatha Chakra. provinces spiritual vibrations!


6. RUUPAAKARSHANA- Swami's forms are splendorous and wondrous. His spiritual form has an aura of radiance! The formless Divine takes on a beautiful form on the earth, DHAIVAM MAANUSHARUUPENA –to liberate humanity from the shackles of ignorance and worldly illusion. The Divine assumes human form to:- protect the pious, the holy and the noble. rescue the suppressed, the oppressed, the depressed, the repressed and the compressed! reform and transform the wicked, the unjust and the sinful persons and
D.above all, to restore and manifest the power of Virtue and Right Conduct, Dharma which in this Kali-Yuga walks only on one of its "four legs".
Baba's form radiates an aura of beautiful light bluish colour, as was revealed in the Kirilian photographs taken by Dr Frank Baranowski. These spiritual vibrations purify the environment around Baba and spread truth, righteousness, LOVE and Peace all around.


7. RASAAKARSHANA - sweetness personified. His words are sweet; His bearing is sweet and grace filled; His gestures and movements exude LOVE and compassion. Baba is RASESHVARA - the Lord of Mellowed Ambrosia of supreme delight and inexpressible sweetness of inner Bliss.


-  Chittha is the store-house of our past & present memories; unfulfilled residual desires & impressions from our previous lives, called Vaasanas which haunt us in the present & will continue to affect our future. Baba, like Krishna can be called Chittha Chora - the stealer of all our dominating desires, thereby making us desire-free!
Baba relieves us from the burdens of our past lives; He wipes our dirty "state" clean and fills with Love of God, Dhaiva Preethi, fear of Sin, Paapa Bheethi and morality in Society, Sangha Neethi. These three constitute the corner stone of Baba's teachings which are quite appropriate to this age marked by disbelief in God, heinous crimes against persons and public property and an age characterized by immorality and corruption in all strata of society and walks of life.


9. GANDHAAKARSHANA - the power of His divine fragrance. He exudes a fragrance of Purity, Holiness and Loving Grace and Compassion. As the Upanishadsds states DUURAATH GANDHO VAATHI; Swami's spiritual "fragrance" spreads far and wide purifying our polluted thoughts and our environment polluted with pride and prejudice, hatred and violence. The divine fragrance from His created Vibhoothi removes our bad thoughts, evil propensities and harmful habits.


10. DHAIRYA-AKARSHANA - the power of overwhelming courage and self-confidence.


- Smrithi = powerful memory power. Swami has phenomenal memory reaching far into our past and present and deep into our future too. Baba on occasions bestows good memory power to devotees & scholars.


12. NAAMA KARSHANA - the power of His Sacred name. Chanting of His holy name with faith, works miracles of healing, ensures success in our undertakings, helps in overcoming accidents and above all in the removal of our elemental fears of death - all these effects have been testified and recorded by numerous devotees from all parts of the wide world.


13. BEEJAAKARSHANA SHAKTHI - Divinity exercises elemental or seed force and incorporates it in all beings. The Geetha says, "Beejam Maam Sarva Bhutanam.": Know Me to be the eternal seed power, the cause of germination of all Beings. All beings are born from the seed of Brahman, the Supreme Divinity. He is indeed the seed force of all Manthras or holy, thought-articulations in terms of seed syllables and words. These represent the basic energies of various deities presiding over the forces of Nature and Cosmos as a whole. These basic sound forces and seed Manthras or primal utterances of Divinity calling forth various manifestations of power. These are the seeds of supreme knowledge of reality (Brahma Vidhyaa., seeds of conscious speech (Vaak Beeja., seeds of illusory energy (Shakthi Beeja., seed of existence (Lakshmi Beeja., seed of desire (Kama Beeja. and the seed of time & destruction (Kaalee Beeja.. Baba activates these seed forces; Baba validates all Manthras & scriptures and scriptures validate the Sathya Sai Avatar.


14. AATHMASAKARSHANA- Divinity attracts our inner Being, Antharaathma. It is called soul-power attraction; drawing the sense oriented Self towards the experience of the bliss of divinity.


15. AMRITHAAKARSHANA - Amritha is the elixir of life in divinity. Unbounded Love and immortality are the signs of Divine life. The individual self prays to the Supreme Divinity to bestow on a Life of LOVE, LIGHT and IMMORTALITY, in the following Upanishadhic words:-
Asatho Maa Sath-gamaya,
Thamaso Maa Jyothir Gamaya,
Mrithyor-Maa Amritham-gamaya
Baba graces us with the nectar of DHARMA and BRAHMA: the attainment of Supreme Bliss consciousness in eternity through Righteousness, Selfless Service and Sacrifice. Baba frequently quotes the Upanishad; Thyaage Naike Amrithathvam Aanasuh: Immortality cannot be attained either through actions, progeny or wealth. Only by Sacrifice - sacrificing totally the possessive and the ego senses, is immortality possible.


16. SARVAAKARSHANA SHAKTHI - Baba's Integral, Holistic, Divine, Universal Personality exercises in totality all the fifteen powers mentioned above. He is the embodiment of all Divine Principles; He is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, omni-named and omni-formed, the very Omni Self.